Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 9.5 | Special

The game was going to start in about an hour. Just before, the team welcomed their opponents in the stadium lobby as they had arrived in a single bus from their hotel. Meeting them was pleasant, and they all seemed to be pleasant people. The heat that was going to be felt an hour from now hasn’t appeared yet.

They all gathered to their separate locker rooms and got changed into their team uniforms. It was quiet while they did so. The silence only vanished when most of the members were putting on their shoes, deciding to open up to talk about the other team.

“They look kind of strong, huh?”

“Not really, we’re about the same as them.”

“Their midfielder is pretty popular”

“is it cause’ of his looks? I saw him a while ago and honestly, I’d be gay for that man.”

“Shut up, Kit.”

“Nah, he’s actually said to be strong.”

“He should probably be one of the ones we should look out for.”

In that moment, the coach entered the room in big strides. Wearing his competitive team jacket and his all-time favorite game-day brown khaki pants. The team instinctively looked over to his entrance and greeted him casually.

“Well, Today’s another game day. I expect you all to use this opportunity to really see your faults, improve your skills, and try out new things in today’s game. Though we all know it’s a practice match, your spirits of competitiveness must never escape your minds, so I expect you all to still do your best. Learn new things about yourselves and you opponents, don’t forget, we’ll still be facing them in the upcoming big tournament.”

The team manager suddenly enters the room and announced, ” The other team’s already out, we should go now too.”

“Come on guys, let’s go warm up!” The team captain, Brice, shouted. A couple loud yells of determinations and others just of sheer excitement reciprocated it.

Together, they all head out. From the wooden doors of the locker rooms til the steel gates of the stadium’s center. As soon as their team came to the audience’s view, the crowd rambled. Screams and cheers surrounded the outer ring of the stadium. Though it wasn’t full, it was still a sizable amount.

“I never expected this much people would see a practice match.”

“The seats are free today, what do you expect?”

“You’re right.”

They placed their stuff on the benches reserved for them, the water bottles, the towels, and the charms others have. With a casual tug from Brice, the team slowly headed off in groups to start warm-ups on their specific sides of the court. The other team also started as well when they had done so. Seeing the two slowly getting into action garnered more cheers from the audience. It was even surprising to see even supporters of The Kiwis, New Zealand’s team, even came to cheer for a simple practice match.

With the time for warm-up done, the team huddled for last instructions,

“Just do your best boys.” The coach says. But it was enough to rile the group up, placing their heads together in a circle beside the benches and arms on each other’s shoulders. They moved together and shouted,

“We believe that we will win!”

The same day, Elizabeth fiddled with her phone as she laid in bed. She had done herself well by getting up late that morning, for it was almost noon. She was happy because last night she had done some good progress for the rewriting of her novel, building up a new and good introduction for the edited plot. She was happy with it and laid off her work, though it was Monday. It was only right for working herself off during the weekends.

Scrolling her phone felt like a good thing to do, checking her emails, laughing at the craziness of social media, and downloading new games to try out. She explored the small device some more, which made time seem to move so fast. After a while, she wandered off to her contact list, looking for someone to talk to. There she settled on the new name in her contacts. Oh yeah, I could bother Hayden for now. With that she sent a simple message to the new number,


/Who is this?/

She saw the reply and wondered why he would ask such a thing. After thinking about it, she remembered how Hayden added his number onto her phone rather than exchanging them. She laughed at the thought of all the jokes she could try to pull off on his number since he didn’t know it was her. Elizabeth then settled with the person on her mind,

/Willy Wonka./


Elizabeth was having fun with it all so she went with the flow and replied,

/You (Hayden Wright) won the golden ticket! Congratulations!/

/Stop... Who is this?/

Elizabeth laughed as she saw Hayden’s confused reply.


On the other side, Hayden stopped kneading dough at the kitchen to look into the suspicious text messages he had been receiving. How would someone he didn’t know get his personal phone number?, he thought. This wouldn’t be any of his employees or his customers because he all gave them his business number. He thought it might just be a scam message, but it would be a weird choice for a scam story.

Hayden recalled all that happened these past few days. While doing so, another message arrived.

/Thank you for spreading the love of sweets to the world fellow pastry chef! May the god of sweets bless you./

Now it was getting more and more out of context. There he had realized this person knew he owned a cafe. The person he expected to receive a text message from came to his mind.

If El wanted to dance, he would accompany her, he thought, already knowing the culprit.

/How do I get the ticket from you, Mr. Wonka, and when should I go to the factory?/

He playfully replied. After a few minutes, a reply from Elizabeth hadn’t appeared, and he started worrying if this really was a person he knew. But he couldn’t back out from the game now, he thought.

/Mr. Wonka, I’m so excited./

/Hayden, it’s me, Elizabeth./

Hayden laughed seeing her serious answer but continued,

/Where’s my ticket!!!!/

/Stop it, you’re scaring me./


/Sorry, I’ll delete this number./

/Wait, El. I was messing w u... HAHAHA/

/whew, I’m never texting u again./

/U started it./

/Goodbye! A-A Handsome Face./


With Hayden’s final message, Elizabeth hadn’t replied after. He continued to laugh at their brief exchange and smiled to himself as he added the number in his own contact list.

/El Wonka/

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