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Alta Rose Jennings is a debutant, beauty queen, and all-around goody-two-shoes from an old money family in Macon Georgia, who is always doing what is expected of her. Until her father decides that it's time for her to meet a nice young man, worthy of her standing and preferably of his choosing, and settle down. For the first time in her life Alta is refusing to do what is expected, and rather than marry some old money lawyer, she packs everything she owns, empties her bank account, and sets out to make her own way as far away from her parents as possible. Six months later, she finds herself down to her last $300 dollars, and trying to find a job at a diner in Rosaline Utah. Where she meets the sweet, puppy-eyed, waiter, Max Jones. Upon hearing that she has nowhere to go, Max offers her a place to stay with himself and his six roommates... Whom he happens to have an open relationship with. Alta's world is turned upside down. From homeless and losing hope to a happy home with eight beautiful men, who want nothing more than to love and cherish her, and each other.

Romance / Erotica
Meagan Shupe
Age Rating:

The Kindness of Strangers

Welcome to Polyamory.

This story is a little different, and a bit of a warning is required. This story includes some forms of BDSM, DDLG/DDLB, Homoerotic scenes, ANR/ABF, Lactation fetish, Somnophilia, Pet Play, and possibly many others. If any of these themes make you uncomfortable, please leave now. This is the only warning I will be posting.

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“Alta Rose Jennings. Well, that’s certainly a mouthful ain’t it?” the manager of the diner asked with a chuckle.

“My mama is a fan of big names.” Alta said. She could feel the flush creeping up her neck. She’d always hated her name. Just another reminder of the ‘privileges’ she should have been proud to have. She had been raised in southern society. Her parents both came from old money, and both being only children had inherited everything to do with it early on in their lives. Alta had been a debutant, a pageant queen, a model student, and had done everything expected of her. Until about six months ago when her father had begun to talk about finding her a nice man worthy of her standing.

She hadn’t said a word against it. She hadn’t said a word at all. Simply stood from the couch and left the room. The life her parents expected her to live was not the one she had envisioned for herself. They wanted her to marry a high society man from old money, settle down, and raise debs and beauxs of her own, continuing the legacy. She wanted to find a man whom she loved and build a life together. She wanted to earn her place in the world, not have it handed to her on a silver platter.

So, that night, she’d packed her things, emptied her bank account of what money she had saved, written a note, and left. She’d been living in her car ever since. Nipping into motels or gyms to take a shower, washing clothes at the laundromat, and trying to find a job in any town she came to. It had been an extremely rough month, she was down to her last $300, and she was close to giving up and going home to beg her parents’ forgiveness if this town proved as unlucky as the last five. “I see you haven’t listed an address, Miss Jennings,” the diner manager said, pulling her from her thoughts. “I’ll need an address and bank account before I can hire you.” Alta felt the tears prick her eyes. She’d known there was no way her luck would change.

“I don’t have an address.” she said softly, holding her head high despite the shame she currently felt. “Nor do I have a bank account, but if you could hire me, I would be able to get both. I just need a job and I’ll be able to start getting on my feet.” She saw sympathy in the man’s eyes, but she knew that her plea hadn’t helped.

“I’m sorry Miss Jennings.” he said, “I wish I could help, but I just can’t. Not without an address. The bank account I could work around, but not the address.”

“I understand.” Alta said. Clearing her throat, she went to stand from the booth they were seated in but was stopped by a long-fingered hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” said a sweet, male voice from just behind her, “but I couldn’t help overhearing. Did you say you don’t have an address?” Alta turned and looked up into a pair of soft, brown, puppy-dog eyes looking at her from under a mop of black curls. Alta found herself lost in the pretty eyes and answered in a slight daze.

“No, I’m afraid I don’t. I live in my car right now.” She said, then suddenly snapped out of her trance and said, quickly, “I promise I won’t be any trouble. I don’t know why I told you that. I’m just trying to find a place to settle.”

“I’m sure you won’t be any trouble, Miss,” the man said with a soft smile that she barely noticed, still focused on his pretty eyes. “I only ask because I’d like to help. My roommates and I have an extra room we’re not using, and I’m sure Dex wouldn’t mind you staying there. Even if it’s just until you can afford an apartment.”

“You’d really do that?” Alta asked, shock evident in her tone, “But you don’t even know me. I could be crazy for all you know.”

