Two Ghosts

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Standing up with the happiest look on his face he lowers his hand down for mine. Pulling me up he collides our chests together and presses our lips in a short kiss. "Never gonna get enough of you." He mumbles through the pouring rain.

Our lips don't un connect and we deepen the kiss. I moan and a grunt of temptation leaves him. Bending down he lifts me and I wrap my legs around him.

He begins to walk blindly never letting go. Every time our lips connect everything goes quiet around us. It's just him and I with the raving sweet electricity shooting through our bodies.

"Don't stop." I cup my hands around his cheeks for stability and we let out exhausted breaths. He moans as our mouths move in sync, swallowing each other's sounds.

The happiness flowing through my body is indescribable.

The rain has completely soaked our clothing and there's no way this weather is safe to drive back in.

I should be cold but right now but I feel like I'm on fire. Through the pouring rain, I hear a muffled sound of a voice and I lean my head back removing our lips.

Harry grunts and attaches them once more forcefully but I flare my head to the side. He gives up, kissing down my neck and I squint my eyes looking in the distance. The weather is just too gloomy for me to see clearly. He sucks onto my skin and I try to stay focused.

Something just doesn't feel right but I hear another voice from another direction and when I turn my head I see a bigger man in farmer's overalls running towards us with a metal rake. "Harry," I whisper, shutting my eyes, holding a moan but he doesn't respond.

"Harry." I urge rolling my hips but once again nothing. My body aches from his touch but the man starts to get closer and his yelling gets louder.

Harry's lips remove and shifts his gaze to the man in a quick alert. His lips are puckered red and if he wasn't holding me up I would fall from just how he looks right now. My head won't stop spinning in euphoria.

"Harry, that's a very large angry man." I laugh but I'm honestly in shock at his speed through the rain. Mood killer.

"Don't suppose you want me to kill him so we can get back to what we were doing." He breathlessly says and I widen my eyes. Matching his face back to mine he laughs and presses a short kiss to my lips.


He has a very fun sense of humour.

"This is private property get out." He's screams running faster than I've seen anyone before.

He flips the rake forward so the metal spikes portray like a sword and starts swinging it preparing to greet us. "Um, Harry?" now I'm growing worried.

"Yeah, let's go." He doesn't put me down knowing I'm slow and would probably fall. He runs back to his bike. I laugh and it comes out as a vibration from his fast movements.

The man is surprisingly getting closer. "Get back here," he shouts viscously and Harry picks up the pace. In no time were met with his bike and instead of letting me down he sits us down and I hang onto his front, staddled.

The engine revs and just before the man meets us Harry takes off, his bike skidding on the slippery grass. I jolt from the suddenness and wrap my whole body around him tightly watching the man grow smaller with each movement.

From our speed, the rain comes down harder but when I look up from his shoulders he doesn't seem affected.

"Baby are you okay?" He checks and I left my head to rest directly in front of him. I let out a hard exhale before I nod right back into his lips. he feels like a drug I've been using and I'm officially addicted.

He dives deeper into my lips and I take the cue he's fine with driving blind. Keeping his hands on the handlebars I take advantage letting myself sink into him completely. My hands wrap around his neck and our lips move at the same pace. The softness of our lips going faster and harder.

Leaning forward I feel him nip my bottom lip bringing it in between his teeth before letting go, pressing a soft kiss In replacement. Diving back in my eyes feather open and I watch his shut ones consumed.

I take a soft breath and before I can exhale I let out a moan. He grunts in return and with my legs wrapped around him, I pull closer so our bodies grind.

The kiss breaks and his lips tug up hardly in self-control. "I can't do this for much longer." I whimper back feeling his hard bulge press to my centre. As the words leave my mouth the bike accelerates fastly down the wet road.

"Kiss me, I can't stop." He rasps and our lips mould heavy in desire, our melody drowns out the rain. I smile in his lips and feel his teeth right against mine smiling widely. this moment fills me with so much happiness.

Blind he turns the bike down the road and I gasp into his lips pulling away. Once the bike straightens his hand falls from the handle and grips my jaw forcing me back to him.

"Get back here."

This kiss means so much to us. It was our promise like I said before. Our pace slows down and we breathe heavily over one another. He's a beautiful kisser.

