Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 4 | Night Out

Elizabeth fiddled with the soft cloth of the dress she wore. She had second thoughts about how she allowed Megan to pick her clothes that night. She felt like it never suited her.

“Oh stop fussing, you look gorgeous.” Megan whacked her fingers away from touching the dress and instead held her hand with hers, rubbing her thumb on the back of Elizabeth’s hand.

The dress was beautiful, Elizabeth couldn’t lie. It was a sleeveless velvet dress that had ended just at the middle of her thighs. It was designed well, complete with a choker in the same fabric and color and tall nude-colored heels. It had a clean folded finish visible on the edge of the low sweetheart neckline and of the fit-forming skirt’s bottom. She was thankful that Megan had given her a black fur jacket to keep what’s left of her exposed dignity.

Elizabeth snuggled the comfortable fur jacket closer as they both approached the entrance of the club that had been just across from them. Megan placed her keys in her purse as they did so and snapped it shut with a quick click. As she did that, Elizabeth made her way to the back of the line, but before she could do so, Megan pulled the hand of hers that she held and pulled Elizabeth back, almost dragging her straight to the golden entrance of the brightly lit club.

“It’s fine.” Megan whispered before Elizabeth could argue.

The two women gave their best smiles to the bouncer, which had resulted in a smile back and a welcome opening of the door.

Only with Megan this trick works, she thought to herself, remembering her past times going to clubs.

“Let’s go get a drink.” Megan started.

Elizabeth loved staying quiet that night and followed Megan to the bar just at the bottom of the club’s stairs. As she took a seat, the stool was cold, touching her bare thighs, but the freezing feeling quickly dissipated by her body heat and the club’s atmosphere.

It was loud. Music was blazing from the big speakers that surrounded the entire room, the lights were shining everywhere which shifted the mood alternately between pitch black and a bright colorful color. People were gathered at the dance floor, all screaming and dancing the night away.

Elizabeth took off the fur that engulfed her stiff body, for it made her feel hotter and hotter by the second. The slight air that brushed her bare shoulders was calming and balanced out the surrounding temperature.

Megan took a seat in the stool next to her and placed her purse on the table,

“So what do you think?”

“Just like the places we’ve been before, but it helps? ”

“Hahaha, try to have a little fun El, the night’s just beginning.”

Elizabeth gave Megan a smile as she then moved her attention to the bartender to order a drink.

“Whiskey please, with ice.”

“Miss, it’s strong, are you sure? Maybe you’d prefer a martini, a gin maybe?”

“I’ll have the whiskey please, thanks.”

The bartender nodded and turned to face Megan’s direction with which she answered, ” A shot of vodka.” .

She turned towards Elizabeth and placed her elbows on the table saying, ” Slow down on the drinking, you ordered something rough.”

“Says the one who’s drinking whisky, but I can handle it, don’t worry.” She answered.

The bartender then placed the two drinks in front of them, first placing Elizabeth’s glass of cold whiskey and then placing Megan’s innocent-looking vodka shot, which never was all that innocent.

“Enjoy.” He said before going to tend to the other people in the bar.

Megan directly downed her shot even before Elizabeth even took a sip of hers. Immediately licking the back of her palm sprinkled with salt then sucking the lemon which was placed, pierced on the glass.

“Whoo!!!!! Let’s go dance, El!” She then immediately exclaimed.

“I’ll stay here and sip.” Raising her whiskey in front of Megan, who then hands over her purse and headed to the dance floor.

“Watch it for me, the vodka will kick in soon.” And here I thought I needed to get away, she thought, but she didn’t really care that much. Elizabeth just liked the comfort her drink gave her and the loud noise that blasted through her ears helping her to forget all that had happened.

Megan danced her way over to the dance floor while Elizabeth took off her thin gold bracelet and placed it on the counter before sipping her drink. She didn’t like the weight it gave as she was drinking. It was smooth on her tongue as it then pierces the back of her throat with the feeling she loved. Her body warmed and her night started.

Mark Dominique Hale wiped the sweat off his back as he looked over to the sunset behind the mountains in front of the open field where he stood. Their practice had just finished and sweat drenched him all over. As night fell, he then headed for the shower rooms where most of his teammates already were. He liked going in last, rather than standing there waiting for his turn, or running over to go first, enjoying the breeze as he waited sometime outside was the way he preferred.

