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Chapter 28 | The Confrontation

A button was pressed as she said those uneasy words, and the recording was played. No one made a sound, except for the two voices coming out of the phone in front of them.

Elizabeth couldn’t help but think how all of this was awkward - playing ‘good cop, bad cop’ with some kind-looking doctor. She couldn’t help but also rebuke the thought that what they were doing was right and for the justice of all.

The recording had finished, and the doctor exclaimed, “How did you get that?” pointing at the phone, which was now kept safe again by Tanya.

“We have our ways. You do not have to know them. ,” She seamlessly answered.

The look on Doctor Krift’s face was priceless. Everyone could tell that the thoughts going through that man’s head were angry, shocked, and scared. The trio of emotional doom.

“Now all we want is hard down proof. Other than what we have here.” Tanya leaned closer.

“And why would I do that?”

Elizabeth wondered herself. She didn’t know it was going in this direction, yet she kept her face blank as a new sheet of paper.

Tanya then sighed as she laid back on the seat and crossed her legs, “Firstly, we know everything and we can tell anybody. Be thankful we haven’t. Second, you are a doctor right, remember your oath? - I will prevent disease whenever I can, and whatnot.” Tanya put her legs down as she stared into the eyes of the doctor, “And last, all you need is money, right. Our company can you provide you two times more the amount Richard offered, which I guess is about $100,000. And I know it is a lot, but even with the drugs, it isn’t even certain they’d win! And if he won’t, the most he’d give is $1000. Plus, the anger from him to you, blaming for the lose. So would you rather just take $200,000 right now and walk out of the scene?”

The air was heavy, and Elizabeth was shocked to hear what her boss was saying. Soon, she couldn’t help herself and leaned into her boss’ ear, who was still in focus on her target. She then whispered,

“You didn’t tell me we were bribing him.”

Tanya looked at her in contempt and murmured back, “You just ruined the tension!”

The two women stared at each other, forgetting about the primary task at hand. But they were soon back to their senses when the doctor exclaimed, “Okay.”

Elizabeth and Tanya looked at him, almost asking if he was sure. He continued, “I’ll take up your offer. You just need the failed results, right? I’ll get them for you. I hate that stupid Richard, anyway. The drugs cost a lot, browsing the black market is a burden, and do you know how hard it is to replace these papers with fake ones! By taking these, I’ll abandon all of that, take the money you are offering, and even stay in my job with no guilt! It sounded like a good idea in the first place, but I soon grew to hate it after a while. Thankfully, now I end it all.”

Just as he had finished his rank, he handed the two women a brown envelope. Elizabeth checked its contents and saw that it was the results of three players on the team. All negative, containing anabolic. She sighed out of relief. Strangely, this plan went well after going for the weakest link.

So the both of them exited the office after a shake and a couple of awkward goodbyes. Both parties were happy to oblige in the deal and they left the building in smiles.

Finally, Tanya wove away her blanket of professionalism and now was smiling and laughing all the way to the van. Which was weird to see, but Elizabeth knew she had her moments.

There, on the ride, she thought that the two of them actually had a chance of pulling this off.

The next day, the two worked on reporting the whole matter to FIFA now that the inside link has been dissipated. They sent the email that afternoon and finally they were halfway there.

All it contained was a letter by how they had proof of one team cheating through doping and that it would be best if they could meet up with WADA and the tournament manager to address the problem.

After they had sent that mail, the two of them unconsciously let out a sigh. What they didn’t know that upon receiving this email, the FIFA headquarters would soon scream at each other to a frenzy. They were shocked at how a team was found out to be using steroids.

So, upon twenty minutes of delivery, a reply had already been sent back to the magazine’s email address.

Meanwhile, right after they had sent the message. Elizabeth and Tanya had stayed for a cup of celebratory coffee in her office, smiling as everything would go well.

“Miss Lane, you can expect that the threat I told you be rebuked. You have done a great job finding this story, so you can continue your job here at the magazine.”

“Oh, thank you Miss Tanya. It wouldn’t have gone this smoothly if it weren’t for your help. Are you sure about the $200,000 you’ve promised to Doctor Krift though?”

“Mhmm, it’s a new story. The budget was approved right away by the upper heads. They merely asked what was it used for. And after going through a lot of stories in my time, I did what I always did to sell it. ”

“You truly have the skills. I hope we get more out of that $200,000 though Or it’d be the doctor’s win.”

They both laughed as they talked about the assignment until a ping from the desktop computer came. It was a reply to the email from before. Both thought, well, that was quick.

So They opened the message and read, “Good day. Thank you for providing us with the information. We request for a formal meeting to address the core of this tomorrow. Please prepare yourselves to back up your claims with evidence. We shall do our best to prevent this from reaching court. At one at noon tomorrow, meeting room two at the WADA headquarters. ”

It shocked the both of them to learn about this. They were hoping for the confrontation to be at least a week from now. They didn’t expect all would end tomorrow! So quickly, they abandoned their celebratory state and got to work, compiling all the evidence they had. The negative results and the recordings, the effects of Anabolic, and Doctor Krift’s profile in one clean report.

Explaining all the connections and practicing all the claims they would need to make in order to make the directors tomorrow believe and not be won over by sly Richard.

Time flew by quickly and that tomorrow finally arrived. All their troubles would end and today, they would bring home the bacon. They arrived at that meeting room with under eyes as deep as the void. The two hardly had any sleep preparing for everything since they were notified about it all in such a short time. But Tanya and Elizabeth made it on time to the meeting room, with poker faces hiding the exhaustion.

