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A physically, mentally, and emotionally abused child tries to live her high school life as normally as she could before a certain Kenneth Hunter involved himself in her life. Now she becomes the center of attention to a school who feeds off of gossip and a man who will stop at nothing to make her his. 汾arning: Cursing, smut, abuse, ( both physical and mental), attempted rape and attempted murder.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one

" 'Cause baby we're fragile, fragile, fragile... "

- Fragile _ Kygo Labrinth


My name is Mia Harrison and I go to BlueBird High School, this is my senior year and it's the same as it's always been. I don't get too much attention and that's just the way I like it, I don't like being the center of attention with a million rumors going on about me for something I didn't even do. I liked to dress up like I don't care. I go with sweaters or long sleeves and long pants that are too big for me.

Most people think it's because I'm a tomboy, but that's not the reason why I dress like that. I want to dress a little girly; I think every girl does just a little. But I don't dress the way I want to because my parents don't let me and they don't let me wear makeup either. If I tell them to buy something for me they refuse before I even finish my sentence.

So you see it's not my fault.

But regardless I'm still considered a nerd to everyone in the school because I'm thee top ranking in grades for girls and the second smartest overall, I'm second to Kelvin Banks who I've heard is a genius.

My high school is a bit different though, most people who are in this school are in here because of their amazing grades or their amazingly rich parents or family members.

There is a group known throughout the whole school, it's called GUARDIAN. And for as long as anyone can remember it's always been around once the GUARDIAN members are leaving they choose new members in front of everyone and from there they are known as GUARDIAN. No one really messes with GUARDIAN, they're kind of like a gang. At first I heard everyone would think they were delinquents but not anymore.

Don't get me wrong it's not like you have to be rich to be in that group, more like you need to know how to fight. GUARDIAN is honored very highly by the teachers and the principal. They have their own table for crying out loud! It says GUARDIAN reserved.

They're a group that keeps the peace, if someone is stepping out of line they straighten them out. They keep a close eye on the popular rich kids; they're usually the ones they deal with the most.

I think it's because of them that the school is a little safer.

Sure the teachers and principals all know that the GUARDIAN members know how to fight and that's how they're settling everything but they do not interfere because they know they won't kill them and it gets everyone in their place and keeps the innocent students safe.

"Watch it geek!" I heard before my books got knocked down and I was being thrown down the stairs. I saw everything in slow motion for a moment and for a second I saw a glimpse of my parents laughing. I blinked and I saw Marissa laughing while the other girls told her how beautiful and cool she was. I thought I would die there, surely I wouldn't survive the fall and if I did I would have serious brain damage. I brazed myself for the worst to come and closed my eyes. I'd rather not see my blood flying everywhere.

I didn't feel the floor, instead a felt rough yet gentle hands grab me before I hit the floor, suddenly I was glad that I wasn't as fat as I felt.

"What's wrong with you!?" A deep voice said in an angry tone.

"Who the hell are you?" Marissa responded back before she started walking closer and closer to my hero. Then suddenly her inner personality changed as if she saw a model.

"You know匈 can make all your fantasies come true." She said in a seductive voice before she slowly started to remove her shirt.

I didn't want to see it, I looked away terrified.

I buried my face in a strangers chest, whoever he is he is very well built.

"Get the hell away from me you disgusting excuse for a lady, I can't believe you're dating my younger brother. You disgust me." He spat. I don't think he meant to do it but he held me tighter.

"Excuse me?! How dare you tell me such a thing! I'm telling Eren-" She was saying before she got cut off.

"Don't bother." I heard another voice cut her off, it was also deep and silky, except it was a little more serious than the stranger that was holding me.

"I think I heard everything I need to. So they were right, you were only dating me so you can get away with pushing kids around. It's over Marissa, and you better watch your back, because GUARDIAN has had their eyes on you for a while now, and there is nothing holding them back anymore." He said before walking towards us.

