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Chapter 27 | Scheming Partners

The next morning, Elizabeth almost barged herself into the quarters of the office. The flash drive she held contained the recordings of yesterday, and it convinced her she could hit the money load.

She basically almost threw bag onto her chair before directly heading towards the direction of Miss Tanya’s office. She aggressively knocked on her wooden door, excited at the news to tell.

“Come in.” Her stern voice sounded from the outside. And with this, Elizabeth entered. “Elizabeth, what do you have for me?” Tanya asked as she crossed her legs and turned towards the approaching figure.

Elizabeth sat herself down the chair in front of her desk and pulled herself closer to her boss.

“I’ve got something.” She said seriously she took out the recording from her bag and placed it on her boss’ desk.

“What’s this?”

“It’s going to be the oil mine of this month’s magazine.” Elizabeth stood up again to lock up the door behind her and then quickly shuffled to her phone, where she had downloaded the recording into a while ago. She plugged her white earphones in and offered them to her boss with a smile.

With uncertain feelings, Tanya still took on the offer, curious to see what it was. So she placed them in her ear and Elizabeth pressed play.

When they had finished, the information astonished Tanya. She could hardly process what she had just heard. It was big! And at this moment, she wanted to give her best employee, Elizabeth, a hug. “You never let me down, huh? It was great that we hired you.” She said.

She wanted to keep their meetings professional, but as the extroverted person she was, she just couldn’t help herself from standing up in shock and soon releasing a big smile, internally screaming, and doing what she had thought of. She got out of her position and gave Elizabeth a hug in happiness.

“Ahhh, El, Thank you! If this all goes well, I will never ask for that stupid letter of resignation knowing that you are a valuable addition to our magazine and not a vermin.”

Elizabeth drowned in relief and happiness as she saw the look on Tanya’s face. When she was suddenly engulfed in a hug, she knew she was going out of this room with a new air of prestige and probably a new job to partake in, so she hugged her back.

“Doping during the World Cup season?! And only we have hard evidence and knowledge, our magazine will shoot in sales!”

Elizabeth nodded in agreement. The two then calmed down and sat back down in their seats and composed themselves. Achievements in your job truly have a different level of satisfaction.

“Now, are we the only two who know about this?”

Elizabeth, once again, nodded at the question and added, “I got it as I had some... circumstances in the men’s room... But! If all goes well with this, it will truly be a hit. It will benefit our own team during the season and the upcoming sales and coverage.”

“Mhmm, the thing is with these kinds of projects, we’re going to have to be discreet. Only the two of us must know about it from now on. ”

“What are you suggesting?”

“We work on this together and find evidence. Write about the journey along the way as we report this to the FIFA and The World Doping Association.” Tanya returned the phone and Elizabeth shoved it back into her pocket as she listened intently to her words.

Tanya stood up and placed the flash drive into the safe underneath her desk while she continued,” We will start tomorrow, since I have many things planned for today. For now, research about Anabolics, its effects and whatnot, and information about this doctor Billy. I will email you the plan tonight.”

Elizabeth stood up from her chair as she replied, “Will be on it!” playfully saluting as she did so. She then exited the office after excusing herself out and headed back to her desk.

With a sigh, then a smile, she started working on what was asked of her and at this moment in her work, she truly found out how much fun it was to be a journalist and write for the good of tomorrow. She slowly realized her dream.

Elizabeth did her research on what was asked of her. She already knew Anabolic was a kind of doping drug for increasing athletic abilities, but it did not satisfy her with surface information. So she got more in depth with it with her friend on the web and found out:

Anabolic steroids work by helping the body’s muscle cells produce more protein which, as long as the athletes works out, leads to increased muscle size and strength and, also allows the body to produce more ATP, the “fuel” muscles need to move.

Which, to her, explained why they were using it even in practice matches and not just by the last game. As they work out more in games while the steroids were in their systems, they would become better overall in the quarter-finals themselves.

Elizabeth marveled at her newfound information and he was excited that, somehow, she was getting inside the mind of their “top-notch” manager, Richard.

Now, while she did her second task, it was harder than just finding definitions and information on the internet. She needed to know about this doctor, who wasn’t at all popular. Elizabeth believed looking for it would be hard. And it was, in the first part.

She didn’t know any family name at all of his, so she just searched up doctor Billy. She found out that the web wasn’t at all a help, showing her many people with the same name and profession. Soon, she thought of going on social media and that’s where things got easier. She limited the people to who were in the country at the moment and scrolled down hundreds of persons until she finally got some sort of lead.

There it was, Doctor Billy Krift, who conveniently had just posted himself a picture outside the same stadium she was at the day before. At the moment onwards, she was certain she had found the right person, who, after a few posted videos of his, had the same voice as the doctor in the comfort room. After a few more searches, she finds out the most useful information she must have gotten so far. The doctor was the head doctor of this year’s World Cup drug tests!

And boom, was she impressed with herself. A full profile of the said doctor was provided by The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Health, Medical, and Research Committee page.

She emailed all she found to Tanya with great confidence and happiness in herself and with that, Elizabeth’s job for the day was done.

That night, the email Elizabeth awaited for had already arrived in her inbox. In summary of the entire scheme she and her superior would take was to first get the approval from the magazine’s CEO, which Tanya had already gone and done.

The next step would be just to wait. Wait for the annual drug tests before the quarter-finals, which somehow would be just shy of next week. Elizabeth realized what Tanya had in mind. After knowing Billy was one doctor assigned to those tests, they may sabotage the results, which was probably how they were planning to get away with it all.