As he arrived, he immediately stripped and went in the shower. The cold water felt relaxing on his worn out and tired body. He quickly finished a shower and went out, feeling refreshed and clean. Along with his other teammates, they had dressed in their casual wear and kept the training gear in their lockers and placed the sweaty clothes in their bags.

“Let’s go get wasted tonight boys!” Kit exclaimed to him and Florence placing his wet arms around them as he had just exited the showers wrapped in a towel. It was cold as they both then try to immediately shrug him off, but it wasn’t possible.

Florence laughed, “Sure.“, he says as he continues doing his business. Mark smirked at his enthusiastic friend and inhales a breath and nods.

“Yes!” Muah! Muah!, he places a wet kiss on each of their cheeks which Mark immediately wiped off afterwards.

“I’ll go change.” Kit said before letting go and heading over to his locker.

They arrived in front of the club Kit had recommended, and they followed him as he walked straight up to the bouncer. Kit then shone his brightest smile and offered his hand to shake to the club’s bouncer. He scanned the trio up and down. He shrugged as he approved of the clothes they wore, two of them wearing a collared shirt, one with dress pants, Florence with dark jeans and him wearing a shirt and jeans with a casual blazer. There the bouncer shook Kit’s offered hand in approval.

The bouncer felt a piece of paper slip in his palm from the shake. He checked it discreetly, seeing that he was handed a Fifty-dollar bill. He then opened the door for the men before pocketing his gained tip.

Kit’s arms were over Florence’s shoulder as they entered the noisy, pumping club. Mark saw it was filled and headed over to the bar to get some peace before anything else. Kit was already dragging Florence over to the center of the room, who was now nowhere to be seen.

Mark wasn’t bothered going by himself and took a seat on one of the empty stools in front of the bar. He opened his phone; the light shone very bright on his face in the dark atmosphere so he quickly set it to a lower brightness as he checked time on his phone,

/ 12:48 P. M /

He sighed as he turns it off and places it on the counter. The bartender approaches as he immediately orders,

“A beer, please.”

The bartender immediately goes to get a bottle as Mark sits while fiddling with his fingers and staring off to see the different alcoholic drinks on the shelf behind the bar. He brushes his fingers to slick back his hair and turned his phone on again to scroll on his social media accounts.

“El!, come dance with me.” A woman a few stools beside him exclaims. Mark turns his head towards the loud voice and sees the women leaning beside her friend on the bar. He couldn’t really see any of their faces. She must be really wasted, he thought.

His beer arrives, and he takes a swig. The woman beside him then takes a shot of a drink, a vodka he assumed.

“Meg, you’re drunk!”

“El! Let’s dance! Whooo!”

The drunk woman raised her hands up to the air before pushing all her body support to her friend. She didn’t seem to have anymore strength to hold even herself up, slowly drooping down the floor.

Her friend finished her drink and stood up to support the drunk woman with her shoulders. Mark looked over to them once more as he saw the woman he believed to be her friend place a hundred-dollar bill on the counter, then heading over to stand slowly with her drunk companion in tow.

He takes another swig of beer and fiddled to turn off his phone for good. Waiting for the screen to go black before placing the smart phone back in his pockets. He took another sip of the beer and then looked again to the direction where the women were. He saw that they were gone, but as he moved his eyes towards the counter was in front of them, he saw a single gold bracelet. It shone even with the club’s dark lighting, and it looked expensive.

Mark quickly stood up and got the bracelet, moving his attention towards the club’s door. There he saw the two women slowly making their way out. He hustled to catch up with them, to give them back the bracelet they must have forgotten,

“Hey!” He exclaimed, looking over the top exit.

Without looking in front of him, he bumped into his friend, Kit, “Hey, man! Mark, come dance!” Kit without his permission he dragged Mark to the dance floor.

He then quickly lost sight of the pair, so he opted to place the bracelet inside one of his blazer pockets and went with Kit.

He would keep looking over the entrance if one of the woman would come back to look for their missing bracelet so he would give it back, but they never did.

He could only remember the view of the girl who was wasted, but the next time he could identify her, he would give the bracelet back. So he kept it safe in his pocket for the entire night through.

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