“That look on your face tells me you’re not,” the man laughed. “So, what do you say?” Alta couldn’t seem to speak, so she nodded instead. “Great. My shift ends in about an hour, so why don’t I set you up in my section, and get you something to eat, then when I’m off you can follow me back. Sound good?”

“That sounds amazing.”

“Rob,” the man said, to the diner manager, “I know it’s not something you’d do normally, but could you hold onto her application until tomorrow? Just so I can make sure Dex and the others are okay with her staying?”

“Sure, Max,” Rob said, getting up from his seat with a chuckle. “You’re such a pushover.” he then turned to Alta and said, “Well Miss Jennings, I wish you the best of luck with these nuts, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow.” Alta thanked him, and followed the younger man, apparently named Max, to a quiet corner of the otherwise empty diner.

He sat her down at a small booth in the corner and got her a glass of water, before asking “So what would you like to drink? We’ve got juice, coke products, coffee, herbal tea, and hot coco.”

“I would love a cup of coffee.” Alta said, sitting up straighter and nearly vibrating in excitement. It had been quite a while since she’d had a cup of coffee, not wanting to waste money on things she didn’t absolutely need.

“Alright,” Max said, a twinkle in his pretty brown eyes, “I’ll be right back then. Take a look at the menu while I’m gone.” He handed her one of the menus from his apron pocket and turned to the kitchen. She perused the options, seeing a few that looked somewhat familiar, but her eyes fell on something that when Max came back had her cocking her head and pointing at the menu.

“What’s a pastrami burger?” she asked.

“A cheeseburger with pastrami on it,” Max laughed. “Would you like one?” Alta nodded enthusiastically, and Max chuckled, shaking his head as he wrote down her order “Alright, what on the side? We’ve got tots, fries, and English chips.”

“Fries sound good.” Alta said, her mouthwatering at the thought.

“Alright. I’ll get that in for you.” he walked off again, and when he came back had not only her food on a tray but also another meal for himself, and two massive cups.

“What are those?” she asked, pointing at the cups, which had soft serve ice-cream piled nearly two inches over the rim of the cup.

“Shakes,” he laughed. “Here.” he handed her one, a red spoon sticking straight out of it, and watched as she took a bite, and smiled. “Good?” he asked. Alta nodded and did a little happy dance in her seat, before picking up the burger in front of her and taking a bite. The moan that came out of her was almost indecent and she noticed Max shifting slightly in his seat. A small smile crept across her face. Now that she had calmed down and started to fill the hole in her belly, she took a good look at her rescuer. Max was tall, that she had already surmised, standing at around six-two, with curly, black hair that would fall to his chin if let out of the tail at the top of his head, a few stray pieces around his round face, giving off a cool-guy vibe. Although it was round, his face didn’t look fat. How could it when the body below it looked like it might be carved out of marble through the well fitted t-shirt? No, his face was cut at the jaw, but with a sweet chubbiness to his cheeks that dimpled slightly when he smiled. His nose was slightly bigger, but not bulbus, with a smattering of freckles and was set nicely underneath his sweet, brown, puppy-dog eyes. To sum it up, he looked like a treat. Just as sweet and yummy as the shake he’d brought her.

Max seemed oblivious to her staring, busy squirting a slightly pink sauce onto his plate. When he looked up, he held it out to her and asked, “Want some?”

“What is it?” Alta asked, slightly apprehensive of the strange sauce. She could smell it. Slightly sweet, but tangy and something else.

“Fry sauce,” he said with a grin. Picking up one of his fries, he dipped it into the pink concoction and held it out to her. “Here, try.” Alta took it from his fingers and took a tentative bite, before giving a start and looking at him with wide green eyes.

“It’s good!” she squeaked. Max laughed outright and passed her the bottle of pink sauce, which she proceeded to poor a liberal amount of onto her plate.

“Where are you from cutie?” Max chuckled, as she began to dance in her seat again while munching away at her fries. She was adorable. Slight, with a smaller chest and soft curves. Big green eyes, and a cute little nose. Her lips were heart-shaped, and her cheekbones were high, making her look elfin when coupled with her slim build. Her smile lit up a room, and her southern drawl was like fresh caramel to the ear; smooth and sweet.

“Macon Georgia.” she drawled.