On his lap, I shift my hips rocking against him as the familiar ache grows in my lower stomach. "Hurry up." I moan and he brings a single hand to rest on my back.

I don't notice the bike come to a stop but as I pull our lips away he leans forward attacking me once again and stands gripping my body a little bit tighter. We're back at his apartment and he rushes into the lobby. Neither of us care about the people surrounding us.

The only thing that sounds down the lobby is our lips smacking together.

Stepping into the elevator he leans forward so I'm pointed to the floor and I clutch him like a koala. He presses the floor button and when the doors shut he stands. Unwrapping my legs he tries to be gentle but ends up shoving me against the wall.

"Sorry." He moans but I shake my head not caring. Our clothes drip and our mud leaves tracks of footprints and handprints everywhere we go.

"Were Dirty Harry." I relate to our mess but he smirks hardly into my lips and pulls his hand to cup my jaw diving deeper.

"Yeah, we are." He jokes and I can't help but laugh.

The doors open and he presses his hands to my thighs. "Jump baby."

Doing as he says and catching me he walks in tripping motions from his daze. Arriving at his door we flood inside.

The door slams and I shift my body upwards grinding my hips slowly down. "Harry." I plead. He tries to walk but is slowed by his slipping shoes.

"Fuck give me a second." He places me down firmly making sure I don't fall and rips off his shoes. Still high from his touch he does it for me and places his hands to my ankles slipping my own off.

"We're soaked and full of mud." I pull myself together ignoring the throb in my centre and he hoists me back up holding my thighs.

"What do you want me to do? I'll do anything just tell me." He pleads spreading kisses that fire up my cold body. There's only one thing that pops into my head right now.

"Shower." I blurt as he presses deeper and nods his head. Racing up the stairs he pulls us into his washroom and drops me gently. walking away he leaves my lungs to catch up on my breaths. Entering the shower he turns the water on high and steps away leaving the glass door wide open.

Walking back over to me he roams his hand down my shivering arms. Pressing his hands to my waist he lays a series of kisses down my neck.

What was once fast and full of lust has died down to a slow and passionate pace in that quick second.

"How did you want me to do this? I just want you to be comfortable." he's trying to stay in control but I feel the breaking point in his voice.

"Baby it's okay, I'm comfortable." I lay my hands on his arms that grip me and pull away to stare into his green eyes weakly.

"I'm not going to look until you tell me to." It's not necessary but I nod. "Okay, I will."

I feel his heart pounding through our clothes and I press my hands to the zipper of his sweater. "Can I?" I swallow as my breaths catch up. "You can do anything you want baby."

Inhaling my sharp breaths I drag the zipper slowly down his chest. Our eyes never leave each other and the room switches its dimension. Every slow breath and movement increase in volume and the world shifts completely.

I feel like him and I are the only people left on the earth. Every touch and kiss is heightened.

The black sweater falls to the ground and a splatter of water splashes in a clump. Gripping the bottom of his shirt I drag it up his body slowly until I spot his two fern tattoos. I lock my eyes on his skin and as the shirt rides up, my palm makes a path along his warm body.

I spot the butterfly tattoo I've come to adore and brush my wandering palm over it.

Lifting my gaze our eyes lock and I lick my lips as his arms lift over his head and I peel the shirt away. I shut my eyes, needing to catch a breath. The steam of the shower starts to fill the room and I rest my hands on the belt of his jeans.

"Violet if this is too much we can stop." he weakly says and I cringe my face. "No, no that's not what I want, these clothes are just getting tight." I feel like it's choking me and the thick steam doesn't help.

"Can you do me now?" He looks over my face for any insecurity and reason to stop but my eyes give him none.

Reaching forward for my own zipper he lowers it slowly, placing his hands on my exposed shoulders, peeling the sweater away. Leaving me in my bra he traces his hands down my arm and I shiver under his touch.

"I told you I won't look." His hands rest on my leggings and lowers himself to the ground pulling the material with him. It's slow and I have to shut my eyes as he does so. I hate being vulnerable but with him, I don't mind.

Lifting my feet out of the pants he shuts his eyes and raises himself to brush back my damp hair. "You're so beautiful."

