Two Ghosts

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We've been on this plane for less than an hour and Niall sits on my left with Harry on my right.

"What's there to do in Atlanta anyways?" I turn to Niall.

"Sugar. I- have you ever been anywhere?" he shakes his head like I've been in jail for the last nineteen years of my life. That statements quite literal.

"No." the laugh crumbles out of my lips in a hard exhale.

"Well just be glad we're the ones to corrupt you."

"You mean the mafia men that kill people for a living?" I blurt out and they all look at me with a new praise and hesitant shock. "Am I lying?" My eyes widen proving my point.

"No, no you didn't." Harry sings next to me and I sit straighter in my seat.

"Are we staying in hotels again?" I ask Niall and he shakes his head.

"We usually stay in Hotels but we own apartments in some of the cities we visit, including Atlanta."

"Huh." I hum in excitement wanting to see where these guys live.

"We're staying here a little bit longer than usual." Harry squeezes my thigh and I look to him questionably, "Really?"

"Yeah, we have more than one casinos in Atlantas so we have to stick around a little longer for the people to unload." I just nod my head like I know what they're talking about.

"Do you guys live in the same apartment complex?"

"No." Louis laughs, "We all do except Harry, he insisted on needing his own space."

"He's a pretty sassy guy when he's upset." Liam laughs and Harry's face wipes of any enjoyment. I pat his leg and tease back. "Styles calm down."

Harry presses his hands around my waist and pulls me back. I sit laying down with my back on the couch's arm with my butt pressed to the cushion. My legs rest on top of Harry.

"Watch that mouth of yours darling." He whispers pulling his face down to my ear and I hit his chest to get off of me. I lay rested in the position however, it's quite comfortable.

"Violet you ready for the party tonight?" Niall stands and makes his way for the couch in front of us. Harry's hand remains perched on my legs.

"There's a party tonight?"

"Yup." Well, that's perfectly enough information thank you so much!

"Care to elaborate?"

"Nope. It's not explainable, just kinda have to show up. Don't wanna scare you." He brushes his blonde locks out of his face and my jaw drops.

"Scare me?" Looking at Harry he looks more than amused. Niall laughs and Zayn hits his chest when he takes a seat next to him.

"You know what it's fine. Nobody prepares me right for anything and I'm starting to like surprises." Like that concert? Didn't think I was going to have to jump up a building.

"I'm rolling with the flow."


"This is your apartment?" I say as Harry opens his black door to his penthouse. Penthouse. "Harry what the fuck?" I whisper astonished standing at the door while Harry sets our bags in the living room.

"Baby get your pretty little butt in here." I don't respond to amazed by my surroundings. Harry rolls his eyes walking up to me and I don't even notice he's there's until he speaks.


"It's really nice in here I just need a second." He sets his hands on my shoulders shaking me a little, "Your seconds over." he says before taking my hands and hoisting my body on his shoulders. I don't respond still looking around the room as he walks.

Placing me on my two feet, my knees buckle and he grips my elbows helping me to my feet again. "You know?" I say as he brushes the hair out of my face, "I do have a pretty butt don't I."

Harry hums pulling me closer placing his hand on my bum. "Suttle." I giggle as he playfully kisses down my neck which causes me to laugh. Pressing my hands to his chest I turn my face to the side but he doesn't stop.

"Harold!" I giggle into his lips and he stops, turning my chin towards him with his finger with a shocked look. "Baby really?" He chuckles and I wrap my arms around his neck placing a kiss on his cheek. He groans in annoyance but pulls me closer.

"Wanna fight me over it? Harolds a winning name in my dictionary."

pulling his eyebrows up he nudges his face forward. With his minty breath colliding with my skin I place my hands on his chest, gripping his green flannel. "Darling we both know I'll win, sure you wanna gamble?"

"In fact, Nialls been teaching me some odds and I think this one is in my favour." Suddenly Harry kicks back my ankles and we both fall to the ground. His hands behind my back nudges me gently to the floor and he traps me in.

"What are we fighting for again?" I joke breathlessly and my hips suddenly shift from his touch. "Don't you dare tickle me Styles," I warn with my eyes and he smirks.