“Macon- What on earth are you doing up here?” Max asked with a start, “Are you doing okay with the altitude?”

“It is a long story that I really would rather not tell more than once, or at all if I don’t have to.” Alta sighed, “I’ll tell y’all if I’m allowed to stay, but otherwise I would rather not talk about it. As for the altitude, I had a slight bit of a problem with it the first couple of days, but I’ve been here about a week, and things seem to be getting better. I’m still a little short of breath, but otherwise I’m doin’ just fine.”

“That’s fair. I-” Max was cut off by a shrill whistle coming from the door to the diner. The two of them turned to see a tall man, about six foot, with a stocky, muscular build and long auburn hair that fell to his shoulders in waves. His grey-green eyes seemed to pierce through the soul and stared down his sharp nose like a hawk. The short beard on his face emphasized a strong jaw, and framed a pretty, full, bowed mouth that looked like it would be wonderful to kiss. His broad shoulders were clad in a tight blue T-shirt, that showed the rippling muscle beneath, and his jeans molded to his fantastic ass and muscular thighs. “Hey, Jack.” Max said, breaking Alta out of her trance.

“Hey, Kid.” Jack said with a wink, his smooth voice like silk against the ears. Max blushed and cleared his throat as Jack came to stand by their booth. “Who’s your friend?”

“Oh,” Max started, looking from Jack to Alta, “Jack this is Alta Jennings. Alta, this is one of my roommates. Jackson Boyd. He works here too and so does our other roommate, Alexander Johnson.” The sound of the bell above the door snapped his head in its direction. “Speak of the devil.” A shorter man had walked in. Standing at about five-nine with short, sandy-blonde hair and soft blue eyes. His expression was curious when it fell on her, and he crossed his arms over his chest. He was broad like Max and Jack, very well-muscled, that much she could see when a V-line peaked out from under his loose-fitting shirt and zip-up hoodie. “Alta, this is Alexander Johnson. Al, meet Alta Jennings. She’s new in town and doesn’t have a place to stay. I was going to bring her home and see if everyone was okay with her staying in the spare bedroom. At least until she can get on her feet. If she can get an address, Rob said he’d hire her.”

“I don’t see a problem with that.” Alex said, a sweet smile curling his thin lips, and scrunching his nose. He had a kind, unimposing presence, and an even kinder face. Though it was more rectangular and extremely masculine, it was still sweet, with big blue eyes that crinkled when he smiled, like his nose, and features that almost made him look fatherly, made even more so by a deep, gravelly voice and large calloused hands.

“Al’s second oldest.” Max explained “He’s about a month younger than Dexter, and the two of them own the house. It belonged to Dex’s grandma, and when she moved down to Provo, she sold it to them for cheap.”

“I believe her exact words were, ‘I don’t have enough children to need this much space, and my grandbabies don’t come see me enough.’” Alex chuckled. “Personally, I think it was just an excuse to get a change of scenery. Rosaline’s beautiful, but I don’t think she’d ever left the valley.” He shrugged and looked to Alta with another soft smile, “Like I said sweetie, I don’t have a problem with you moving in. I’ll call Dex to make sure he’s cool with it, and if he says yes there’s really nobody that will dispute.” With that, he pulled out his phone and stepped to the side.

The other three chatted quietly while Alex made his call. Dexter Hanes worked as an attorney for Hanes and Son’s Legal Firm, and was usually busy, but always answered when Alex called. As usual, he picked up on the first ring with a, “What broke?”

“Do you really think I’d call you if something broke, Hanes?” Alex laughed.

“No, but there’s a first time for everything.” Alex could here him stretching on the other side of the phone before he asked, “What’s up, Al?”

“Maxy has picked up a stray.” Alex said. Dex could hear the amused smirk in his voice and groaned.

“We already have five dogs, two cats, three rabbits and a hedgehog.” Alex laughed at his friend’s assumption. Max had a soft spot for stray animals and people alike. “Why are you laughing?! You know I can’t tell him no when he does that pout!” Dex groaned again, “What is it this time?”

“A girl,” Alex said, simply. “With chestnut brown hair, pretty green eyes, and a Georgia Peach accent.” When his only response was a confused ‘huh’ Alex laughed and elaborated. “The new applicant at the diner is a cute little number from Georgia named Alta Jennings. She’s homeless and Rob said she would have the job if she had an address. Well, being the kind soul that he is Max offered her a place to stay until she can get on her feet, at least if we said yes.”

