Wake Me Up Mate

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A she-wolf who just happens to be a Beta’s daughter. She didn’t find her mate when she turned seventeen and she turning twenty-fifth, so she wants to find her mate badly. But the way she does it is like the humans do when they look for love... online... so will it work out for her or will she be rejected?

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Chapter 1

At five-thirty in morning my dad knocked on the door “Rise and shine baby girl it’s time for training” and I groaned “Dad I’m not in the mood, it’s a week till my twenty-fifth birthday…” I said as I pulled the covers over my head, I wanted to find my mate more then anything in the world. My dad opened the door and walked in my room “Daddy…” I wined as I heard my bedroom door open “I said get up Mika, you know I don’t like repeating myself.” He said to me “Fine I’ll be there in a bit” I huffed at him. “Good” He said and I head his foot steeps get lighter as he walked away from my door, I growled as I throw a pillow at the door, and then turned back over in bed.

After forty-five minutes I got another knock on the door “Sweetie can I come in?” Can a sweet voice and I rolled over in bed and let out a sigh “Yea mom you came in.” I said to her and I heard the door open, and she walked into the room and shut the door behind her. The smell of bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, and fruit came into my nose as walked in “I brought you breakfast.” She said smiling as I set up in bed “Your dad told me not too, but I was plaining on in because I know what you are going through.” She said and I looked at her as I set the tray on my lap “What do you mean mom?” I ask her “Well I was twenty when me and your dad meet.” She said to and there was a flash of saddened on her face but it left as fast as it came. “Your father is my second chance mate, because my true mate was from the neighing pack, and when my pack went to help with a rouge attack he got killed, and that was when I was seventeen years old. So I had to wait three years to meet your father.” She said to me as she took a piece of watermelon and ate it “I didn’t know that mom.” I said to her “I don’t like to talk about it.” She said to me as she kissed the top of my head “Now you eat up, and bring that down when you get done.” She said as she got up off my bed and headed for the door “Hey mom” She turned to me “Yea sweetie” “Thanks for telling me that mom” I said smiling “Your welcome dear, just don’t give up on finding your mate.” She as she walked out of my room.

My phone started to play ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC and I let out a sigh as I picked up the phone “What is it ass butt?” I ask my pain in the ass older brother “Ass butt?” He sounded confused “Yes ass butt, now what do you want?” I ask again and he let out a sigh “You wasn’t at training this morning, dad is pissed off.” He said to me “And this is something you couldn’t mind link me about” “I tried but have your yearly block up.” He said to me and I just hung up on him, I was not in the mood to deal with shit. My older brother is just like my dad they both can get mad, and I know he mad at me and I don’t care at all.

Around ten in the morning I through the covers off of my body and put my feet in the floor ‘I want to find my mate’ I thought ‘so do I’ said my wolf Spirit. We both longed to be with our other half and it was hard to watch my brother and his mate be happy while I hadn’t found my mate yet.

Oh my moon goddess I can’t believe I have forgot to tell you who I am, I’m so sorry about that. First off my name is Mika, I’m a she-wolf my pack is called The Shadow Rose Pack. The pack is in Austin, Texas well to be more precise the pack is only one in Austin, Texas so that is cool. Well I’m twenty-five years old, I am five foot and nine inches tall, and I weigh a hundred and sixty pounds. I have sugar cane blonde hair that goes a little past my shoulder blades, and ocean blue eyes. Also I’m the only daughter of the Beta and I’m the youngest child also, which is a pain. My wolf’s name is Max she is so pretty and she very fast. She is six foot tall and that is tall for a Beta female. Her fur color is sun kissed blond and the tip of her tail is chocolate brown which is so odd for any werewolf but she rocks it, then her eyes are a baby blue color.

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