Two Ghosts

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What" I coo tiredly as Harry shakes my arm.

"I swear to god if it's 7 am Harry." I take the sheets that were ripped off my body and throw them back over.

Last night Harry was so sweet. He carried me upstairs and changed me into his shirt and a pair of sweatpants without looking. He's normally touchy but last night he couldn't let go of me. He probably would have stood in the bathroom as I peed if I let him.

I thought he was going to make a big deal out of it but he didn't. I know this kind of stuff is normal especially to him but I thought it was going to be awkward between us afterwards. it was nothing like that. If anything I think we're closer and more comfortable now.

After he changed me into his shirt he went to take a shower needing to cool off. He looked so sad that he had to leave but he came back in less than ten minutes crawling under the covers kissing down my shoulder.

He doesn't even ask twice about keeping the lamp on anymore and it means so much that he doesn't judge or make fun of me.

"It's actually 9 am smart ass common I need help." He peels the covers I have over my eyes and kisses my temple. "Baby?" well when you put it like that. "Unfair advantage."

I rip the covers off my body and he smiles in victory. "You know I think that makes us 2-1"

I glare back at him as I shift my feet to hang over the bed. He wastes no time in picking me up and I just accept it. Clinging to his neck still tired and limp he drags me to the bathroom and sits me on the black counter. He opens my legs and steps in between them, pressing a kiss to my cheek.

"Well good morning."

"Goodmorning," I repeat back in my morning voice and he smugs a toothy smile. "Why did you wake me up?" I giggle and he reaches forward across our bodies that connect together. When he pulls away I miss the warmth but what's he holding catches my attention.

"What am I supposed to do with that?" I shift my gaze to the razor and men's shaving cream he has in his hand.

"I want you to shave my stubble." He says brushing his hands against his chin.

"Well, I don't know how to do that."

"I'm gonna teach you, here." he hands me the shaving cream but I just look down at them in my hands widely. "Harry I'm going to cut you by accident."

"No you're not it's the same as when you shave your legs but it's on my pretty face." I open the lid on the can and shake it in my hold. Studying the cylinder I press down on it and white foam comes shooting out onto my palm.

I jolt back in surprise and smile at the man standing in front of me who bends down so I can reach. I take my hand and wipe the foam over his left and right cheeks spreading out an even layer. I drag my finger through his upper lip and coat his chin.

"Okay, I think you're pretty evenly coated." I giggle and reach for the razor. "Can you at least show me how to do it first?" Harry nods and takes the razor brushing over my hand slowly. Grabbing The handle he brings it to the farthest side of his cheek.

"Okay so you place the blade here," he says, directing to the top of the shaving cream line. "And then you drag it down gently." swiping his cheeks with the blade he shaves it clean and hands the razor back to me.

"I think I got it." If I can do math I think I can shave someone's 'beard' without cutting them. He places his hands against the sides of my legs on the counter and leans forward. His eyes cut into mine but I only pay attention to the blade.

I press the razor next to the mark he just made and rake the object going down. Pulling away I stare at him worried in case I did something wrong. "Was that okay?" I ask on alert but he only chuckles. "Yes keep going."

"Okay okay." I tease and his thumbs graze over my hip back and forth.

Finishing up I place the razor down on the counter. "I didn't cut you, did I?" Harry leans back and grabs a towel wiping away the foam and shakes his head. "You did a better job than me darling"

Smiling in success there's a chunk of shaving cream still on his neck. Instead of wiping the access, I watch his finger press to it and he swipes it across my cheek. I inhale once the cold touches my skin.

"Hey!" I call and reach for the canister on the counter but he took it before I got to it.

Jumping down I try to run out of the bathroom but he closes the door and traps me in. I try ducking but he's always a step ahead.

"Put that down." I point and he shakes his head. There's already fresh foam on his hand and he brings it up to my face swiping it across my cheek.

"Give this to me!" I push back his chest but it doesn't work and soon my whole face is painted white.

Harry stops and places the can on the counter as fits of laughter pierce the room from his mouth. My jaw drops and my hands hold up in-front of me.

"Oh, baby I'm sorry." He holds onto my cheeks but he can't keep it together. He presses his finger against my skin and traces designs. I try to stay hard but I blurt out a laugh matching his pace.

"Get me a towel," I beg and he reaches behind for one bringing it to my face. He wipes the moisture off of my skin and I can breathe again.

"That's the last time I'm shaving your face." I open the door and make my way downstairs but I don't make it far enough down the hallways until I hear loud steps colliding with my back and I'm being hoisted onto Harry's shoulders.


Sitting on top of the table Harry cooks us breakfast. I offered to help but I burnt my finger so I was sentenced to the counter to strictly watch. I'm definitely not complaining. He has a loose-fitting white shirt on and when he steps away from the stove I wrap my legs around his waist and hook onto his hand pulling him closer to me.