"Remember on the hill when you said you really wanted to punch me, how's that going right now?" He leans his face down and his curls graze my skin. I shift my head to the right but I'm met with his arms.

"You practically kidnapped me that day." I laugh and push his chest upwards so my eyes can open.


"Yeah Mr cookie, kidnapped. Now tie your hair up." Giggling as he grazes his hands up my body I remember what he told me the other day and I bring my knee to his side and flip us over. It completely takes Harry by surprise and I pin his shoulders down straddling his stomach.

Taking advantage of my height I place my hands in his hair and tie a makeshift ponytail.

Looking down I tease, "I think I should be the one teaching you defence moves since apparently im better. But yeah honestly I wanted to sock you in the arm that day."

His eyes grow wide in appreciation and I yelp when he rolls our body's over again, laying on top of me. "I'm going easy on you darling." Alright sure Harry, keep your pride.

"Look Harold I don't have time for this today." He tickles my hips abruptly and I flinch. "No, no, no." I squirm my hands upwards to his chest and roll us over one last time. I grab his hands along the way and place them on top. He bites back a smirk with his teeth.

"Wanna switch positions?" He winks and my jaw drops. "Not the time." I laugh and kiss the top of his nose before peeling myself away from him.

"Just so you know I won. Violet- 1, Harry- 0" I gesture with my hands and he leans up on his elbows, "I don't think so."

"Says the one who's laying on the floor from a muscleless girl." Licking his lips he stares at me with a new gleam to his posture. "Wanna play another game?" He speaks slowly and I laugh.

"Sure what is it?" He stands and walks to me like a predator hunting his prey.

"Run darling. When I catch you I'll make sure the scores 1-1."

I don't speak another word and I race in the nearest direction. A yelp of laughter echoes the penthouse and I make my way for the stairs. Turning my head around he walks towards me but his pace is faster. These mafia men I swear.

I race up the stairs and drown out the hard steps behind me. On the second floor, there's a large hallway and I just race down not knowing where I'm going.

Managing this far, the air in my lungs is robbed in surprise when I feel his hands around my waist pulling me back. He lifts me in the air before leaning us forward.

I smile hardly down the hallway and lean my head back to catch my breath. I take notice of his green eyes from above and feel his body shift so his lips press to my ear.

"Seems I caught myself my very own butterfly."

Bringing his arm to my legs, he rolls me to his chest and walks us through a room. Looking around the large bedroom he walks towards the white bed in the middle. With no other word he throws me down to the sheets and I jump with the mattress.

"Say that one more time darling? 1-1?" He coos before crawling towards me.


After play fighting for a second time and proving my obvious domination over him, I'm finishing up getting ready for the party. I wasn't too sure what to wear so I just threw on a pair of jeans and a white crop top. Harry of course waits in the bathroom next to me. He just stares and spares touches when he gets the chance.

Finished he stands and forcefully walks me out of the bathroom in a hurry. With his hands around my waist he nudges me out of the bedroom which is very similar to the one in the forest.

"Harry what are you doing?" I giggle from his absence to ever let me walk anywhere.

"Im walking." He flaunts confidently and I roll my eyes. Making it to the stairs he reaches for my hand and leads us down. At the first floor, I let my eyes roam over the space still shocked but my thinking goes dry when I hit a hard back.

"Ouch." I yelp and look up the Harry who places my loose hair behind my ears.

"You look beautiful." He states changing the atmosphere and his simple words always cause the biggest reaction to my heart.

Harry didn't change from his green flannel and jeans but he did put on a black beanie. "Thanks, baby." I smile fixing his hat and the drop in his face causes my own body to freeze. I just called him baby.

"I mean... brother." I cringe my face trying to cover my tracks but he shakes his head as a wide smirk covers his lips. "No, you didn't. You called me baby." He smiles like a child and it's one of the purest smiles I've seen from his lips.

"No, I-"

"Say it again." He moves my hips closer to him. "Harry." I groan embarrassed but he doesn't let this go.

"Say it again or we're not going to this party." I throw my head back mustering my own confidence.

