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Chapter 21 | Jobs and Plans

Elizabeth walked out of the building with a smile. Finally, she did something successful this week. At first, she didn’t want to commit to another job other than writing her novel, but after realizing that every time she bought something she was super conscious of her account book. The moment Megan told her about it, and it was one of those jobs that would probably be good to her writing career, she couldn’t say no!

Her very own bedroom was a calming sight to see. Now that the day was done, it really was best to be at the place you know best. For the first time since this afternoon, Elizabeth opened her phone. She sat down on the small sofa and laid her feet on the coffee table in front of her, not yet bothering to change out of her formal wear.

There in her phone she received two messages: Hayden asking if she had gotten home alright and Megan asking her if she landed the job, which was sent fairly recently.

She had first replied to Hayden’s message with a simple,

/I got home alright, don’t worry :)/

As for Megan’s message, she wanted to talk to her about what had just happened and thank her for the chance, so she then called her.

The ringing started and almost right away Megan picked up forwardly saying,

“So, How was it El?”

“It went great Meg! I got the job!”

“Hmm, what did I tell ya’ You did it El! Although, I gave them some pretty good praises on the side.”

Elizabeth giggled at Megan’s words, directly giving in with saying, ” True, Meg, you really helped me a lot by saying I was ‘well-versed’. Hahaha, really Meg, thank you so much.”

“Aww it’s no biggie El. And you are an amazing writer! I was only stating the truth.” The two girls laughed at the conversation. “Also, before I forget. How was the game you watched with Hayden yesterday?”

“Oh... About that...” Elizabeth thought whether she should tell her the entire ordeal about meeting Mark and all.

“Hmm, something did happen! What is it? Tell me right now.”

“It’s a long stor-”

“I have a lot of time! Don’t worry.”

It seemed like she truly wanted to know what happened, and maybe telling Megan about the situation would help her think better about Mark with Meg’s honest opinions.

In that call, she told Megan everything. From the time she saw Mark from the stands until the part he took her out for lunch after she battled her harsh hangover. She explained every moment in great detail. Megan was immersed listening to every word, she simply could not believe it!

“How? What? Elizabeth! I don’t believe you, no.. I can’t believe you. Everything is too good to be true to be a coincidence!”

“That’s just the thing, Meg, it is! I never knew Mark was actually a famous athlete.

“I don’t know if I were to say its lucky, meeting again, or dreadful.”

“I don’t know what to feel about it either, Meg. Well, after all that, I say he’s still as nice as before, not including the fact that he ignored me without a word.”

“El... do you still like him?”

“What! pff- Why do you say that? Of course not! That was such a long time ago... And after what he did? Wha- I would never.”

“No, no... As a friend I mean?”

“Oh... I suppose he’s a good friend to have.”

“Well, that solves it then!”

“What! How?”

“You should do what you decided on last night and forget about what he did to you back then, try to befriend him once again. You would never be with him romantically anyway, so it’s all fine.

Elizabeth thought about it and almost laughed at the fact Megan had also thought this way was better, friendship. She momentarily smiled and then answered, “Yep, I think that’s good too.”

Megan seemed satisfied with her advice. She looked at the watch on her hand and the papers piled up on her desk and figured she could do it all tomorrow. She never dropped the call then and continued to ask,

“How bout’ Hayden? What was he like yesterday?” She was more interested in this topic and waited eagerly for Elizabeth to answer.

Soon after, the normal phone call turned into a torture for the poor Elizabeth as Megan Wells continued to tease her best friend into the idea of love.

A few weeks later, Elizabeth is fully immersed in her new job. She comes into the office every day and slowly but surely fits into the busy atmosphere she had never experienced before. At first they tested her skills in writing historical articles in the sports department. Though she expected more field jobs, she still did her work to the best of her ability.

These historical articles were then approved by the editors and soon after were in one of the first pages in the sports section since they said it was good and captivating for new readers in hopes the sports section would get much more love.

Not only work comprised her days in the new office but also fresh faces and quickly, new friends. It wasn’t hard for her to adapt to the social life of her workmates. And quickly, she was considered as a normal face in the venue.

Amazed at how much work one magazine required. Soon, she got used to the criticisms of editors and the writing advice of seniors. Then realizing that this job was one of the greatest things she had ever experienced, for in just a few weeks she was already in the top of her game, writing about grand full length sport games to be remembered in an easy to understand yet intricate language.

The day of her waiting has finally arrived. That day her senior came up to her with a folder in her hand. In the familiar action, she got up and got the folder. Elizabeth opened it up and surprised to see that it contained a project she was excited to work for. A field job! Finally.

Her senior, or you could say her boss, Tanya Lee, head of the sports section of A Daily Dose of Life, smiled her way as she saw the look on her subordinate’s face.

“It’s a great Monday isn’t it Elizabeth?” She casually asked.

“Oh, thank you Tanya. I promise you this will be one of my best yet.”

“I trust you. Give me the article by the deadline, okay?”

“Of course, as always.”

With a satisfied look, Tanya left her junior to work on the report. Remembering the cheerful look on her face, she laughed at herself for a little while before regaining her composure and heading back to work herself.

Elizabeth read the topic in hand and it seemed like she was heading off to write something about the preparation of the national soccer team for the world cup’s quarter-finals. It was going to happen in about one or two months from now.

