Woman's Resolve to stay Single

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Chapter 42 | Finales

Elizabeth reread the last few words of her novel, scanning the last page of the story file before clicking save on her keyboard. As she exits from the file and the screen shows her desktop wallpaper, she smiles and jumps up from her chair.

“It’s finally done!!!” she exclaimed. Jumping up and down all over her room, doing a little happy dance in silence as she celebrated finally finishing her novel for the second time around.

Now, she was fairly certain of was an excellent novel. After reading through it, she was sure it would sell since it wasn’t like anything the draft was.

She listed all its problems before she started and fixed them, completely changing the plot while keeping its sci-fi aspect. She considered it to be one of her best works so far and next week she would pass it to the publishing company of her first-choice, hoping they would accept it and grant her a contract just like how they did with her debut novel.

She sat back down in her chair and looked up at the ceiling, closing her eyes, drowning in its light. It was already 12 A. M, and she had work tomorrow. She figured a day-off would do her good, considering everything that happened in her life so far.

It was just like a magic trick, and her life suddenly became less problematic and far more interesting than usual. A year ago, she was just a struggling writer looking for a chance to publish another and earn some money. But now, it seemed like everything set itself in place.

The better draft is now done. She met Hayden and now had a good coffee place to go to now and then where a good friend would be available to talk to, Megan was working just like always, their friendship never failed to ease life every time it seemed so hard, and Mark. Mark, who finally opened up her heart and helped her move on from the past. A love that never faded from the very beginning.

She laughed at the thoughts circling around her head before constructing an email to send tomorrow. She planned to relax and lay her head down in bed the whole day.

Right after, she stood up and slammed herself down on her bed, closed her eyes, and started on her plans.

She quickly sunk down to sleep. And she would continue to do this until night fell once more.

The sun was shining down on her as she took a deep breath in and took off her sunglasses. She took a deep breath in before entering the familiar glass doors that led to the lobby of the Apollo Publishing company. The company who sold her debut novel after accepting her for a onetime publishing contract when she was only twenty-three years old.

Now twenty-five, nearing twenty-six, she meets the same place again after a year of struggle. It has been a long time since she’s been pretty sure of herself and she hoped they would take her in once more.

She went inside the fairly huge building, with its walls in stylish timber and its floor in marble. A weird combination, but somehow, it worked.

Elizabeth approached the familiar counter where she said, “Hey Sylvia.” A good old friend who greeted her good morning back then whenever she came because of matters of her old book.

“Oh!” she shot up to look at her, “Miss Lane, it’s been a long time.”

“Almost a year.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry you didn’t get accepted the last time.”

“Oh, they will now.” The two chuckled, “I better head there, don’t want to be late.” Elizabeth bid her goodbye before heading to the elevator.

She rode it to the third floor, arriving at the floor where Mrs. Tahara Winston’s, the publisher, office would be.

She headed to the sofas in front of the room where she verified her appointment with her secretary, a new one it seemed, for she didn’t know who it was.

Only five minutes remained until she would be called. She rechecked if all her files were complete, which they were. It wasn’t a surprise since it was almost the fifth time she did it today.

She read a book that was on the coffee table. It quite invested her and before she knew it, the five minutes were over and she was being called inside.

She entered the wooden doors to find Mrs. Winston expecting her elbows on her desk.

“Good Morning Mrs. Winston.” She said with a smile before sitting herself down in the chair in front of her desk.

“No time no see Miss Lane, I hope you brought me something good this time.”

“Oh, no doubt about that.” She humored herself before placing the manuscript on the desk in front of her. She also handed her the flash drive with the copy of her book.

Mrs. Winston took the stack of paper in her hands and scanned through them, reading the first few pages and seeing if all is well before saying,

“Okay, Miss Lane, I will contact you about it after about a month or two, you know the drill.” She looked at her. Elizabeth nodded. “I won’t ask you for anything more since you’ve worked with us before.”