".... baby." He smiles and presses an innocent kiss to my cheek, "One more time I like the sound."

He removes his lips from my skin and faces me so our eyes connect. "You're my baby," I say without a mumble and my cheeks turn red from his grin.

He attaches his lips back down to my cheek and musters several kisses to them which causes me to laugh out loud.

Even in the most vulnerable moments he never makes me feel uncomfortable.

"That just made my whole life. I can die happy." Brushing a quick hand down my cheek it rakes down my body until met with my hand. "I can't believe you just said that." His smile brightens up the room and he tugs me out of the building.

Walking out onto the street we're met with the warm and cool breeze of Atlanta weather. Met with buildings of the Urban city I focus my eyes to watch my steps. "How far is the walk?"

"About ten minutes" He looks down from our couple inches of height difference. The beanie in his hair stops his curls from blowing in the wind. My body shivers and I definitely could have brought a sweater.

"We're almost there." He pulls me to his side. I wrap my arms around his waist as we walk in a playful way to Niall's apartment.

At a stoplight, Harry wraps both of his arms around my head and my senses go dark. "Hey!" I call out but he pulls me tighter. My hands fall under his shirt to press into his bare skin.

We walk like this for another block and if you thought I wobbled before you should've seen this. Harry chuckles from my struggle above.

"I don't appreciate this."

After a couple of seconds, I'm free and embrace the light of the world around me. Without a chance to push him back he grabs my hand and pulls me into a large apartment building. A worker pulls the door open for us and Harry doesn't bat an eyelash at the man.

"Thank you!" I turn and the worker smiles a nods back. Harry wasn't lying when he said he was only nice to me.

Following quickly behind, he tugs us into an elevator with two other women. About a fifty-five-year-old and a seventy-year-old woman if I had to guess with matching grey hair, stand side to side. I give them a short smile but they return it judgingly.

Pulling my eyes away hurtfully Harry brings us to rest in the back corner. "Who cares about their opinion." He whispers from behind as he pulls me closer.

The women look back at us and shake their heads. What's their problem? I press myself into Harry's back uncomfortable.

"I'm not allowed to say anything am I?"

"No," I whisper back. This elevators extremely slow and I rock back on my heels.

"Mhm." The older lady hums disapproving and Harry grunts giving up on the kindness I told him to show. I press my hands to him arm hugged around me but he doesn't listen.

"You know just because you've lived a sad boring fuck up of a life doesn't let you judge others because you're jealous. It's not the 50s, being a pick me doesn't look good on you grams." I've never heard Harry argue back like this before but the fact he doesn't bat an eyelash to defend me makes me squeeze his hand that's holding on to me.

The lady drops her jaw and whisks a hiss as she shakes her head. The bing for our floor opens the doors and Harry keeping his grip on my waist, pulls us out quickly.

"I've heard the meaner you are the faster your hair grows grey." He smiles and I smack my hand over my mouth hiding a loud laugh. A gasp erupts in the elevator as the doors shut closed and I turn to Harry slapping his chest. This is the first time in a while someone looked at me full of judgment and instead of feeling shame I'm oddly happy.

"Harry you can't just do that." I laugh at his proud grin.

"They were rude to you darling, anyone like that deserves it." Shaking my head I cup his jaw and bring him lower so I can attach my lips to his cheek.

"Thank you." I smile and he starts to calm down. "Harry what if the elevator stopped and we were stuck in there." I laugh as we walk down the hall with my arm hooked around his and he shakes his head.

"That would be a really awkward experience but from the look at them I'd think they'd stutteringly argue back or just sit in the corner with a frown."

As we walk down the long hallway there are only about three doors on this floor so I'm expecting another jaw-dropping house reveal. The closer we are to the end music erupts through the hallway.

"Darling before we go in just know it might be a lot too soon."

"What do you mean?" I curl my head to the side as he licks his lips. "Well, through this door there's no shame." He speaks clearly but I still don't understand.

"There's gonna be a lot of people in there but just stick close to me. There's alcohol and drugs through this door but you don't have to take any of them and if you need a breather just tell me okay." He's acting like I don't know how to react in public but I appreciate his worry.