"You're too far away," I state and he wraps his arms around my waist chuckling. "Aren't you hungry?" I'm not answering that question.

"What are you even making?" I shyly ask and he stands taller in between my legs leaning on his palms.

"I only had eggs."

"Yum." I play and he turns back to the stove but his right arm hangs back from my hold. I watch as he places the eggs on two plates and he walks back over to me. He puts the plates in front of two seats reaching forward and then retreats back to face me.

"How's your finger." He pulls it forward and inspects it. I told him that It was only a splash and not a deliberate burn but he's playing doctor.

"I'm alive." I place my palm in his hand and he helps me down. Pulling back a black bar stool he takes a seat next to me and I pick up a silver fork. "Thanks for the eggs," I say and we cheer our forks together.

We take a few bites and wrestle our feet until a knock erupts through the house. Before I can ask the word "Styles" yells from a very loud Niall and Harry groans walking towards the door.

Opening it wide, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis pour in and Niall greets the space with open arms. Niall saunters over and takes a seat in Harry's spot finishing up his eggs. "He was always a chef wasn't he." I shake my head to the blonde boy and the others take a seat clouding at the table.

Louis takes the spot next to me and Harry, clearly annoyed stands on the opposite end.

"You two left early last night?" Louis says pissed off and Harry laughs looking towards me and I sink in my chair.

"We had other things we wanted to do." Harry smiles and Louis grunts a hum. Niall laughs inside and it comes out a ruptured sound but he turns and gives me a high five. I slap his palm weakly and he shakes my shoulders.

"Why are you guys here?" Harry changes the subject.

"I feel you keep forgetting the main reason we're here in the first place." Niall disses and when the rest of my eggs are untouched he nudges my shoulder and I pass him the plate.

"There's a drug trade today in front of the river." He says biting into the food.

I feel like a river and opposing mafia men shouldn't be in the same sentence.

Harry groans in sudden recognition. "When?"

"The time was pushed forward to now, they had other things to do," Zayn says biting into an apple.

Harry walks over to me and grabs my hand pulling me off the chair. "Well be down in fifteen minutes."

Leaving the boys downstairs we both change into clothes. Harry throws a blue short-sleeve flannel over his white shirt and puts on a pair of black jeans. I throw on a pair of light-wash mom jeans and a green zip-up sweater.

Placing black converse on my feet from the bed I lace them into a bow and look up to the brunette staring down at me.

"You own a lot of flannels." I tease and stand up. "One for every day of the week babe."

We strut downstairs and I notice the guns set up on the table. "Harry?" I whisper and he pulls me down the steps despite my frozen state.

"Oh, great Sugars here." Niall hands me a gun and I widen my eyes staring at it. "No way," Harry says angrily and shoves the gun downwards so it's not pointed at anyone.

"Harry she's coming with us, what if she has to defend herself." Niall urges and Harry takes the gun completely from his hand which is still pressed to the both of us. He throws it on the counter and I listen to it bang.

"She won't have to defend herself. It's a quick mission, no one gets hurt."

"Well, she's going to have to learn how," Louis shouts from his computer and I swallow needing to speak for myself. "I'm not going to have to shoot anyone right. I really don't think I could deal with that." I whisper in shock, still looking at the heaping amounts of weapons.

"No," Harry states in a hard tone. "You won't even have to fire one."

"Okay then if she's not going to have to fire one let's at least teach her how. Harry, she's not coming anywhere with us unless she knows how to protect herself."

Harry lets out a hard breath and turns towards me. "It's your call but I agree with Niall."

"I'm not going to have to fire it right. I don't like the loud noise." I cross my arms over my chest.

"No, you won't have to hear it go off." Harry responds.

"At least from your own hands." Louis taunts and I just shake my head agreeing, "Okay just teach me, I mean it's like a video game right?"

This catches Niall's attention and he laughs. "Oh god this is why I like you." he walks away and throws Harry a gun. Throws. He throws a loaded weapon through a room.

Harry catches it swiftly and I stare into his eyes trying not to freak out.

"Come here." Harry chants and pulls on my hand so I'm not pressured by the others in the room.

Harry opens the door to a very large gym. "A fucking gym?" I press as I'm being turned to face him.

"Okay, I just need you to listen to me okay?" he states seriously so I don't play around.


He pulls a black shotgun in front of us. "The safeties always off so you'll have to flick this on when you need to use it." He points and I just nod. "The safeties off, hold it." He shoves it into my hands with no further question.

The cold black object lays in my hands and I don't move. "Violet it's only going off if you pull the trigger."

"Are you sure?" he has to be lying, one-touch and this thing's going off.

"Have you ever seen die-hard?" I look to him wondering why this is the time to bring up this movie. "Yeah, I'm not one hundred years old."

