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Chapter 20 | Bowls Before Interviews

Elizabeth packed her soiled clothes in a tote bag she so conveniently brought. Michelle’s clothes fitted her. Mark gave her a pair of sweatpants and a clean white shirt. It was still morning and though she was excited about the meeting this afternoon. The hangover feelings still hadn’t subsided.

Taking up on Mark’s offer, she set her alarm to wake her up again at 11 A. M. That way, she had about two hours to rest. She laid herself again on the comfy bed and let herself to sleep, not bothering to wrap herself in the blankets.

Mark stayed in the living room after setting Elizabeth to relax. He thought about how funny she looked, as he saw a blush creeping on her cheeks when she saw him finish his shower. It was also technically his fault for coming out like that; he didn’t know she would be there. It was cute for her to be so embarrassed in front of him.

He headed to his room after little thought. As he passed by the room where Elizabeth was in, he could faintly hear her talk through the thin walls.

He thought she would insist on going after she washed and called for a friend or something, but a few minutes after, it relieved him how she didn’t exit the room.

She really needed the rest.

That night, Mark didn’t get drunk. He had a great alcohol endurance, and he tried to limit himself that night. It really surprised him to meet Elizabeth again, and he wanted to talk with her, sober. Though she was drunk, it was fun. They got to remember what they did as a child and laughed together. It’s good he met her again.

Mark looked through his phone as he slammed himself down on his soft bed and smiled. Remembering El’s presence in the room beside him. He scrolled through his social media. Slowly, the scrolling became repetitive and the phone’s lights were making him tired.

Normally, he wouldn’t let himself nap during the mornings, but today the day-off seemed calming. So he agreed to his desires and closed his now tired eyes. Remembering in the back of his head to wake up after an hour to grab brunch.

Elizabeth woke up as soon as her alarm rang, the annoying sound ringing in her ears. She immediately grabbed her phone beside her and started to aggressively tap on its snooze button. She sighed as the noise finally stopped, and then turned the alarm off.

She saw it was already 11 A. M as she wanted it to be. So she got her tote bag and decided that now was the time to leave. She didn’t feel disgusting anymore. Her head didn’t ache and the nausea never acted again. So she made the bed and exited the room, making it as clean as it probably was when Mark brought her here.

She looked around the house for Mark’s presence, planning to say goodbye before she left, thinking it would be rude if she didn’t. She walked back and forth in the house but couldn’t seem to find him. The last room she thought she’d check was the room which was probably his.

She knocked at the door, just in case he would actually be in there. After a few knocks, nobody seemed to answer, so she just cracked the door to see its interior, whether Mark was there.

She peeked through the small opening. The first thing that caught her eye was the room’s tidiness and how homey it felt inside. Finally, she saw Mark’s figure resting on the bed and she smiled, seeing him rest well.

In the back of her mind, she planned to leave a note on one of the living room tables instead, not wanting to break his rest. But before she could head out the room again, she accidentally let go of the metal door knob because of her sweaty palms at the same time the wind gushes through the window across it from the inside, slamming it loudly.

Elizabeth was shocked by the loud noise. She then giggled at her surprise and calmed herself down, leaning against the wall beside the wooden door.

The same sound made Mark jump out of his bed to see what was going on. He immediately stood up to see what happened to his door. He opened the door to see Elizabeth beside it, her hand on her chest, calming herself.

“Are you okay now?” Mark asked.

Elizabeth surprised to see the out of bed figure. She felt a bit guilty. “Oh Gosh, I woke you up, didn’t I? Ugh.. I didn’t mean for the door to do that.” She looked to the ground and mentally scolded herself for letting go.

Mark laughed at Elizabeth, ” Hahaha, it’s alright. I planned to wake up a bit earlier than this, so thanks for waking me up.”

As Mark said this, she marveled at his husky, smooth voice. Elizabeth turned to him and finally got a good look at his face. His frizzy, bed hair made him look cute with his squinting eyes, probably fighting the urge to sleep again. His dimples showed themselves to her as he laughed and his smile was just addicting, going very well with the harsh handsome angles of his face.

“I was planning to tell you, I have to go, I’ve got an appointment this afternoon and I’ve gotta’ go back to mine to prepare for it.”

“Aren’t you hungry?”


“We haven’t had breakfast you know? Let’s go eat out together, then I’ll drive you back to your place.”

Elizabeth thought about the offer. And she remembered how she had to think about all her decisions while she rested at Mark’s and laughed, how she agreed to probably all of them. So this time, she just laughed to herself and directly agreed. Also, thinking she direly needed food.

The two stopped by a small restaurant in the city Mark had recommended since it catered to his athlete needs in a very good manner and served other food he knew Elizabeth would like. Praising its meals and service while they were driving, Elizabeth was convinced it was as good as Mark said by the time they got there.