She smiled at the memory of the team and was happy this field job was going to see her new friends again. It was good that now she was going to see them in their full training element rather than their crazy, drunk, and mostly passed out figures.

In the folder included a full copy of their schedule and a permission letter to get in while they were training and that she could talk with them for interviews. With the magazine’s reputation, she was able to secure an exclusive day to do all this, and it was going to happen two days from now. In the folder, it also mentioned that the article was going to have to be done by at maximum after three weeks. And Elizabeth thought that was more than enough time to write this article.

Two days later, Elizabeth was already on the way to the stadium where they usually trained. She had brought along with her two interns that, unlike her, were training to be employed for a long time. One of them held a recording device and a notebook for herself. The other had a small camera in hand where he could take pictures of the venue and the situation to probably be added to the page.

Though they were coming along, Elizabeth headed the team. She brought along with her a recorder of her own and a notebook full of questions that would be crucial to the writing.

Though she already knew each of them personally from that night at Brick, she was still nervous. It comprised not only the fact that they really were famous players, now that she thought about it, but also, she didn’t want to mess up her first field job.

Their van already arrived at the venue, so they got off the vehicle and proceeded to the place where the players gathered. She already called their manager beforehand that they were arriving in a few minutes to give them a heads up, so when they saw the view of the field the manager she just talked to was already waiting for them by the entrance.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you sir, I’m Elizabeth, the one you just talked with on the phone.” She took initiative and greeted first.

“Nice to meet you! I’m looking forward to the great article you’ll be writing about the boys.” Their manager, Sir Thomas Gavenport, mentioned as he shook her hand rather strongly.

They then headed over to the front benches, as he told them to wait for the coach to finish his instructions to the boys. While that happened, they started as Elizabeth imparted a couple of questions to their manger. He answered each of her questions with honesty and visible care for the team. With each answer, she smiled and figured how lucky they were to have such a nice, hard-working manager.

Just as they had finished with his interview, the coach approached the team and greeted them warmly with the friendly nature they knew him for having. Sir Philip Owen was old, yet with the interview Elizabeth had conducted for him, she could feel his love for the sport and his loyalty to the team. With each of his answers, she could hear his wise sense in the sport and the firm belief he had for the guys.

“Thank you, Sir.” she had said right after.

“No problem Missy, you ask brilliant questions. Now lemme’ call over the boys for ya’. They’d be happy to do your interview.”

“Oh no, no need for you to call them, I’ll just walk up to each of them.”

“Ahh, that’s such a tiring thing to do, it’d be great to let them answer all at once!” the coach said with great confidence. She wanted to argue, but before she could do so, the sound of his whistle already sounded loudly through the air.


Elizabeth momentarily jumped out at the sound of the loud noise beside her, as well as her other two colleagues behind her. She sighed to herself as she could then see them running towards them. One intern then said,

“Imma’ go by the back to take pictures of the team and the place.” Hearing this, she nodded in agreement.

The other person was already prepared next to her to turn on her recorder and write the important things that might come her way.

“Well, if it isn’t little Elizabeth.” Kit said as he approached.

“El, this is the job you were talking about? What a coincidence.” Mark remarked.

She smiled at the familiar people coming her way. The whole team greeted her once again with familiar smiles and personalities. It seemed like a small and awkward family reunion. Anyone is family after they see each other drunk.

“So Elizabeth, you’re actually a journalist! That’s really cool.” Brice mentioned.

“Yep, I’m here to interview you guys for the article I have to write.” She said, while trying to sound casual.

“An article! About us! Wow.” Kit exclaimed.

“We will definitely look forward to reading it.” Florence kindly told her.

She smiled and with that she told the person beside her, who was laughing a bit at their unexpected familiarity with Elizabeth, to start the recording. With utmost professionalism, altogether she asked them a few questions. They loved to take part, and each answered in some questions suited to them. And after a few more minutes, she was all done.

“El, I want to conduct a few one-on-one interviews if you don’t mind.” Her colleague said.

“Of course, go ahead.”

She then went to their coach to ask permission for the same thing, and he agreed. A few second later another whistle sounded. “Get back to practicing, other people needed by them will stay here.”

Her colleagues then approached different people, one asking questions, the other taking exclusive pictures. She stood there and decided for them to finish. Without her noticing, Mark had approached her.

“Hey El!”

“Oh, hi Mark, what’s up?”

“This is all so surprising, don’t you think?” He asked, as he scratched his head. Elizabeth nodded with a smile as she answered, “It sure is.”

“Sorry I didn’t contact you these past few weeks. I was busy with all of... this.” Mark wavered his hand to gesture to his practices.

“Don’t worry, I get it.”

“By the way, I was going to ask if you were okay if I were to claim my ‘thank you meal’ after I get off?” He cheekily asked.

With great happiness Elizabeth replied, “Sure thing.”

“We can eat at this another good place I know in the city.”

Her other workmates then motioned to her they were done with gathering data and were heading out to ride the van and go back to the company. She caught the signal and signed for them to wait for her a few more minutes more. Mark took notice of this and said to Elizabeth.

“I can call you later and we can plan it out.”

“That sounds like a great idea... I gotta’ go now, Mark.”

“Okay, have a safe trip.”

She waved him goodbye as he ran back to the field to continue his practice. Her trio greeted the coach and the manager goodbye before heading back.

As they were on their way to the company, Elizabeth thought about how fun today was.

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