Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 11 | Megan's Excitement

The sunlight seeped in the cracks of Elizabeth’s thin curtains, yet the comfort of her room never let the heat inside. She got up to withdraw both her turquoise curtains to their sides to let the bright light fully enter. It opened up the day well, making her feel more energized as she just had woken up.

Elizabeth cherished the morning. Making her bed for the first time in a hundred years, finally eating an early breakfast, and somehow started work sooner than usual. Sitting on her usual vanity seat, it was comfortable.

The day’s beginning had helped Elizabeth think and write faster with a focused mind. She was happy that she was getting this much progress done, and her momentum wasn’t stopping yet.

Time passed by quickly. A knock suddenly sounded from her front door. She didn’t hear it at first, but caught the sound the second time it came around since it was louder than the one before. Elizabeth got up from her seat and heard the knocks that didn’t seem to stop.

“Wait! I’m coming!” Elizabeth shouted to the door as she approached it.

The knocking finally stopped as she said so. She then opened it and saw the face of her friend, Megan, appear into view.

” Elizi!!” She screamed as soon as it opened and ran in to Elizabeth’s figure, squeezing her into a tight hug. “I haven’t seen you in so long!“.

Elizabeth avoided to argue that not that long, but she still hugged her friend in return.

“Stop with those weird nicknames.”

“Okay, Zibs.”

“Meg, cutting off a part of my name doesn’t always make respond. ”

“You just did.” Megan smiled as she let go and invited herself to the couch before her. Elizabeth sighed and made her way to the tiny kitchen right beside the living room,

“Water or juice?” She asked Megan.

“Water, please!”

Elizabeth prepared just two glasses of cold water from her fridge before making her way over to her friends. She placed the drinks on the coffee table and sat on one of the separate chairs across from her best friend.

“What’s up?”

“I’m so happy for you!” Megan dramatically exclaimed as she wiped the imaginary tears from her eyes.

Elizabeth who was actually confused asked, ” What are you talking about?”

“My baby El grew up.”


” You were actually with a guy that late at night! Yieeeeee!” She squealed, moving herself closer to where Elizabeth sat.

She face-palmed at the words coming out of her friend’s mouth, “Quit running to conclusions, you do know I have no interest and the fact that he literally runs a bar that closes at what? 3 A. M?” She answered.

“El, I’ve seen Hayden when we were younger and just recently stalked him, do you just ignore the hot man in front of you?!” She loudly pointed out, ” Honestly El, sometimes I believe that you’re actually gay inside.”

“Megan, I’m not. Just probably not interested.” She answered.

“But El, you’re wasting him.” Megan whined.

“Haha, he’s not some... thing to waste Meg, and we’re friends.”

“I envy you.” Megan answered, ” Girl, you haven’t been a relationship in like... forever. You deny every single man who confesses to you, and I actually can’t believe how you control your hormones like that.”

“You already know the reason, Meg. And besides, I’m busy finding another contract and don’t have any time for that BS.”

She didn’t want to talk about the topic, and Megan got the hint from her reply. Though she stopped talking about Elizabeth’s denials, she couldn’t let go of the topic on why she met Hayden last night.

Megan couldn’t sleep the night before and texted her friend Elizabeth to talk about anything because she was bored. Megan laid on her bed and turned on her phone, ignoring the bright light that hurt her eyes as she opened it up.

She believed her friend would still be up at a time like this because she knew she was keen on the work she was trying to complete at the moment. It was all going to be casual, but at the moment Megan knew where she exactly was. She couldn’t believe it.

She didn’t want to hinder some sort of moment they might be having at the moment, so she quickly bid the confused Elizabeth goodbye. Though she didn’t attain her goal in having a somewhat fun conversation that night, she was hell bent to listen to the details tomorrow. And that reason was enough for the active Megan to force herself to close her eyes and retire for the night.

The next day, she woke up early as usual, but today was different. She didn’t plan to spend all day in her office. At that moment, she didn’t care about going to work on an empty stomach but was focused on finishing what she had to do to go visit Elizabeth’s earlier in the afternoon or better, in the morning.

She was just so pumped that in the many years she had been friends with her, she actually hung out with someone other than her! It was a guy, no less. And it even was her old schoolmate, Hayden!

Elizabeth mentioned him to her the first time they met again, but she didn’t really care for it at all that time. Remembering the figure of the energetic boy that followed Elizabeth wherever she went. She wasn’t really that close with Elizabeth at that time, but almost always saw the two of them together on campus. But after being dorm mates in college, she recalled the familiar face and quickly clicked together.

The time when Elizabeth called her lesser than usual, she was a bit suspicious. She called back then and found out she was spending more time at “Brick”, which meant seeing Hayden more. She knew that her friend went there purely to chat with a friend, eat good food, and drink good coffee, which was who Elizabeth was, a very invested in friendship kinda’ gal.

