Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 12 | Shopping Spree

Saturday arrived quickly, and Elizabeth couldn’t bother to get out of bed early. The bed was too comforting to her touch, and drowning in it seemed like the best idea at the moment. It felt like clouds, slowly lifting her up to the heavens called ‘another power-nap’.

This flight to deep sleep was peaceful, but crashed when the sound of the ringing phone on her bedside table blew up. Her dream land was then encircled in flames, and there she was forced to sit up and pick up the annoying phone.

“What is it?” Elizabeth said with a low voice.

“Woah, you sound grumpy, Wonka just woke up?”

“Hayden? What time is it?” She asked as she realized who she was talking to.

“It’s 9:30 A. M, you’re still good.”

“Good for what?”

“You seriously forgot, didn’t you?” Hayden’s sigh sounded through the line as he continued, ” We’re meeting at 11, right?” He sarcastically asked.

“Oh, right...” Elizabeth said in realization, ” I didn’t forget, I’m just a bit out of it. ”

“It’s good I called then, or you would’ve slept til noon. Haha” Elizabeth felt guilty hearing that line, knowing fully well she would’ve had done so and be late.

“It’s fine, there’s still time. I’m also still manning the shop so that there will be no problems when I leave.”

“Mhmm, I’ll hang up now.” She said.

“Alright, don’t forget about it. I hate being stood up. Hahaha”

“And you seriously think I’m the type to do that? See you later. ” Elizabeth replied before hanging up the phone completely, not waiting for Hayden’s reply.

Elizabeth was slowly getting energized, so she started with a shower to open up her day. The cold water hitting her warm skin was refreshing and woke her right up. She then headed to her closet to see Megan’s specifically chosen outfit hanged together. Complete with a note that said,

“Wear this or else.” Threatening.

She had seen this note the next day after they had finished choosing the outfit. She didn’t bother to remove it back then, but looking at it now that the time has finally come. She could somehow hear Megan’s voice as she read the sticky note, which scared her a bit.

What if I don’t? She mentally replied.

She then sighed and took out the outfit. She planned on wearing it. Despite it being Megan’s pick, it was very casual. First, she had suggested something completely out of mind, an outfit fit for a stage presentation. But after a few more hours arguing and forcing Megan to tone it down a bit, her over the top style came down to the set it front of her.

It was normal high-waist jeans, which Megan reminded her time and time again to wear her vans with, and Megan’s small dark leather sling back. The only thing hard to swallow was the white off shoulder top it came with. Elizabeth rarely ever wears these kinds of blouses, but she couldn’t do her best friend dirty and not wear it. It was fine cause it looked casual, but if she were to choose, she would go in a simple t-shirt any day.

She dried her hair before putting on the clothes. She didn’t look bad; she thought. It was just a casual get together anyway, so Elizabeth didn’t really seem to wear what she wore, she just didn’t want to waste her best friend’s efforts.

She fixed her hair into a simple ponytail and applied just a bit of makeup before starting to head out. By the time she was done, it was already 10:45 A. M; it was a great time to head out.

From time to time, Hayden would look at the single window that showed the view of the street in front of the cafe. When he glimpsed of Elizabeth’s hair at the view’s corner, he quickly took off his apron and handed it over to the first employee he could see.

They already knew he was going out today, so they didn’t really bother. They were just curious about who their boss was intent of going with. So most of them unknowingly also placed their sights on the same window. They caught sight of a pretty lady in front of the shop and admired her, but when they noticed that that figure was the one their boss was waiting for. All of them congratulated him internally for being blessed with such a beautiful woman.

“Good Luck Boss.” The employee said as he was handed over the apron in a soft voice. Hayden turned to him and showed confusion after hearing his words. The employee continued cheering him on in such a soft voice repetitively.

On the inside, they were happy to finally see their boss working towards love and not spending most of his time in the shop, in multiple shifts of mostly the entire day. Just like proud parents cheering on their child as they finally explore the world.

Hayden quickly exited the cafe, the door chime rang. This sound got Elizabeth’s attention. They saw each other and Elizabeth said a quick,

“Hey.” Hayden looked over at Elizabeth as realized it was probably the first time he saw her dress up in another style rather than the usual sweatpants or the business attire he saw her in whenever she visited the shop.

“Hey, you look... nice.” No, that wasn’t what I wanted to say. God, why am I so nervous, Hayden thought.

Elizabeth laughed at the awkward remark and casually replied, “You don’t look to bad yourself.” Seeing him in dark blue pants paired with a white button down, “Why’d’you dress up so differently, we’re just going to go buy some stuff.”

“I could ask the same thing.” Hayden said visibly scanning his eyes up and down.