"Um okay." A part of me is really excited and the others just curious about the famous Niall and Louis parties I've been hearing about.

Reaching the end of the hall the music pounds and Harry takes my hand and pulls me against the wall. A shocked gasp leaves my lips as my back presses against the apartment door. He looks down at me uncertain. his breathe hits my neck and he sounds like he's struggling in thought.

"Violet I'm trying so hard but I want you to be the one to initiate it whenever you're ready. When you want to kiss me or when you want me to touch you, you tell me okay?" I stare at him through his hands on my cheeks and nod my head trying to find the words in my pounding chest.

"I'm starting to lose my self-control around you so I just wanted to make it clear baby. I won't touch you until you're ready." My heart skips a beat from his words and I wish I could tell him in how much he means to me. How much his words mean to me.

"I'll tell you." I inhale sharply and weakly lean my head back needing a breath. His hands remove from my cheeks and replace his touch with a finger under my chin.

"Good." He smiles leaning forward to match my pace and presses a hand against the door. Right in front of my lips, the door shifts inwards and he catches my back shifting me on my feet. music erupts my senses and a vibration of melodies float through my body.

With no time to react, he finds my hand and I stare at the apartment. It's larger than Harry's and is packed with people dancing to the music. We turn left and walk through another hall of the house. Complete darkness takes over but the shadow and touch of Harry in front of me is assuring.

This house is like a maze.

"Just don't look." Harry whispers and of course I'm going to look.

There's no light to see but there's enough work of my senses to feel out my surroundings. The wide hall we walk down sounds of bodies grinding and the sounds of smuckering lips echo.

My eyes grow wide in shock but I can't look away as we walk entranced by the confidence and carefreeness around us. A body smacks from behind and my jaw drops quickly looking away.

"There's people having sex in the open?" I whisper to Harry and it almost comes out a laugh. "I told you not to look." He chants and we finally reach the other side of the hall where light and fewer people take over.

Spotting I assume the living room he pulls us to the kitchen and the counter is taken over by used and unused red solo cups.

"That was an experience," I say to Harry as he grips my hips and pushes me against the counter.

"Want anything to drink?" I look beyond his body which covers mine and spot the different kinds of alcohol spread on the counter. "Sure."

"How do you want to spend tonight?" he asks before turning away and I smile. "Just wanna have fun." His smirk glows and he pulls away grabbing tiny red cups and pours them fully.

Turning back he hands me the plastic shot glass. "Number one," I say pressing the cup to my lips and tilting my chin back. Once the substance hits my throat I'm not sure what is but I swallow it before it could linger.

Once I'm done Harry throws his back quickly, I take the bottle he placed on the counter and fill ours up once more. Throwing my head back again we place the cups down on the counter.

"Let's go find Niall, come on." my body starts to loosen and he nudges my back, leading us to the middle of the room. I can't get over how big this house is.

Niall and Zayn stand against a wall smoking and I throw myself at Niall hugging him. He immediately wraps his arms around me in joy. "Hey Sugar, long time!" He chuckles. "What have you had to drink?"

"Only two shots." I giggle and he shakes his head as I pull away. "Of what?"

"No idea, but it hit pretty quick." I fix the sweater on his body and look at Zayn who's watching and I feel bad for leaving him out so I throw myself against him too. With my arms around his neck, he stands frozen before placing his hands over my waist. I squeeze his neck before releasing my hold.

"Where Liam and Louis I thought this was the famous Niall and Louis party." I stand next to Harry as Zayn smirks, "they were each quick to find a girl, probably in a room or bathroom somewhere so I'd make sure to knock a closed-door before entering."

"Always knock, got it." Harry reaches for my hand and leads us to the couch. He sits down first and before I can make the move next to him he plops me on his lap. I just roll my eyes playfully not bothering to move from our routine.

"I like this." I press both my hands to his beanie and press it down further on his head. "It's cute."

"Cute? I thought I was pretty." He acts as if I'm demoting him and I play with the buttons on his flannel. "Climb your way back up to the top baby," He hums pulling me closer.