Wrapping his arms around my back smoothing my skin along the way he unclips my black bra and it falls to the floor. Never letting go of his belt he never makes me uncomfortable.

His light touches over my skin and comforting words make me lean into him more.

"Take off my pants." He says and I nod starting to undo his belt. Unbuttoning the single button I trace my hand over his bulge and undo his small zipper. Taking his briefs with the jeans I nudge it down and it falls. He urges his ankles out and I don't look down at him either but I notice his body physically tighten.

Leaving me in my underwear I step closer and he swallows dryly consoling his expressions.

"You're sure?"

"Yes take them off." wrapping his fingers around the cotton they fall at my feet.

He cups my face and pulls forward placing a soft kiss on my lips. It's deep and delicate but speaks a thousand words. Telling me just how much I'm safe with him and how much we adore each other.

Taking my hand in his, he leads us to the shower as I follow behind. Opening the glass we step in and I watch his back walk into the water. Blocking the stream I stand there biting my lip when he arches his head back to submerge his hair.

His hands comb back his long locks and wipes the water clear from his emerald eyes. Moving our bodies around he places me in the line of water and my cold body immediately raises in temperature.

Reaching behind him for the body wash he squeezes it out on a washcloth and presses it to my skin. A pear scent fills my senses as he washes my shoulders and stomach, staying clear of the most vulnerable areas. The places I'm begging for him to touch but we take our time.

I watch as the mud slips down our bodies to the floor and washes away.

My body melts into his palms as he breathes heavily. Once im all clean I place my hand over his and take the cloth from him. "Let me make you comfortable." it's not just me who needs it right now and I drag the cloth over his chest.

I stay clear of his lower half. Washing down his arms I wrap my palms along them looking up his soft eyes.

"I don't know what to do, is this helping? I don't ever want you to feel uncomfortable around me. Never again." He begs.

"I've always felt comfortable around you. This is helping." Biting my lips in thought as our eyes connect I see how hard he's trying to stay good for me.

"Harry you can look."

"But I-"

"Harry I want you to look, please." Giving me a couple of seconds to change my mind he drags his stare lower and his body rocks on his feet in an exhale.

"Beautiful." his palms rub over my stomach and his body weakens to the touch. "Sweet girl you have me wrapped around your finger."

He never removes his stare entranced by my body and I watch his pupils dilate, sparkling In the light.

The breath of lust that pasts my lips as his thumb brushes over the bottom of my breasts causes him to look back at me and his face loses control. "What can I do, please just tell me what to do. I can't take this."

With my hand still around his arm, I lower it to my centre and his hand rests on my nerves not placing any pressure.

"Touch me. Please touch me." Once the words come out, with his other hand around my back he places me softly against the wall urging his lips on mine. Once they connect his hand against my nerves press down causing my body to let go in a relaxing moan.

"What do you want me to do?" His thumb moves against me and all the air is robbed from my lungs, replaced with pleasure.

"Just keep touching me, it feels good." Once I speak our tongues slip into each other's mouths with messy groans but he wins in dominance. My body shutters and Harry presses his leg in between mine.

"I've been waiting for this day. Always wanted you like this around my finger. I would always think about how you would look and it always got me hard." His words fire my skin and my ache grows painfully. I let out another moan and he growls.

"You like when I talk to you like this? Want me to tell you how you filled my thoughts each time I stood in the shower." I moan from his words which causes my body to fall apart. His mouth attaches to mine exhaustedly.

"The first time we met I couldn't get you out of my head."

I press myself deeper urging my hips to roll against his palm and he glides his two fingers down my folds. "and Violet? I've never seen anybody this beautiful in my life." my hands press into his wrists needing to hold onto something as he starts to rub against me.

"An angel," he whispers through the warm shower.

"ah, Harry." I groan, breaking. Teasing my centre I feel his silver rings against my skin before interesting a finger into me. I've never done this before and my lower half clenches around his fingers. It feels weird but so good.

"Fuck. Feel so good," he says pumping as his thumb traces circles at a riveting pace. My stomach grows quickly from the frustration it was in since the field.

"you think you can do another one?" He says inserting a second finger inside of me. My centre stretches for his fingers and the pressure intensely builds as he pumps.

