Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 39 | Drowning in Dreams

Elizabeth washed the cups in the kitchen, carefully scrubbing out the tea stains from the porcelain. The job was done quickly, for it wasn’t much. She rinsed the cups and placed it in a covered drying rack. She dried her hands on the kitchen towel by the fridge and turned to the living room.

There, Mark sat down, turning off the television. “Thanks for letting me spend the night.” He said.

Elizabeth only smiled and replied, “It’s no problem. It would be hard for you to go home in this weather, anyway.”

Approaching him, she added, “I’ll go prepare.”

Mark suddenly stood up from his seat and turned to her, “I’ll come with...”

Elizabeth replied with a nod and together they went inside her room to open the spare wooden closet where all those stuff were, including a couple of heavy jackets.

She opened it up, with Mark right behind her, observing what was inside. Elizabeth got him a pillow from the middle shelf. Along with a pillowcase from the neatly folded pile in the drawer.

She passed it on to Mark and said, “Put this on.” And with little thought, he followed what she said and put the pillow in the case. He walked to her bed, which was only a step away, and stood beside it for more support as he did the simple job.

“Do you want a thick blanket or a thin one?” She asked before getting it out.

“Either is fine.” He answered while he continued what he was doing.

Elizabeth then reached out for the thick one at the very top of the shelf. Suddenly wondering and cursing herself for why she placed the damn thing so high up.

As the tips of her fingers finally held a small enough piece to grab the blanket, she pulled it with all her might, for some pieces of it were stuck with the drawer’s ceiling.

As the blanket fell from the drawer, Elizabeth lost balance on her footing and slipped. Knowing that she was falling to the bed behind her, she closed her eyes and hoped for a soft landing.

“Urgh!” She heard someone mutter instead, as she hadn’t expected the hard landing she had.

She hit Mark’s back as she fell down, blanket in hand. Both of them sounded an ‘ow’ as they impacted together.

She rolled to the side of Mark and just started laughing, “Hahaha, I’m so so sorry, but Hahahaha... How were you in the perfect position?!”

“Thank god the pillow was with me, you are so heavy.” Mark said as he laid there on his stomach.

“Pff- I am not.” She tried to argue as she turned to face him.

“You are.” He said, now looking at her.

A connection formed as they locked eyes. There Elizabeth realized they were alone as the thunder shuddered outside her window. All laughter ceased as they stared into each other’s eyes in a lovesick trance.

Suddenly, lighting zapped from the outside, a flashing light, bringing with it a roar of thunder. The lights in the room turned off, and the power went out. They couldn’t see anything, not even each other.

Elizabeth shuffled in the bed, moving inwards, reaching out for the lighter in her bedside drawer.

Its light lit up her face as she flicked it on. Mark’s gaze was mesmerized by the sight in front of him. Her beauty brightened by the fire, her eyes reflecting the light. She grabbed for the conveniently scented candle on the table and lit it up, providing them with some source of light.

She just sat there in all her glory. Mark’s mind was going wild, going to many places, all kinds of scenarios that could happen.

He didn’t even try to hold himself back and prowled towards her, slowly placing her gaze on his and pinning her to the soft mattress.

His palms caressed her hair, parting it away from her face. His eyes looked at her with love as he took her lips in a slow, yet sensual kiss. Elizabeth tightened her lips, but quickly reciprocated and accepted him, moving her lips in return.

His hands roamed all over her as Elizabeth’s were touching his broad back and ruffling his damp hair.

Caught up in the moment, he fondled her until he was mad at the sudden lust that took over him. Elizabeth cried out in pleasure, which only made him want her more.

They were lost in each other’s arms. Caught in the trap of love taking over their entire systems.

But suddenly, Mark pulled his lips away from hers and stared at her disheveled state under the bright candlelight.

“I can’t.” he said, clearly a lie, but he thought it was only right. Mark sat up, freeing Elizabeth from the position, “I’ll go sleep on the couch.” Gathering the pillow and the blanket in his grasp.

He sounded grim. Mark tried to control his urges. He couldn’t do it to her just yet, for he would feel some sort of guilt if he did. Angry at himself for losing control.

But Elizabeth suddenly took a hold of his sleeve. Without her facing him, she muttered a simple, “Don’t.”

Mark turned to her, looking at her embarrassed expression, “Stay.” she whispered. Now looking towards him.

And as simple as that,

“You kill me El.”

That night, the two drowned in each other’s love. Finishing, only when the rain ceased to fall and the sun’s rays rose from the horizon.

The broken security camera falling to the ground. A rock beside it, the weapon of its destruction. Tip toes all around the entering of the front yard. It was the most nerve-wracking stealth mission yet.

The girl in black clothing grinned, placing her almost broken umbrella on the grass as she finally took shade after the longest ride there.

After years of obsessive observation of her beloved Mark Hale, the pad and finger print door lock was as easy to get in as pie.

The four numbers, she easily knew, the birth years of his parents combined, 6163. The finger print was much easy after getting his own finger print from stealing his personal soccer ball from two years ago, preserving the clear tape with his print dearly. For this was the moment she had been waiting for.

She hadn’t planned for it to be this soon, but after that woman stole him away from her in just a matter of months, there was no other choice. This was the only way, for she knew something was going on. She had to break them apart.

Safely, she entered the door, and opened up to the sight in her dreams. “Hale’s home!” She almost squealed with happiness.

She hugged almost every furniture that came her way. The coat shelf, the table, the chairs, the sofa. It smelled so much like him; it was reality!

Soon, she would live in this house, with him and their big family, sprouting five children to love and care for until they grow old. And for that to happen, that Elizabeth woman had to be removed from his sight, his life! She would only ruin the future she had planned for them.

She touched and sniffed every single corner of his house, hoping to leave some of her DNA everywhere, so that he could indirectly touch her, too. She smiled as she explored every nook and cranny, from laying on his bed to licking his toilet seat.

It was utterly heaven for the girl!

She looked at everything, from the brands he used and the kinds of underwear he wore. Hell, even taking one and shoving it into her own pants.

Now she was here for a reason. She wasn’t here for her own exploration, but as what she had thought of before she needed to find something break them apart. The girl knew Mark had a sister, and she definitely knew where her room was, so she avoided that completely.

Instead, after her little indulge, she went straight to his room instead, the master bedroom at the very back of the house.

There, she carefully looked through his belongings. Through every drawer, maybe a hair strand somewhere in the floor, or a colored broken nail underneath the bed.

She then found a small box in the drawer on his table. She smiled and said,

“This is it.”

She didn’t know who this belonged to, which was just perfect! Meaning it was a part of him she hadn’t known. Making it the perfect item,

to tear them apart.

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