Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 33 | Making up

Elizabeth laid asleep on Mark’s shoulder soon after. But even if this was the case, he was still very much awake. He looked up at her ceiling as he felt the weight of her on him.

It’s getting very late, he thought.

He believed it would be improper to stay over and it might create more issues for Elizabeth to face in the future.

Mark looked at her in peaceful sleep. He fixed the hair covering her eyes once more. It kept falling, but in its way, it was seductive. He noticed her long eyelashes that fluttered as she slept. His gaze moved to her lips. With every slight movement they made, was a temptation in Mark’s heart.

He controlled himself and felt the need to go home. So slowly, he carried Elizabeth’s head so that he could get out of the position. He then put his hands under her and carried her into the room of what seemed like her bedroom.

He tucked her in the blankets on the bed and took off her shoes for good measure. He didn’t forget about the thick pieces of paper in his pocket.

So he took it out and placed it on the table by the side of her bed. They were front row tickets to the quarter-finals. He gave her two, hoping she might find someone to go with. Hayden, maybe? He didn’t care whoever it was, he just wanted to see her there.

He looked at her one last time, now properly snuggling herself between the multiple pillows. He leaned in closer, captivated by her sight. There, he placed a kiss on her forehead. She had experienced a lot today, and he hoped she would stay safe throughout the night.

With that, Mark made his way out of her apartment, remembering to lock the door after him and went home to his.

Elizabeth woke up the next morning, wondering how she got into the bed. After a few moments of thought, sitting up, she remembered where she was before.

She momentarily panicked, knowing she fell asleep beside Mark. Internally scolding herself, she slammed back down into the bed. She sighed as she laid, cherishing the Sunday that was upon her.

She forced herself to sit up once more and turned to exit her bed. There on her bed-side table, she saw two unusual pieces of paper, faced down, strapped to one another with a note.

She grabbed the pieces while still being groggy. She read the letter first, not bothering about what the contents of the other two were.

El, these tickets are for you. Bring somebody, maybe Hayden or another friend of yours Hoping you come!


Mark? Tickets?! After clearly processing what she was reading, she turned the two pieces of paper around.

“Ahhhhh! Tickets to the quarter-finals!” She shouted to herself.

She jumped up from her bed and hugged the precious tickets close to her chest.

She couldn’t believe what was in her hands right now and they were even tickets with one of the best seats in the competition.

Elizabeth made a mental remark to give her thanks to Mark later on. Not only for the tickets, but also for bringing her to her bed, which was slightly awkward. She wasn’t as little as before. But she was thankful.

She kissed the tickets as she stared at them in the sunlight before storing them safely in her own wallet inside her everyday purse.

She read the note once more before placing it in a drawer.

“Oh right, there were two tickets.” She reminded herself, reading Hayden’s name on the piece of scrap paper.

She sat back once more in her bed, thinking about whom to bring, or maybe even follow Mark’s suggestion and ask Hayden.

She thought about it for before coming down to a resolve. Yes, this was the moment. She could finally redeem herself in front of Hayden.

It would need a lot of self-confidence to face him again, but Elizabeth felt guilty for hurting him. These tickets would open a topic for conversation.

She decided. Today, she would ask him to go to the game with her. She would reject him gracefully and become friends with him again.

Though it may sound selfish of her, she really didn’t want to lose Hayden as a friend. So she wanted to make everything right again.

If he didn’t want to see her anymore, it would be understandable. She should just try.

She stood up and made breakfast. There she then thought about when she was going to do it.

Whisking the eggs in the bowl, she was still scared of what she decided. So she told herself she would go this late afternoon and work on her book instead.

She had already finished the articles assigned to her because of the hardcore ethic she had last week, so now she finally had time to finish her book.

It was halfway done, just a few chapters more and finally, it will be improved.

The eggs came out perfectly.

After she ate her breakfast, she sat in front of her vanity and sipped on the cup of coffee she made as she did.

There, she started writing on the next chapter of her book in complete peace. She was in a good mood, after all.