Placing his head to my neck his lips stop when Niall and Zayn sit down on the couch next to us with a large bottle of vodka in each of their hands.

Harry pulls away with a kiss to my neck and sits like he was before. "What you got there?" He asks and Niall hands him over the bottle slapping it into his single palms which wrap around the whole thing.

Harry reads the label and unscrews the lid taking a sip. The liquor seeps down his throat and I watch obsessed with every action this man does. Unatacing his lips I just want to close the space between us and taste the liquor.

"You want some darling?" He asks and I nod. Smirking, instead of handing me the bottle he presses his hand against my jaw and tilts my head back. I open my mouth as he tips the bottle pouring the liquid in.

I watch him closely as he smirks and I close my mouth shut of the liquid and swallow shutting my eyes. He removes his hands and wipes my bottom lip.

"That alright baby?"

"Yeah." I exhale liking my lips watching Harry take another chug of the bottle and I watch until a song turns on that has my back immediately straighten. I stand off of Harry's lap and he pulls my hips back.

"Where are you going?" He whispers into my ear and my back touches his chest.

"Dance, come with me." I tangle out of his hold and place my two feet on the ground. I turn to face him and grab his one free hand. "Come on!" I sing over the music and Niall joins in.

"Go on Styles or ill dance with her." I wouldn't disagree to dance with Niall. I think he'd be more fun but I just wanna dance with Harry right now.

"Common I thought you were fun." I play along and Harry closes his hands in my palm and I pull him up successfully.

Don't be so quick to, walk away

Dance with me

I wanna rock your body

Please stay

Dance with me

I tug Harry to the front of the room and I start to move my hips with the music, raking my hands through my hair.

I place my hands around Harry's neck and to my surprise, he dances with me. With the bottle in his hand, he wraps both arms around my body and the cold bottle touches the back of my thighs.

I laugh and he smiles into my cheek. I bring my hands to his hair and brush my hands through it before pulling away. Harry finds my releasing hand and takes it in his urging me to spin and I turn my body to follow through.

Harry brings his hands in front of him and I grab onto his hands tugging them back and forth like a rope. He shakes his hips and I laugh into the air. He spins my body once more and when I land in his chest he leans down throwing my body over his shoulder.


"Harry, she's probably going to barf." Zayn chants and Harry only yells over the music, "my girl can hold her alcohol."

"I might be a lightweight but that fact is true," I shout from below and Niall sings loudly with the music, dancing with a group of girls grinding on their backs and holding their hips.

Harry takes another sip of the Vodka and I feel his body bend back. From the motion, my body falls and I bent my knees upwards.

"Easy baby I got you." he chuckles and moves throughout the room walking past huddles of people not coherent to the world around them. My body falls forward and I'm sat against a table at the very back of the room where no one is at.

His green eyes lock with mine with a new state of want. "You ready to go home?" His word choice has my mind spiralling and in my half-drunken state, I wrap my legs behind his back and pull him forward.

His centre touches mine and I inch forward relieving built-up pressure in my stomach that causes me to moan lightly. His arms place against the wall and I press my hand to his shirt holding it in the palm of my hands.

"Baby, you okay?" He asks breathlessly as I grind my hips upwards. "Im not sure what's going on with my body but It just feels so good." The alcohol removes any embarrassment in my tone and I simply feel confident saying everything I wish I could.

Harry presses himself forward and brushes his now hard length against my centre. "Wanna get out of here?" He exhales and a small moan slips my lips as I rock forward. He lays a hand on the top of my thigh and rubs it back and forth only earning more frustration through my body.

"Harry please-"

"Not here baby, common." He grunts and pulls away. I inhale a hard breath and he grabs my hand pulling me off of the counter urging me to run. I willfully agree and we race through the hallway passing Niall and Zayn.

"Bye." I wave back and Harry tugs me to move faster down the hall with the music escorting us.

Talk to me boy

No disrespect, I don't mean no harm

Talk to me boy

But I can't wait to have you in my arms

I don't bother looking around and we end in the elevator. Harry presses the ground floor button multiple times until the door shuts and he presses himself against me. I move my body to the back of his chest.