“Can you stop being a creep? Meg forced me to.”

Elizabeth tried to cover herself with her hands and Hayden laughed at the sight before dragging her to move forward while saying, “Let’s go eat lunch first.”

Elizabeth agreed, but pulled her arms out of Hayden’s grasp before walking beside him.

The two went to a simple restaurant nearby to get lunch. They talked and talked away as they ate their good meals. Time passed by quickly for the friends and after they finished they head to an antique shop, a couple blocks away that Hayden found out about online.

The shop was small, but it was full. Filled with different things that could do well for the cafe.

“This is a nice place.” Elizabeth exclaimed as they walked in the tiny space.

There were a variety of decors they could get out of this place. A couple working clocks that looked vintage. Paintings and mini sculptures that would do well. Elizabeth thought Hayden picked a nice place to choose from. The old decors they would fit the moody vibe from the shop.

“Do you want your cafe to look haunted?′ She sarcastically asked, imagining the dark atmosphere with antiques placed around.

“How’d’you know?” Hayden sarcastically exclaimed, Elizabeth gave him a look of contempt before he continued with, ” I just like the look of antiques.”

They started looking around the shop. Nobody was in except the old man manning the counter. He said nothing when they came in and focused on reading the newspaper in his hand.

Even though it was an antique shop, everything was clean and sparkling. It was also filled with retro and vintage items. It was more like a mix of the past than old, dusty, broken products. Elizabeth had a lot of fun checking out the different things they had offered. A couple of cherubim statues, old bookshelves, and paintings. Hayden was also looking around, yet he still kept his eyes on Elizabeth, happy how she admired the pieces she walked by.

She stumbled on different pots and small sculptures that would look great in the shop and held them in hand, moving towards Hayden to show him.

But in her journey where he was, she found a small table football that had big pegs for people in different colors, framed with beautiful dark wood.

“Hayden, come look at this.” With this, Hayden fully turned to her and went closer.

“I found these little statues that would look good in shelves next to plants. And look at this football table.” Hayden scanned the items in her hand before fully admiring the table.

“Yeah, these look great.”

Soon after, they bought the items including the table and Hayden carried them as they exited the small shop.

“We should buy plastic plants.”


“Don’t kid me, I know you’re too lazy to look after them. It would be better so they’d never die.”

The both of them found another shop and Elizabeth found a couple of plants that would look good and Hayden bought them, knowing Elizabeth’s good judgement. She selected two potted plants and hanging vines for the ceiling. She was happy in her picks and the two headed to the park to rest.

They sat on a bench underneath a large tree. They could hear birds chirping all around, the sounds of children’s laughter, and they could feel the warm breeze getting to them.

” Do you want to take home the football table?” Hayden asked.

“No, you take it, I know you like it.”

“Don’t you?”

“I do, but I don’t have any space and I don’t want to accept a gift.”

“You sure?”

“Of course.” Elizabeth confidently answered before opening up another topic with, ” Say Hayden, do you still play soccer? I remember you used to do all kinds of things, but you do soccer most of the time.”

“I do, sometimes. I just enjoy it. I never knew you were one for that sport.”

“I enjoy watching it cause’ it’s one of the few sports I fully understand.” Hayden laughed at the reply, ” Even though I don’t know how to play. I’ve been watching it ever since I was a child. My brother did soccer for a while, my cousin did too, an old friend loved the sport, and you.”

“Hmm. Oh! Speaking about it, I met a famous player a couple days ago.”

“You better not be kidding me.”

“Yeah, he was nice and invited me to play sometimes.”

“Good for you. I don’t really mind the players, so I probably won’t know who he is.”

“You probably do, but well, it was a nice meeting.”

Hayden said, placing his arms on the back of his head. ” We should head home soon, it’s getting dark.” Elizabeth said.

“Yeah sure, I’ll walk you there.” Hayden said before enthusiastically standing up.

“Oh, no need really.” She said, waving her hands in denial.

“No, I must, I shouldn’t let a little lady go home by herself, should I?”

“Never call me that again.” Elizabeth said, pointing at him before standing up herself. Starting to walk on her own, Hayden followed behind her.

“I insist.”

“Ahh, what’s with you and insisting?” She sarcastically retorted back.

Hayden laughed at her reply before moving forward to walk beside her. Doing his best to smile at her in plead, “Okay! Okay... Stop doing that face.” Elizabeth said.

“You like my face.”

“Yeah, I do.” She casually said back. Hayden is stunned by her reply, but after hearing her laughter he regained his senses and walked her to the bus stop that would be her ride home.

Right there, Hayden’s day-off ended.

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