They entered the long room, who stretched its walls out to provide space for a long white table. It was complete with multiple seats lining the side and a small succulent in its center to provide color among the white surface. Fortunately, the carpet was a shade of gray to keep Elizabeth from thinking it’s a mental institution.

People were already present in the room. Two men clad in professional suits and, strangely, Doctor Billy Krift, who smiled as their eyes met. All three stood up to great the ladies entering the door.

“Pleasure to meet you, Miss Lee and Miss Lane... I presume?” He asked as we both nodded and shook his hand. “I am Paul Lanks, representative of FIFA.”

The other man approached them as well after Mr. Lanks and offered a hand of his own, “Doctor Yuri Alther, director of WADA.” .

Doctor Krift then approached behind Doctor Alther, ” You two must already know doctor Krift?”

“Yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you all today.” Tanya smoothly replied, “I am Tanya Lee of ‘A daily dose of life’, and this is my colleague, Miss Elizabeth Lane.”

“Let’s all take our seats, shall we? As we wait for the others.” Paul remarked. They then took up the brilliant suggestion and took their seats. The two women across the people from WADA and Mr. Lanks at the head of the table at the moment.

Suddenly, the peaceful air was broken up by a loud bang on the door. Richard Foster entered the room with extreme anger, “Where are the people who accuse my team of cheating, huh?!” He was at the door, panting.

Behind him was the team’s coach, which Tanya mentioned to Elizabeth. His name was Julio Becker, who then held his manager’s shoulder and said, “Calm down Richard, we should take our seats first.”

Out of complete shock, no one had stood up to greet the pair as they came in, instead all greetings were done when everyone was seated at the table.

“Well, who is it? Huh? ” Richard looked around and caught the familiar eyes of doctor Krift. He couldn’t mutter a word to express familiarity, so he gave him that look. A look of complete distrust and anger.

“Let’s begin the meeting, shall we?”

Paul took the reins and said, “So these ladies over here from the magazine, a Daily Dose of Life, claim that your team, Mr. Becker, has been using steroids.” He placed his chin on his palms as he leaned curiously on the table.

“What!? Our team has never!” Julio expressed.

“Now...now, don’t go denying everything when we have all the evidence here.” Tanya smoothly integrated into the conversation.

“Evidence. What a bunch of bullshit. We did nothing in the first place!” Richard exclaimed.

Elizabeth then took the recording on her phone out of her purse. Silence filed the table as she did this. When she pressed play, the faces of the coach and the manager were in fear.

The recording sounded through the whole hall. “How did you get this?!” Richard nervously asked.

He then turned to the innocent Doctor Krift and stood up, banging his palms on the table, “It was you! You traitor!”

“Dumbass, sit down! They found you out because of this recklessness.” Coach Julio pulled his manager down on the seat, sweat clear on his confused face.

“I never knew you would resign to the evidence this quickly.” Elizabeth remarked.

“Now, but that isn’t hard evidence that it actually went through.” Paul stated, a playful expression on his face.

“That’s why I brought Doctor Krift with me. He explained everything right after these two ladies asked for files.” Doctor Alther added.

“That’s right, I was working for this man until I realized it was all wrong.” He pointed a finger to Richard Foster across him, “I bought his steroids, administered it to the players, and almost faked the drug tests results.”

The two couldn’t speak a word, but everything they felt was already seen on the looks on their faces.

We’re screwed.

Screw you.

“Here’s the test result Doctor Krift was talking about.” Elizabeth passed the file to Paul and Yuri, who confirmed that all three players on their team truly tested negative.

“How would we know that it all isn’t a plot to frame our team into disqualification!?” Richard Foster exclaimed with his last shred of hope.

“It’s all so obvious. You really don’t give up, do you?” Tanya exclaimed as she laid her back on the seat.

“I have the receipts of the drugs with me from the black market. Also, I have the deleted footage of the administration of the steroids in my office.” Doctor Krift said so casually.

“Screw You!” Richard said.

He finally said it...

“You dare betray me! After all, we did for you?!” He continued.

“Now that we all think about it, what did you do for me? All you did was promise for a share in the prize money, but are you sure you’d win?!”

“Of course we will!” The coach, Julio, exclaimed.

“Not anymore...” Paul Lank retorted casually, “You both admitted through your words and actions today. You simply forgot about my presence, which I don’t like.”

“It’s not true Paul, this is a scheme-”

“Shhh... Accept it fuckers, you’ve lost.” Paul said with a smirk on his face.

Elizabeth was amazed by how he acted. She never knew a representative could act like this, yet it sounded cool, complete with all its savagery. She almost laughed on the spot!

“It seems like all is done.” Paul addressed to everyone with a smile, “The team will be officially disqualified from the lists later this afternoon. Doctor Krift, send the players to some kind of rehab.” The doctor nodded at his request. “Very well, I have another appointment, so I must go.” He then stood up.

Everyone then followed except for the coach and the manager, still unbelieving of the situation. All else greeted each and everyone with a warm goodbye, except for the speechless duo. And one by one, the meeting room was emptied.

Doctor Krift approached his past two employers, “Be thankful that maybe no jail time for itty bitty little dick*.” And with that, he was last to exit the premises without counting the last two still in the room.

All went well. Elizabeth and Tanya were happy with its results and she was excited to work on it tomorrow. The article that would cover the whole disqualification. Tonight, the magazine’s social media would take initiative and announce the qualification.

Elizabeth couldn’t wait to tell Mark and the others, as well as Megan and Hayden. She just accomplished amazing, which was nostalgic after havingn’t done it in a long time.


*calling someone Dick instead of Richard is a somewhat recent evolution of the nicknames Rich and Rick, both of which we also use instead of Richard to this day. That scene still intended it to be an insult, though.

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