She was curious to see how Hayden grew up over the years and tried to search him up online. Wondering what the boy back then looked like now, curious who was spending time with Elizabeth almost more than her right now. And it was what Megan was best at. The moment she saw the familiar face and name on social media, it shocked her.

Elizabeth was spending her time with this Adonis!

It surprised Megan at how well he grew up and how lucky her best friend was right now. After a few more days, she forgot all about the pair and invested more time in her work. She was sometimes reminded as she looked over her designs and thought, he would surely look great in my designs. I could hire him as a model. But other than that, she didn’t mind them, knowing how Elizabeth was.

The time she knew they were together that late hour, she thought that for the first time in Megan’s life, she would finally get to have some form of girl talk with Elizabeth that’s not about her!

Megan entered the office in a simple shirt and a pair of jeans. It shocked the staff seeing their boss for the first time in overly average casual attire. Not the business outfits she always wore, nor the casual attires that were fit for the runway. Her hair wasn’t done in any form and she wore no jewelry. Yet she confidently strode in and directly asked for her schedule, which was unusual because it wasn’t usually done as soon as she walked in the building.

“Cancel everything for today! Move them to other dates.” She quickly answered as she weighed out the meetings to be not-so-important right now.

She arrived in her office and moved right away to the pile of files on one side of her desk. Skimming through the pages as she reviewed the countless plans for her approval. She had done all her work in a mere four hours, which was faster than all the times she had finished worked.

The moment she did, she exited her office and shot up to her secretary to say, ” Handle everything from now on, I’ll take appointments tomorrow. Photocopy the contracts on my desk and send one to our clients. I gotta go first today.”

Her secretary was shocked at the amount of work to be done today, which was more than usual. There was no other way as she simply responded with an,

“Okay. ”

This was when Megan zoomed off to Elizabeth’s apartment, almost driving more than the speed limit. Knocking at her door and hugging her friend like squeezing a stress ball. Which was why she couldn’t bring down the topic about Hayden.

” El! I ended work early for you, so can you just this once indulge me.”

Elizabeth, who was slightly guilty for her friend’s circumstances, answered with, ” Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“I told you girl, Hayden! Why were you there late at night? What did you talk about? Did you do anything? Did you drink with him? What happened-”

“I get it. Slow down the whys, I’ll tell you everything.”

“Yay, finally. Give me the deets right away.” Megan’s eyes sparkled at the idea of continuing on this conversation, focusing herself completely to Elizabeth right now.

“Well, I just went there to get a drink and have a little chat since I was staying up doing work. A break seemed like a pleasant idea at the moment and doing it alone was going to be lonely. You live too far for me too meet last night and Brick was very near. Remembering the time they closed, I just hung out there for a moment.” Elizabeth simply answered casually and continued,” I was going to continue work after that, but Hayden told me to go to sleep as I arrived so I did just that. ”

” Awwww... ”

” What’s to ‘awwww’ about? ”

“He cares!”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at Megan’s reaction. Megan then said, ” Anything else happened?”

“Oh, he invited me to buy some stuff for the cafe, but I think it isn’t really relevant.”

“Ah, here they are. The juice I crave, the tea to be spilled, the corn of the crop-”


“It’s totes a date El.”

“No, it isn’t, I’m just helping him. And can you not say ‘totes’ ever again?”

“Yieeee! Today, we’re gonna’ find you some clothes!” Megan jumped up as she squealed.

“No, you don’t really have to do that.”

“We must!” Megan seriously said, grabbing Elizabeth’s hands together in determination.

Elizabeth’s phone suddenly pops out a ding. It was clearly visible on the coffee table and there, Megan noticed the unusual text message named under the contact,

“AA Handsome face?”

She got to Elizabeth’s phone first and opened it up, knowing the password. “Ohh! Is this Hayden? This is so cute right now.” She exclaimed as she scanned the message.

“It seemed like he sent you the location for... This Saturday! It’s this Saturday?”

Elizabeth grabbed her own phone from Megan’s hands and saw the text,

/Meet me in front of Brick. 11 A. M. See you ;)/

“We must start finding clothes right now. We’re not going into your closet for this, so come with me.” Megan grabbed a hold of Elizabeth’s hand and made way to the parking lot,

“Meg, I got work to do.”

“You’ve been doing that these past few days. You deserve a break.”

And together they drove to Megan’s house. There the two girls spent the remaining of the day looking for clothes. Megan matching them up in excitement and Elizabeth trying them on with no chance of complaining.

Megan had the best time and was happy finally getting to help her friend with some sort of love interest.

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