Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 35 | Therapy Session

The quarter-finals were finished just yesterday, but strangely, all articles weren’t too focused on who won.

Sure, they announced who won and the best plays and whatnot, but what caught the place for front page was something else entirely.

“Mark Hale’s Confession. Utter Failure?”

He was the center of attention once more after his brave words yesterday to everyone who watched the match. The news even topped the charts, covering up societal issues and celebrity drama.

The fans took notice that Mark was pertaining to the girl in the rumors with him before. Though they hated the idea of them being in a relationship before, after seeing their beloved idol rejected, they hoped for them to be together.

Everyone cheered on Mark in social media, which easily rose to the top of the charts, #MarkGoForLove.

Technically, he wasn’t rejected, yet it was all ended with an ambiguous answer by the other party.

Everyone swarmed her social media once more telling her to decide, say “yes”, or “Follow your heart!”

She was quickly accepted as Mark’s ‘type’ of woman, which led to a whole new era for what they called, “Independent Beauty, ” after Elizabeth going to work in formal clothes surfaced.

The response was so massive, Elizabeth was getting supporters and fans of her own. Which was good since her past books were now known and getting even more sales despite it being published for already so long.

That day as Elizabeth uttered, “I don’t know.” she shoved the microphone over to Hayden beside her and looked to Mark, mouthing, “I’m sorry.” then slowly walking out of the stadium.

She could not handle all the faces eyeing her, and her mind was too messed up to decide.

As soon as she heard those words, she remembered how Hayden also confessed to her right away.

Comparing the two experiences, she didn’t know why as soon as she saw his sweet smile from the field, her heart was beating a thousand miles quicker than a cheetah.

She felt the butterflies in her stomach as all the heat from her body slowly rose to her face.

It was, unconsciously, a familiar experience whenever she saw Mark acting that way. She couldn’t suppress it, yet, for Elizabeth, it felt weird. She didn’t like it, but she didn’t hate it either.

Elizabeth was confused. She didn’t know what to say, what to do, and what to think anymore. So she did the only thing she could think of.

Walk away from the uneasy scene and think outside. Or maybe find some other way to clear her mind and make a proper decision.

So she did just that, underneath the eyes of everyone. All the cameras filmed it and all articles portrayed it as a “rejection”. Which left Hale fans with aching hearts in sadness for their favourite athlete.

It was now a week later, and Elizabeth still didn’t know what to think. This week at work, she drowned herself once more with new projects and writing her own book, just like before.

The differences were, all that was in her head was confusion. Though she worked hard, she was working slowly due to all the mistakes she made while her head flew to all places.

She had a few things finished, but she wasn’t as efficient as before.

Tanya, once again, reminded her of her actions, but hadn’t scolded her, knowing it wasn’t her fault. Plus, Elizabeth’s recognition was giving the magazine more subscriptions daily. She was truly a blessing so far.

“Elizabeth, handle all your personal matters quickly. I’m not one to meddle in employees’ affairs, but this surfaces on the web. Though it gives us attention, I’m worried about you. Are you okay with it all and did you decide?”

“I’m honestly still processing it all. Sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused. Among all these, I promise to continue to work hard. I haven’t decided just yet, it was all just so sudden and nothing’s just running in my head for now.”

“Okay. I know Mr. Hale is your good friend. So as your superior, handle this with grace, but as your senior friend, I trust you’ll choose what is right. You know to be best for you.”

“Thank you Tanya, you don’t know how much your words console me.”

“Good luck, for this will mark another chapter in your life. Now, go back to work.” Tanya smiled as she said these words and asked her out of the office.

Elizabeth’s colleagues nagged her at the start of the week about it, but after all her ambiguous answers, they understand how hard it must be for her to be tossed into the spotlights just like that. So, instead, they supported her in her future decisions and avoided to ask her once more about this fragile topic.

Work life went smoothly for the week, with Elizabeth finishing more articles and writing more chapters in her book. By the end of the week, the topic mostly cleared out, yet some were still lurking for answers.

She need not hide herself any longer, so that Friday, she relaxed and went to Brick. Just like she always did in these times in her life.

Coffee calmed her, and supporting her friend’s cafe as she enjoyed it always seemed like a good idea.

She walked straight into the counter, and there Hayden stood restocking the pastries at the bottom. There were fewer people today, which she was thankful for. She was still paranoid about getting too much attention.

“Yo, Hayden.” She exclaimed as she approached.