"Well, they shoot by pulling a trigger. Place your hands in it." I do what he says and he stands behind me with his arms around my hands. I feel safer this way and I think he knows that.

"Now shooting is simple you just pull the trigger but what you have to focus on is your stance." he brings his foot to my leg and spreads my feet apart.

"Shoulder width apart and you lean forward slightly with your knees bent." I do as he says until I feel I'm in the desired position.

"Your dormant elbow should be straight and your non-dominant should be flexed at a slight angle." as he speaks he motions his hands over my body to match his words.

"Before you shoot, make sure your body's aligned and your eyes come down with the gun's level. Shootings the easy part but getting there needs practice. I'm not going to make you shoot at anything but as long as you know how I can sleep at night."

His comforting words make me turn around and I lay the gun carefully in his palms which he holds out. "Thanks, baby" he says and I kiss his cheek quickly before we skip back to the kitchen.

The boys are already packed up and I watch Harry prance to the table and load his gun. Placing it in his pants he walks quickly over to me and urges me out the door with the rest of the boys.

"Remind me why I have to go with you guys again?"

"You can't be alone. Not with Creed following us and they know where we live. It's not like we're just renting a hotel. Our names are listed on this lease." I don't ask further questions as we ride down in the elevator.

"My motorcycles coming tomorrow. " Harry whispers and I roll my eyes. This guy with that damn motorcycle.

The doors open wide and we walk through the lobby until met with a parking lot. Harry pulls me to Niall and Louis' car as I watch Zayn and Liam take off.

Harry and I climb into the backseat. This car not set up with benches like Harry so I place myself in the middle which makes him smile. Driving down the Atlanta roads I watch Harry's hair blow in the wind. "I think your hat would look pretty good right now"

He squeezed my thigh and pulling up to the river there are people all around. It's not just a river but a huge recreational green space and park.

The sounds of guns clicking catch my attention and both Harry and Niall step out of the car with a new hard look to them. I guess this is their mafia look. They both reach in their pockets grabbing the same pair of black sunglasses and set it on their eyes.

Harry leans forward in the car and presses a kiss to my cheek. "I'll be back, stay with Louis."

The car doors shut and I turn to Louis leaning forward from the backseat. He's typing on a computer and his fingers move at an intense fast pace. With another click, the screen turns on four cameras.

"Is that what they all see?" I ask amazed and Louis smiles. "They all have cameras set in their sunglasses."

"No shit," I mumble a laugh amazed. All the cameras move from different directions and I lock my eyes on Harry's.

"Here put this in, it's a microphone to hear what's going on." Accepting the small earpiece I place it in my ear and I suddenly feel so important.

Each step the cameras get closer to a set of three men standing by the edge of the river.

"Well hello." Zayn's voice speaks in my ear and I watch Louis on a split-screen tracking the area where in looking for people or things that shouldn't be.

"You have our stuff." One of the men speaks.

"You have ours?" He continues and I'm shocked by how professional and scary these guys are. To be honest I didn't even believe it fully when I was told they were in the mafia. They're too nice.

"Yeah, we have your money. 100K without any trouble."

My jaw drops from the amount of money this guy just put past his lips. The camera on Liam looks down and I see a small package wrapped in duct tape and a black baggy present themselves to the man and hands them a duffle bag.

"Does it usually go this easy?" I ask Louis and he shakes his head. "Never." A shiver rakes up my body from his concerned stare at his computer. His arms cross over his body tightly.

"100K," Liam states as he looks in the bag.

"We're all done here," Zayn says and they all step back walking towards the parking lot. Louis cleans up his stuff and I rest back in my sheet.


my body straightens and I look out the back of the car. Click the light sound pierces all my senses.

Have you ever had the feeling that there was no one near you but your picture was being taken? This is what that felt like but I heard the clicks. It could be coming from anywhere but I shake my head knowing this was a perfect place for teens to be taking pictures of themselves.

The door opens and I jump in my seat. "You okay baby?" Harry speaks and I just nod my head. "Yeah sorry I was just in my head again." He kisses my cheek and closes the door taking off his sunglasses.

"I didn't know these were cameras." I laugh pointing to it and he smirks. "I was going to let you have it so I could stalk you but I thought that would be weird."

"Really weird." I shove his chest and Niall shifts the car into drive.


I turn quickly to the back window looking out again clearly paranoid. "Hey what's wrong?" Harry squeezes my thigh but I just shake my head. "I just heard a noise. Thought someone was taking my picture." I shiver not noticeably.

"Weird I didn't hear anything." Harry shifts his stare out the window and shrugs when he faces me.

"Hey, you guys hungry I could go for a burger or something." Louis looks back to us.

"God knows Violets hungry after that chef's meal you cooked Styles." Niall winks at me in the rearview mirror and I smile.

"I could go for something, yeah." Maybe I'm just hungry.
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