"Harry." I moan and my body can't hold itself up anymore. Falling into his knee the feeling of his fingers deepen and I can't help but let out a small scream as he palms my centre to lift me upright.

Rubbing my clit his body presses mine against the wall. Our mouths rest over each other but we only breathe. His arms pull back and forth at a fast pace and my lungs start to heave. "Oh god." I shift my hips into his fingers deeper.

"You're going to be the end of me. Clenched around my finger like the good girl you are... Yeah, you like that?" The electricity shooting through my body causes a slight shake in my thighs and Harry grunts.

"You almost there sweet girl? use your words." Squeezing my eyes shut I don't know how to even communicate this to him right now. His fingers curl inside of me hitting my G Spot which causes a loud moan to seep through my lips.

"Fuck... fuck Harry don't stop." I cry leaning my head back and he kisses down my neck, increasing his speed. The pressure in my stomach threatens to explode and there's no air left in the room. My legs start to shake and Harry circles my clit pressing my nerves at a viscously pleasurable pace.

"I- Harry, I'm there." I grasp onto both of his arms and I feel his prominent bulge press against me. "Cum for me Violet." He whispers in my ear.

"Let it go, baby." As the words leave his lips and the last flick of his fingers my body erupts in a bolt of electricity. "Oh god, Ha-Harry." I scream.

My orgasm shoots right through me and I hear the grunts of his voice moaning a sharp inhale as a wetness coats my stomach.

The ache in my stomach bursts and my legs shake. My lungs inflate with quick inhales and exhales trying to make the world stop spinning. My head feels like I'm floating and I squeeze his arms tight to make sure I'm still alive.

I've never felt this type of soothe before. This type of pleasure makes me feel on top of the world.

Breathlessly trying to catch my breath I feel a pair of lips peck mine and I try to return the gesture weakly. his hands remove from my centre and I lean forward dropping in his arms like a bag of bones.

"Was that alright?" His hand comes directly to my wet hair and he threads his fingers through. I lightly laugh too weak to concentrate on anything but his words and body against mine.

"More than alright."

"I can't believe I cummed from just touching you. I haven't done that since I was fourteen. You have me completely wrapped in your world." He keeps me upright as my knees shake and he kisses my cheek. Urging my weak arms around his waist I clutch onto him and he continues brushing my hair.

We stay in each other's arms for a long time sparing light touches and kisses. I've never felt this safe in a person before. My heart reaches out for him. The damn butterflies in my stomach flutter out for him.

He lets one of his arms go from around my waist and I suddenly feel a warm cloth wiping at my stomach softly. "Gotta clean you up."

My body shifts into him but he keeps a tight hold of me. Dragging the cloth down my legs he drags it up my folds and I shiver closing my eyes.

Cleaning us both up he lets the cloth fall from his hands to hit the ground with a slap. Wrapping his arms back around my body he combs my hair as the water hits it.

"Hey, Violet?"


"I meant what I said. I'm never leaving." I gain the strength back in my body and lean back so I can press my hand against his jaw. I don't know how to respond so I press our lips together hoping he can feel the words float into his tongue.

Pulling away he smiles. "And again?" the words bring me back to the first night we spent at his empty apartment.

I lean forward to peck his lips with light giggles pouring into his mouth.

"And again?" the softness in his voice brings me to stand on my tippy toes as I kiss him deeply but once he hums I pull away.

"And... again?" He coos leaning forward to meet my lips this time and it was nothing like we've shared before. It was slow but it just felt different. Like something was unlocked within us. I can feel the melody of his soul pour into mine and the butterflies in my body fly to him through our connected lips.

I think I'm falling for him but I don't think I will ever be in the position to believe it. I know I don't just like him, it's more than that but it can't be love. Love has been a lie my entire life but I can't help but feel like he's my entire world.

If you take him away I'm nothing.

Parting our lips he brings me back to his chest and I close my eyes. I hear the pop of a bottle and before I know he's lathering soap in my hair. I Open my right eye to see his concentrated face and I smile.

His touch feels so good and my head bops threatening to moan again.

Those damn fingers.

"What are you doing?" I ask myself hugging him deeper, needing to ground myself.

"I thought we came in here to shower." His playful voice teases and I giggle into his chest.
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