“She give of a druggy vibe?”

“Nah, man.” Alex glanced over at Alta, who was laughing at something Jack had said, “She’s clean. Looks well put together. I’d guess she’s been finding ways to shower. Kinda thin, but what do you expect from a homeless person? A little side note, Jack seems to like her, and he doesn’t like anyone.” It was true. While Jackson Boyd was a good guy, he didn’t take well to strangers and tended to hang back in a corner whenever someone new came along until he was used to their presence.

“Jack is talking to her?” Dex asked, astonished. Alex grunted his answer and Dex puffed out a breath of air and said, “Alright then. I guess we’re letting a hen into the cock house. Have Maxy bring her home. I’ll have to get a bed for that room, but she can leave her stuff in there and one of us can sleep on the couch or something. We’ll figure it out.”

“You got it boss.” Alex laughed.

“Oh, fuck you.” Dex snapped. Alex said goodbye and hung up, before making his way back to the table, where the others were still chatting animatedly.

“I must say,” Alta drawled, “this is quite possibly the best conversation I’ve had in years. You boys certainly do know how to tickle a girl’s funny bone.”

“Years?” Alex asked. “Honey you can’t be more than eighteen, how can you not have had a good conversation in years?”

“I’ll have you know that I am twenty-three years old, thank you very much,” Alta chuckled. “However, I haven’t had a conversation that hasn’t involved something to do with frills and lace, and who I’m going to marry, and all that nonsense, in I can’t remember how long, and before that it was all about what dress I would wear to my coming out party, how the china should be placed on the table at high tea, or what I was going to say for the interview portion during the most recent pageant.” She shuddered at the memory, and then turned her attention back to Alex and asked, “So, what did Dexter say?”

“Good news, Miss Alta,” Alex chuckled, “You’ve got yourself an address.” They watched as tears pricked at Alta’s eyes and she covered her mouth and nose with one hand, the other balled in a fist on her leg.

“I’ll go tell Rob.” Jack said, then hurried over to where the diner manager was rolling napkins. “Rob?” he said, the older man looked up at him, curiously, but said nothing “She’s got an address.”

“I figured you guys wouldn’t leave her out in the cold.” Rob chuckled, “Alright. She’s got the job. Let her know I expect her here tomorrow morning with you. You’re gonna to train her.” Jack gave a two fingered salute and hurried back over to the others where he found Max holding Alta while she openly sobbed from relief. It was getting cold out, and in the northwestern states that meant below freezing temperatures at night. She had not been looking forward to attempting to keep warm.

“You’ve got the job, little Aly-cat.” Jack said with a smile as he crouched down in front of her. You’re first day is tomorrow. You’ll come in with me and I’ll be your trainer. Sound good?” Alta sniffed and nodded, then cleared her throat and looked around at the three of them with a watery smile.

“Thank you so much.” She said, “I can never repay the kindness you’ve shown me today.”

“No need.” Alex rumbled, “It’s the right thing to do. Plus, who wouldn’t want a pretty little thing like you around the house?” The others, including Alta, laughed and he picked up Alta’s dainty hand in both of his, and continued, “Now, why don’t you head home with Max? Leave the keys to your car with me, and I’ll drive it home after my shift since I rode with Jackie.”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t-” Alta started to protest, but was cut off when Alex shook his head.

His thumb rubbed soothing circles on the back of her hand, his deep, soothing voice calming her sudden nerves, “You look tired, Sweetie. You’ve obviously been through a lot and deserve to be taken care of for a bit. Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you. Okay?” Alta nodded, a fresh wave of tears pricking her eyes, and a new lump forming in her throat. “When everyone gets home tonight, we’ll sit down and you can tell us a bit about yourself and get to know all of us a bit too. I don’t know if Max told you, but there’s seven of us total. We’re all single, and I’ll warn you now that most of us are bi. Actually, I think all of us might be bi. I’m telling you this because we’re all extremely comfortable with each other, and it can make some people a bit uncomfortable.” Alta was slightly taken aback by this news but nodded. The four of them headed out to the cars, where the men proceeded to take all of her bags out of the cute little sports car and load them into the back of a small pickup.

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