"Is this okay?" He breathes and I nod.

"Baby you're going to have to use your words." he squeezes my hips with a hard look trying to calm his emotions.

"Yes, this is okay. Harry touch me please." I speak out and he shakes his head. "Violet we're drunk."

"Not drunk, just hydrated. I swear I'm coherent to everything going on and ill remember in the morning." He presses a hand to my back turning me around and in one motion lifts me so I have to wrap my legs around him.

"We'll do it differently, I want to do things when you're sober but you can still get off." He whispers. "Say it again."

"I want this, it's okay." I reiterate and his hands find my centre pressing his palm against me and my body moans pressing down deeper.

"Just don't kiss my lips, not yet. I wanna be sober."

"Im on the same page," He mumbles into my neck.

The elevator dings and Harry drops me to my feet. This time I grab his hand and rush him behind. He matches my pace until we're hit with the cold air outside.

"Here take this." He peels his flannel off his body and urges my arms in it from behind. He laces it up until my body's covered. You can hear our heavy breathes in the air but we've slowed down needing a moment.

"Harry you're going to get cold now," I state to him in his shirt and he shakes his head placing a hand over my shoulders. "I got my hat!" He coos giddily and I laugh into his chest.

Walking down the road a pink truck catches my sight and I look over my shoulders. "Harry, wait." He stops and we turn around to face a sunglasses cart in the middle of the street with its bright lights turned on.

"No way!" I pull him excitedly.

Facing the rows of sunglasses I peel a pair of large blue shades off its hook and place them on his eyes. They trace his whole upper face and cover up to his eyebrows. He looks so funky and retro.

"You look good." I practically drool and he takes them off his face inspecting them.

"They're blue." He laughs putting them back on and I take a similar orange and yellow pair off the shelf. I look into the mirror with him and we laugh.

"This is what I mean by looking cool."

Stepping away from the mirror I look into the cart and nobody is there. "Hello?" I say loud but there's no sign of people. "Mhm." I hum and turn back to Harry who stares hungrily at me.

"How much longer is this going to take?" He groans pulling me close and I fix the shades on his eyes.

"Just... a minute." I take my phone out of my back pocket and swipe to the camera feature holding it up between us.

"Smile." He does as I say and I take the picture capturing the moment.

I find people who take multiple pictures miss the point. Just one snapshot to capture the exact moment to remember forever. No posing just real-life people taken off guard to snap a real picture.

Harry takes my phone within the second and shifts in front of me to take a picture. I smile and tilt my head to the side. Once I hear the camera go off I run to his side and he places the phone in my back pocket pulling us away.

"But Harry we have to pay for these?" I whisper hesitantly and he shrugs, "there's nobody there."

"Cant we go to jail?" my voice squeaks and he throws his head back laughing.

"Out of everything we're doing and you're scared about stealing a ten-dollar pair of plastic sunglasses."

"I guess." I shift continuing down the street. I can't believe I just stole something.

"Wait what's this?" I holt while looking down at a small beige hat laying on the grass abandoned in front of me. Picking it up it resembles a fedora. It's beige and I hold it up to him. it's clean and I'm pretty sure it flew off of a cart somewhere.

"That thing could have lice." He states with a chuckle and I examine it. "I don't think so," I call back and he sighs.

"Im not winning this argument am I?"

"Nope." I giggle leaning forward and press the hat on top of his head. "Perfect. The hat and beanie rally complement the outfit."

Anyways slapping my hand into Harry's we take off and run to the apartment.

Standing in the elevator we click the penthouse button but the only problem is the long wait. I press my back into Harry's chest and he traces his lips over my neck. Switching to the other side he combs my hair back and the light touch sends a quivering sensation through my body. I press weakly against his chest and his arms holds me closer.

His lips refuse to un-attach and the sounds of his lips fill the elevator. My body builds up in the same frustration. I groan which only causes a harder reaction from Harry.