They would then visit him under the disguise of an interview for the World-cup, thinking about it in another way. It still is. And ask him for the results. She didn’t know how it would be done, but Tanya stated she had her ways.

So the plan was ready and Elizabeth was pumped on going to be part of such an exiting field coverage. They weren’t detectives ,but knowing the doctor could tell Richard at any moment if they were to directly report it, they would be eternally screwed. Other people might get a hold of the news as well, so keeping it between them would be safer.

She slept that night soundly and happily. She would continue to work tomorrow with the normal article given to her and await the “spy” mission set out for the next week.

The next week arrived quickly. It seemed like time went by quicker these past few days or it may just be her undying excitement. The news was already out that the player’s already finished their test two days before and it was already Wednesday.

It was great to have Tanya working with her on the projects. Everything was going on so efficiently. Without her knowing, her boss had already contacted Doctor Krift for that interview they were planning at it was going to happen this afternoon.

Totally unprepared, Elizabeth ran out of the office earlier that noon time than usual to go get some lunch since she didn’t pack this morning because she believed the day was going to be like any other one.

The line at the restaurant she chose was long, but the orders were coming out quick and besides, it was one of her favorite rice bowl places. So she invested some time there. Elizabeth was frazzled as she kept looking at the length of the line from the side and scanned her wrist watch almost a hundred times this past minute.

They would start the travel by twelve thirty noon, so that they would arrive at one o’clock sharp and have the quick meeting. It was already twelve when Elizabeth finally got to place her order at the counter, and she was stressing herself out. She almost rapped her order to the cashier when she did so.

Thankfully, all went great, and the packed bowl arrived just after ten minutes of waiting. She was thankful she had the sense to bring her bag with her when she had gotten out, since she didn’t have any time to back up and get it if it wasn’t.

So with the meal in her right hand and the bag in her left, she basically ran to the parking area of their office, where the van that would escort them was. When she had arrived, she could see Tanya looking all regal and classy coming out of the elevator, approaching the van, just the same as she was.

“Miss Lane, Fix yourself. We will meet a client for gosh’s sake.” Tanya exclaimed as her eyes met the red, worn-out figure in front of her.

Elizabeth wiped the sweat dripping from her brow and smiled at her senior, “Just a bit flushed.”

“Define ‘a bit’?” She remarked before boarding the van herself before Elizabeth followed suit.

The entire went on by with Elizabeth knowing nothing about what was going to happen. No prepared questions, no files given to her to study. She was going in blind with Miss Tanya being both her eyes. Plus, that the ride was bumpy, and she was doing her best to eat the lunch she bought along the way.

Finally, the drive was finished in about an hour. And in that time, she was amazed by how she could finish an entire bowl of rice without messing the whole vehicle up and clean up to not look like a hobo going into this.

They stopped into a slick-looking building, all with high white walls and large windows, eventually going in, tall ceilings. It looked very domineering, with hundreds of people in clean business suits of smart white laboratory gowns. The place was busy, booming with people.

She was amazed by the whole thing herself, but looking over to her right, Tanya merely continued walking. With her constantly looking around as they slowly made their way to the doctor’s office, Elizabeth hadn’t noticed that they had already arrived.

With a polite knock, they opened the door for them. “Are you the magazine people?” the woman in front of us asked.

“Yes, we are.” Elizabeth answered.

The office was small, yet professional looking. They colored it in cream like they did it yesterday. It was almost spotless everywhere they looked. In the far back of the small room was another door, Elizabeth believed, led to the doctor’s legitimate office.

“Great. Take your seats right over here. I’ll be notifying Doctor Krift.” She the escorted them to a classy-looking couch in the room’s corner before entering another white room, leaving them be.

Just when their bottoms touched the soft surface, the secretary exited the same room and turned to face them, saying, “He will see you now.”

So both of them got back up once again and took in the white room themselves. It looked very homey, completely different to the look of his supposed lobby. The room had a nice, clean rug and was donned with a painting and a couple of potted plants.

Doctor Billy Krift approached them with kindness as he took both their hands and shook it with his, “Welcome...welcome.” he muttered as we smiled at the joyous man.

The doctor was short but still had enough height to look at the two women eye to eye. His hair was short and noticeably dyed, and he had a healthy stature. A good doctor, he looked like someone who was dedicated to the job with their hearts.

“Please take a seat, thank you for having us.” Elizabeth exclaimed with top hospitality, though the place wasn’t hers. He laughed and did what was suggested to him and sat behind his desk. The two women who just entered did the same and sat on the chairs across from him.

The scene was quiet. Elizabeth kept looking over at her partner, who was supposed to be her senior, but was momentarily wordless. With a polite cough to break the tension, Elizabeth got the ball rolling.

“So the drug tests for the quarter-finals have just finished, huh?”

The doctor looked over at the sudden question, his eyes in some sort of shock, yet he regained composure, “Yes! Yes, it went well.”

“No failures, I believe?” She playfully asked.

“None. None at all,” He said, nervously laughing.

The air was silent again, but Elizabeth kept smiling. Tanya beside her was shuffling about in her blazer as she looked for something, but even with that, she maintained her aura of class.

Soon after, Tanya took out an innocent-looking phone. Unlocked it open, and placed it at the center of the desk before them, just in front of the unsuspecting doctor.

“How do you explain this, then?”

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