Elizabeth chose a dish that was called a ‘smoked fish breakfast bowl’ and it tasted as good as it sounded. It was a heavenly brunch for her. Mark’s order was really interesting as well, a grilled chicken dish with a side of delicate scrambled eggs. It was as good as Mark had bragged about.

“So what’s the appointment this afternoon?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious...”

“It’s like a job interview for this popular magazine.”

“Oh, you’re actually doing writing for a living now. Well, good luck with later. Hope you’ll get the job.”

“It’s an excellent opportunity I got from my friend and they’re so desperate for a writer, so I’m confident I’ll get it. Thanks for the luck, I’ll still need it.”

“Haah, it’s good they need a writer as you go into this...”

“Why do you say that?”

“It’s the only hope you’ll surely be grabbing that job while hungover.”

Elizabeth laughed as he mentioned her circumstances today. “Don’t worry. The feelings already died down.”

Mark paid for their meal while she strongly rejected and insisted she’d pay her half. But she couldn’t seem to argue. So she gave up insisting and instead suggested paying the next time they eat out together. Saying she wanted to thank him for his accommodations while she was drunk. It was more like she promised to do so. He laughed it out and said he’ll think about it.

They quickly finished their meal, and Mark did what he had planned. He drove her home with the directions she had pointed out along the way as soon as she caught sight of a familiar street. It surprised him her home was an apartment complex in a small building, which he thought actually suited her well.

“Thanks for driving me.” She said as they arrived in front of the venue.

“It’s no problem.”

“I’ll wash your sister’s clothes and return them the next time we meet.”

“Why don’t I take you up on your offer from a while ago? Can I get your number El?” He purely asked as he whisked out his phone in front of her, smiling as he did so.

She blushed at the sudden words before proceeding to type her own number into his phone. He then clicked the save button and said, “And saved... Thanks, I’ll call you when I decide when you can thank me. Just bring me my sister’s clothes by then.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.” She nervously answered. As she quickly opened the car door and got out herself. “Thanks for the ride.” she smiled.

He smiled back as he said, “Be sure to check your phone.” As he waved his own phone in the air.

She muttered a small goodbye before calmly closing the car door and headed to the building’s opening. She turned back to see if he left, but he hadn’t and instead waved as she looked back. Satisfied, she went into her apartment and sighed as the door closed. She could hear the engines turning from the outside. There she was certain he had left.

The meeting that afternoon was very casual. They held it in one of the company’s private cafe corners in a small glass room, canceling out all the other noise the cafe produced. She met with two company executives representing the editor who obviously hadn’t had anytime to meet with her.

She dressed herself up well for that afternoon, so Elizabeth went into the whole thing looking chic yet classy. The aura she brought surprised the executives, who arrived a bit earlier than scheduled. Thinking in the back of their minds that she was some hotshot writer with the skills that CEO mentioned before.

But when they talked, they saw she wasn’t a show-off after all. She had a very pleasant personality. They were attracted to her wittiness as they asked about her opinion about the different topics these days.

They needed a writer, so it wasn’t at all like a job interview, but they would not settle for less. The magazine was named A Daily Dose of Life. It was a casual news magazine that featured important events in a month and people’s opinions about it.

Some articles showed off some tips and tricks, and some showed a bit of Q&A. Other things they featured in their magazine was a hip page called Class, where they would talk about a certain topic in the eye of that area’s professional.

The problem they had with the upcoming months was that too many of their writers on-hand were caught up in a ‘Class’ that might not finish very early because it was one about sustainable living. So now their writers were planting on farms and eating what they grew for the next couple of months while they panic on whose going to fill in their spots.

“So what made you decide to meet up with us?” They asked.

“I think working for a famous subscription-based magazine would be great to improve myself in writing. I’ve always loved working to cover specific topics and I believe this is a chance for me to do what I love.” Elizabeth relaxed even more as that answer spurted out of her mouth, thinking it was a good one.

“That’s great Miss Lane. I, too, believe that you’ll be a brilliant partner with our magazine these upcoming months.”

“So I’m in?” She excitedly asked.

“Of course!” One executive said as the other added, ” We need someone new in the sports section, they’ve been losing members and its almost time for the series of games leading to the world cup.”

“Oh, I love to be a part of that.” Elizabeth enthusiastically answered as she heard she would actually write about something she loved watching.

“We’ll be employing you for a couple of months til the soccer season ends. After that, your performance will tell us if we want you to go on work or you yourself would want to continue working for us.”


“Deal.” Elizabeth said as she shook her hand with each one of them. She was finally successful in finding some sort of other job to support her hobby while it being actually something she enjoyed writing about.

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