"You're sure right?" he says once more and I nod. The nod causes his hands to reach down and he presses it over the centre of my jeans. His fingertips press inwards and relieves a pressure so overwhelming my body shutters. I press harder against him which causes a louder sound from my body.

"Have you ever done this before?" He asks and I shake my head. "No"

"This stops whenever you say so but I wanna make you more comfortable until you want me to really touch you. We won't do that tonight." His reassurance makes me more comfortable than he could ever imagine.

His fingers move over and I moan through the quiet space. The elevator door rings and we step up to his door. He never removes his hands and holds them around my waist. I reach for the door knowing he's occupied and we step through. He shuts the door with a loud slam and I don't even react as I'm built up in our own world.

Shifting through the room both his hands wrap around my waist and he lets go falling to the couch sitting. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course," I say breathless and he pulls on my hands. "Straddle me." I do as he says and sit against him. He pulls the sunglasses off of my face as well as his own and sets them on the couch. I take off his hat at the same time.

"You're not doing anything for me." He says like he can read my thoughts and I swallow in thankful understanding. I've never done this kind of thing before but I'm so comfortable with Harry I don't think twice.

He rubs over my bum and I whimper. From my sound, I feel Harry's length hard against me and I shift forward instantly getting relief.

"Harry please," I confess and he groans, squeezing his hands around my ass shifting my body onto one of his legs.

"Ride my thigh, baby." Without having to tell me twice I press my centre against his thigh and rub myself against him.

"Jesus Christ." Harry whimpers never removing his eyes from mine and I groan painfully. I shift my hips back and forth on his leg and my stomach grows to a pressured ache I need to soothe.

"Oh god." I moan and he lifts his leg up higher. From the angle, I fall harder into his thigh and I exhale hard closing my eyes.

"Don't close your eyes, let me see you." when I open my eyes I lock on to Harry who looks like he's barely hanging on. I pull my hips down harder on him and he aids in the movements. I press my hands to his neck. My body quivers and I lean my head back hiding a pent-up scream.

"What are you feeling baby, tell me?" It takes everything in my body to reply back and I silently hate that he's making me talk right now.


"I- it feels good." I manage out in a hard breath. "Like what?"

"It's like an ache in my stomach but it doesn't hurt, it feels good. Really, really good." I continue to rock my hips back and forth on his thigh but I need more. "Your close baby. It feels like a balloon in your stomach ready to burst and you're trying your hardest to get to that build-up where it pops?"

"Yeah just like that." I agree and press my hips down suddenly rocking upwards. I press my hands to my mouth hiding the small scream of relief from the position change.

Harry takes my hands removing it. "Don't. let me hear you. Are you almost there?"

"Yeah, I'm almost there." growing tired he takes my hips and urges them faster but deeper into his leg and suddenly the feeling in my stomach threatens to burst

"Oh, Har-Harry." I hold my breath pushing myself against him more and his hands continue to shift my hips pushing me over the edge. I suddenly moan and exhale a large breath before inhaling another quickly.

My lower half finally bursts and my breathes amplify. My jaw goes limp and I sob out a sharp moan. A chant of curses flutter from my mouth and my body starts to shake as a pulse explodes through my body. I feel my centre clench around his leg.

I barely feel conscious and the room starts to spin coming down from my high and Harry stops my movements. Pleasure courses through my body and I feel like I'm on top of the world.

Shaking a hard breath I fall onto Harry's chest weakly and he places a hand against the back of my head. I'm unable to move from my state needing a minute and I relax against his chest.

"Are you okay, how was that?" He threads his thumb through my hair and I breathe heavily against his chest. A soft kiss presses against my cheek and he nudges my hands to wrap around his neck. I tighten them immediately pulling myself closer feeling the prominent bulge in his pants.

"That was great." I exhale and he chuckles.

"Gave my sweet girl her first orgasm."

A weak smile tugs upon my lips and I giggle. We sit here for what feels like hours as I wind down but when I feel back to normal I don't tell him wanting to stay like this forever.

His hand never leaves the back of my head and I trace my finger up and down his bare arm. Playing with our fingers our pinkies graze and lock swirling into each other.

"Common, let's get you ready for bed."


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