“Thank you Mrs. Winston, I hope it’ll be qualified for me to work with the company once more.”

“I hope it does too.” She stood up from her chair and Elizabeth followed suit. Taking her outstretched hand in a shake.

Elizabeth exited her office and exhaled in relief. Plans for today were finally done, and she really hoped they would accept it this time.

She greeted Sylvia goodbye on her way out and headed straight home, not thinking of anything else.

The crowd was screaming loud as a goal finally got in at the first half of the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t theirs. But their side hadn’t given up. It was only one goal, so what? They kept cheering the players up, screaming,

“Spike the “V” Dot the “I” Curl the “C” Vic-tor-y! Vic-tor-y!” Yes, victory will be theirs,

It has been three months since. The semi-finals were on right now. Elizabeth, Hayden, and, shockingly, Megan all went to the game. As it was in another state, all three traveled together and have stayed in the city for about three days now, all awaiting this day.

Before the week, Elizabeth bid Mark goodbye after their latest date in a temple by the mountains, hoping their prayers would give blessings in today’s game. Mark and the team arrived here earlier, preparing everything and joining the opening ceremony and all that. Unfortunately, the trio wasn’t able to see the opening since they were too busy exploring the city, plus; they didn’t get tickets to it.

This time, they paid for their own tickets. Nobody accepted Mark’s offers, thinking it would be too much. Fortunately, his parents and his sister came, so he gave his free tickets to them.

Elizabeth hadn’t met them yet, but she hoped she could do so after the game had finished. Now, all they cared about was the play on the field. Hoping they could push through this one hell of a strong team and make it to the finals.

“GO MARK! WHOOO!!” Megan screamed beside her as Mark took the ball in his control. Elizabeth cheered on as well, but also laughed at the hype Megan had for this game. She thought Megan had a non-existent interest in sports, but she guessed she was wrong.

It was even more fun since she wore one of her summer creations to the game. Not to mention, with thigh-high boots, which certainly wasn’t the way to go. But Megan persevered and was even more energetic at cheering than the cheerleaders in front of them.

They sat in the front row. All their eyes were trained on Mark’s feet as he skillfully dribbled the ball closer to the enemy team. Hayden’s fingers were crossed as his eyes shined on the field, muttering to himself,

“Come on, come on, come on bud.”

Mark made his shot!

Elizabeth’s breath hitched, but then the goal keeper pushed it out with all the strength of the tip of his middle finger. Haahhhh....so close!, Elizabeth thought.

The whistle rang. The first half was over. All players went back to their benches as they readied themselves for the next half.


Elizabeth was worried, but she had faith they could do this, just like the games they had before.

“Our ball is black. Our ball is white. Look out! Cause we can fight!!!” their side screamed continuously. Hoping it would cheer their players up. They will win!

With another whistle, the second half started. Everyone screamed once more and the sounds of trumpets and drums filled the stadium. The trio of friends continued to cheer for their nation’s team.

After a few minutes of the thrill of passing the ball seriously close to each other’s goals. Florence got a hold of the ball. As if he popped off with some magic, he actually escaped a three player defense. Doing a long pass to team captain, Brice, who was at the right angle of the goal.

With speed, he kicked the approaching ball, changing its course straight into the net. The keeper had had no time to react.

A goal!

The audience was in a fever pitch. Elizabeth jumped up from her seat and Hayden almost spitted out the sip he took from the soda. Megan continued to scream as their side of the stadium went wild. It was a goal! They were tied now! And this early in the game, they had a chance!

Again, the ball was tossed, passed from one player to another. The heat was on. Anyone could see that both teams were trying their hardest to win. As if they came to play with every vein in their body. Visible exhaustion, but no one was going to give up.

Just as the time for the second half’s break came upon, the team’s goal keeper couldn’t handle the pressure. Letting a ball slip in through his fingers with the offensive ball at a good angle for entry.