That cold afternoon, she took her hands out of her jacket pockets and rubbed them together, giving her a bit more heat. The rain had just finished, yet the air was still freezing.

She stood in front of the cafe door, so serene and so quiet. She breathed in one last breath before stepping in.

She had already conditioned her thoughts as she approached the counter. The guy behind the cashier wasn’t Hayden, so she relaxed a bit, delaying the confrontation.

She placed her palms on the countertop, the employee’s attention shifted to her.

“What would you like, miss?” He put down his phone right away and asked her with a smile.

With a forced out smile she said, ” Tell your boss Elizabeth is looking for him.”

As it a bit shocked, the employee froze in his spot, and eyebrow raised to Elizabeth,” Sir Hayden?” he asked once again.

“Yes, Sir Hayden.” She sternly confirmed.

As the employee steadily turned her back to head to the kitchen, she blurted out.

“And give me two cream puffs!” The cashier walked back to his post a bit confused, typing the order.

“Those look fresh.” Elizabeth remarked. She couldn’t help herself as she stared at them through the glass screen.

“Yes... They are. Anything else?” He asked.

“No.” Elizabeth paid the man before looking for a seat in the crowd.

She sat down quickly and ducked her head down from the table. Oh, how much of a pig she was, she told herself. It was only right, since I’m in the cafe, right? She consoled.

She sighed when a familiar figure approached her, wiping his hands along the way.

Directly, she stood up to greet him like a respectable puppy. “Hayden! How are you?”

With a serious face, keeping the wiping cloth inside his pocket, he said, “I’m alright, what brings you here?”

He was sulking.

“Sit down.” Elizabeth said as she did so herself.

He followed what she had said and sat down herself without even a smile on his face.

So Elizabeth, once more, took a deep breath, and started the conversation.

“Hayden, I’m so, so sorry for running away the past week. It wasn’t right. I was stupid and selfish. I’m so sorry.” Elizabeth bowed her head in contempt.

She continued, now looking up at him, “Hayden, I’m sorry, but I really can’t accept your feelings. I like you as a friend and I feel terrible rejecting you that way. I was scared, but now I’ve decided to be selfish once more.”

Hayden looked at her more seriously and clearly than before, curious to see what he wouldn’t hear.

” Haaaaahhh- Hayden.. I’m sorry I can’t love you back, but can we be friends again?,” She asked, scared by how he was going to react.

There was a silence between them. Elizabeth lost all hope and wanted to continue and speak in sadness.

” It’s okay, I understa-..”

“Hahahahaha.” Loud laughter interrupted her from the person sitting across her.

She now looked at him in confusion, yet he continued laughing.

“I’m sorry El, I couldn’t hold it.” Hearing Hayden say this so joyfully, Elizabeth filled with a weird anger.

Hayden then continued, “Haha, I understand. No need to feel so guilty. We can become friends again even though I’m sad you can’t reciprocate. It seems like I have to find another love after all.” Hayden smiled.

Elizabeth slightly panicked and didn’t know what to respond, even though she was grateful he understood her. At that moment, the cream puffs arrived at her table.

” Finally. ” She subconsciously said. There she started stuffing herself with good as hell cream puffs.

Hayden laughed once more and there she finally relaxed.

“Thank god it went alright.” She said to him while she ate more of the cream puffs.

“I made those.” Hayden then remarked, pointing at the plate she was loving.

“Thank you. It’s delicious.”

“Of course.” He said as he leaned back in his chair, smirking.

“Oh! By the way.” She took out the tickets from her wallet and handed one over to Hayden, “Peace offering.” She said as she did.

Hayden’s eyes sparkled as he looked over it, “Quarter-finals.”

“Let’s go together. Mark gave them to me.”

“Thank you for choosing me as your companion, milady.” He said to her before continuing, “But Mark should seriously become my baby daddy. I need regular supplies of these things.”

Hearing this, Elizabeth laughed wholeheartedly, trying to not choke while chewing. Placing the cream puffs on the plate, she continued laughing.

Soon, infected, Hayden started laughing with her as well.

At that moment, the two finally made up.

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