“Hey El. You’re actually done with work early today.”

“I already finished all my projects.” Elizabeth replied as she stooped down to look at the freshly baked pastries. “I’ll get my usual plus two of these chocolate truffles.”

“Okey Dokey.” Hayden remarked as he punched in the order into the cashier.

Elizabeth then paid for her order. Right after, he assigned another person to take care of the front and the order itself. He took off his apron and, together with Elizabeth, he looked for a seat.

“Wow, you’re lazing off.” She remarked.

“I can do what I want, I own the place.” Elizabeth ignored this as they sat down on one table with a sofa in the far right corner.

They both sat across from each other and there Elizabeth put down her stuff and finally relaxed after a long day of work.

“You know, I haven’t actually seen you since the game.” Hayden mindlessly mentioned.

“I know. A lot has been going on.”

“At least the hype is slowly dying down.”


The order quickly came to their table. Elizabeth was amazed by how earlier served it was than usual, but she didn’t complain.

and took a truffle right away.

“Is it good?” Hayden wondered.

Elizabeth found it delightful. “Of course! As with all you serve.”

“Haha, that means a lot. It’s a recent addition, you see.”

“That explains why I haven’t been ordering this goodness from the very beginning.”

They both laughed. Hayden then called his employee and asked her to fix a coffee for himself as well.

Amazingly, it was done at lightning speed and was delivered right away to their table. Hayden didn’t seem to care about their efforts and peacefully sipped on the drink.

“You really are the boss.” Elizabeth exclaimed in sarcastic realization.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked deviously.


The two resumed to their drinks as Elizabeth drank her coffee as well and scalded her tongue just a little. She wondered how he could drink the pit of lava straight away. Soon after, she ignored the thought.

“So, what will you answer?” Hayden suddenly asked.

“Answer what?” She asked, seriously confused about what he was talking about.

“You know... Mark.”

“Oh.” She went silent for a while as Hayden awaited her answer.

“You really have no clue.” He remarked. She looked at him in agreement.

“I just... I don’t know Hayden.” Elizabeth rubbed her face as she thought about his question.

Hayden leaned closer this time, “Why don’t you just outright reject him then?”

Elizabeth, shocked, subconsciously answered, “Why would I do that?!” as she looked at him straight in the eye.

“See. You’re hesitant.” He said, pointing a finger towards her. The remark silenced her. Hayden took a sip from his coffee before he continued, “When I confessed, you didn’t even have a second thought and rejected me.” Hayden then laughed at his own words.

There Elizabeth realized what he was trying to say and wondered to herself, ‘Why was she hesitating?’

She then ate huge bites of the cake as she thought about it. It certainly helped dial the stress down.

“So, El?”

“I don’t know Hayden. You’re right, but I’m still confused.”

Hayden laughed at her ambiguity answer, “You certainty thrill the media with those answers.” He paused for a bit, “As your friend El, your feelings are certainly very clear to me.”

“What? So... can you tel-”

“No.” He laughed as he cut her off, “Figure it out yourself. This will serve as my own personal revenge.”

Elizabeth pouted at his words, which made him laugh even more. In between laughter, he exclaimed, “Haha... I don’t even know why I’m helping you. Maybe, I just want you to be happy.”

“You’re not making any sense at all Hayden.”

Suddenly, he held her hands in his and looked into her eyes. Laughter dying down into complete seriousness.

“El, you’re just scared of it. Let it go. Break free and open up. Everything is so clear for even the eyes can see. Your actions are different, which only serve as proof. Open your heart. Lose to trust.”

His words were a complete riddle to her ears. It sounded beautiful, but for her, it wasn’t making any sense.

She wasn’t scared of anything, and why would she have to open up? What did he mean, ‘lose to trust’?

He was speaking in sentences she couldn’t understand, and she was slightly angry at herself for that.

“I’m supposed to be the writer here. Why can’t I understand what you’re saying?” She outright said to her friend in front of her.

He only laughed in reply as he let go of her hands and stood up. He got his coffee and said, “Session over! Gotta go back to work.” Hayden then turned his back on her, sipping his coffee.

“Wait! Explain. Hayden!” She said, but it was useless since he ignored her as he peacefully sipped on his sweet coffee.

Hayden entered the kitchen, leaving Elizabeth all along to enjoy her cake and truffles.

She thought about his words as she ate. But in the end, she finished the meal earlier than usual, along with the cup of coffee.

It must be the stress.

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