Their side went wild. The whistle sounded, and it was break time. Their cheers continued and Elizabeth’s side gave up on any hope of winning.

Even the national team’s faces drooped down in hopelessness. But after one howl of, “Go! Go! Fight! Fight! It’s okay! It’s Alright!”

The bands behind them suddenly joined in the cheer. Soon after, so did the audience on their side. Along with Megan and Hayden.

Elizabeth’s gaze was focused on Mark. Panting as he listened to some words from their coach. She prayed they would make through this. Mark looked at her and forced out a smile, even in exhaustion.

Elizabeth smiled back before joining in the cheers. The team took one last deep breath, and they sounded the whistle once more.

Two goals and they would win. It seemed impossible in a half’s quarter, but they all believed.

The ball was tossed, easily caught by their own team. With determination, they passed it so well it went through all the offensive team players. But as they tried to shoot it into goal, their keeper stopped it with the tip of his toes, pushing it back into the field.

With lightning speed, Kit got hold of the ball and kicked it into the net’s open side, before the keeper could even stand.

Bewildered, their keeper tried to jump for the block, but he couldn’t.

The fastest goal ever! It was amazing. The skill and speed.

Another fever pitch in the audience. Some cried in happiness for the tie. Another goal and the qualification would be theirs.

The game continued on. Both teams were more focused this time, as if it couldn’t get any more thrilling. Sound died in the stadium as eyes focused on the ball’s movement.

Back and forth.

The time was almost up! Nobody wanted it to end in a tie. Some prayed, some continued crying, some crossed their hands together. Elizabeth closed her eyes and hoped they could do this no matter what they did. Hayden was severely stress-eating and ate the chips by the handful. Megan hugged the hat she wore, squeezing it as tightly as possible.

The ball continued. Back and forth. In and out on each other’s side of the field.

Ten seconds left. As if there was no chance, a risky play.

A long shot.

Kicked by Mark, straight to the enemy’s goal.

It won’t work. It’s impossible. This was the semi-finals, unlike the first one.

There was a clear path straight ahead of him. If this could just work right. Mark kicked with force, the ball flying across the field.

The keeper jumped for the ball. It almost hitting the net’s edge. It dropped. The whistle sounded.

A goal!

A curved long shot!

The crowd screamed in happiness. Almost everyone got up from their seats. Tears came out from Elizabeth’s eyes as she hugged Megan in celebration, jumping up and down together.Hayden almost threw the remaining chips everywhere as he danced for the win.

They did it! 3 -2!

Mark slid onto the field in happiness. They won! And just by a millisecond at that. His eyes looked for Elizabeth in the crowd as he stood up. Everyone was cheering for him, repeating “Hale” all across the stadium.

He saw her at the corner of his eyes. Laughing out loud as he saw her cry in happiness. Elizabeth shot a flying kiss at him and Mark smiled before kissing his ring finger, looking at her.

Elizabeth couldn’t help it and ran into the field in his arms. The crowd cheered even louder after seeing her. Mark carried her up and turned her around. Elizabeth sobbing tear into his shoulder, not minding the sweat.

“The finals Mark! You did it!”

“You were here, Elizabeth. I won because of you!” He said in reply.

Elizabeth’s lips smash into his in happiness. The whole stadium was in celebration. The field in a frenzy and the audience in a trance.

Suddenly, Elizabeth’s phone rang from her pocket. It wasn’t the right time, but after seeing that the call was from Mrs. Winston, she picked it up right away. Mark said nothing and put her down before listening in on their conversation.

“Mrs. Winston?” Elizabeth asked, trying to catch a breath.

“Miss Lane, I would just like to inform you the novel has been accepted. Please come in next Monday to sign the contract with Apollo Publishing. Welcome back.” The call dropped.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Elizabeth screamed. Mark hugged her once more and together they celebrated in the middle of the field.

“You did it Mark.”

“No El, We did it.”


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