"Let's go Kenneth." He said and I looked up to see the stranger nod, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he was beautiful. He picked me up bridal style without a warning but I couldn't respond because I was so focused on him.

"You can't do that to me Eren!" I heard her scream, so the rumors were true, she was dating him. I heard he's so handsome and that he is every girls dream boy, though I never got the chance to see him because I was always busy trying to become a doctor to make my parents proud. But now that I got a look at him I could see why every girl would want to make him theirs.

I forgot that my eyes were tearing up and before I knew it I felt his long warm fingers wipe a tear away.

"It's okay now." I heard his sweet voice whisper in my ear, Kenneth's voice is lovely.

"Yea we aren't together anymore, do whatever you can to make sure she gets what she deserves." I heard Eren say while he was on the phone.

"I told you she was no good Eren." Kenneth said.

"Whatever, you don't have a good girl by your side either Ken, I mean we both now that Gwen is after your money." Eren said and Kenneth chuckled.

"Touch矇 little brother, well why don't you tell me where a nice girl that isn't interested in money is?" Kenneth said in a joking matter.

"What about that girl you're holding?" Eren joked with a smirk that kind of took my breath away for a second, until I realized what he said.

Who? ME?! No, no, no. I was about to jump out of his hands when he said,

"She seems fragile; I need someone who's tough."

No多e didn't.

"Did you just call me fragile!?" I said getting out of his arms. "I am not weak!" I said trying to punch him but ended up breaking a vase instead. I retreated my hand after feeling a little embarrassed for missing.

"Don't speak ill of me when you don't know who I am or what goes on in my life." I said defensively, getting angry, I know that I might never stand up to my parents but I hate it when others put me down. They don't know what I've been through.

Feeling a little embarrassed I turned around and ran.

The nerve of that guy! I've been through tough times, he doesn't know!

he doesn't know. I thought again before clutching my stomach.

GUARDIAN is a very important group inside the school.but outside everything is unfair, and GUARDIAN isn't there to protect you anymore.

I feel like I just walked into something I can't walk out of now.

Damn.just when I was being left alone too. Well hopefully it doesn't turn out to bite me in the ass. I sigh and run to my next class before I'm late.


I made it to my class on time and took my seat at the back of the class. I was surprised when I realized I wasn't going to be late to begin with. There weren't that many kids in the classroom so I decided to take out my book to read. A lot of people made up rumors in the beginning of the year that I killed people because the books I read all have to do with pressure points, the human muscles, the bones, organs, what wounds in the body are fatal and such. Which now, looking back at it, I can see why they would suspect that I did, but I wasn't reading it for that, I was trying to get a little ahead on my medical classes.

"Hey Eve!" I heard a loud booming voice shout, I looked up to see the one and only Jace Stein, a member of the GUARDIAN, greeting the heir to the Jackson fortune, Eve (also another member of the GUARDIAN) they look good together. I know a lot of girls have had or have a crush on him. He is what most girls would say is a true gentleman.

The rest of the class started going inside and put of the corner of my eye I see Marissa "crying" while she steps inside and a few people ask her whats wrong. "Eren broke up with me! It's all because of some stupid slut with black hair and blue eyes! She had to dig her nose in where it didn't belong and he left me!"

What a lair, "Wait, black hair and blue eyes? There is only one girl I know with both. Mia Harrison." Then the entire class turned around to look at me.

"Yes that's her! That bitch!" Marissa pointed at me while fake tears were falling from her eyes.

"I didn't do anything!" I said getting up from my seat, "You were the one who tried to hit on Eren's older brother Kenneth! He broke up with you because he saw you, idiot! Don't play the victim you just look stupid, and I don't care if any of you believe me," I said looking at the entire class, "You can go ask Eren himself." I said before I sat back down and hid my now red face in my book. I can't believe I just did something that is going to start so many rumors about me. Damn! I should have just stayed quiet.

I heard someone say, "No stop, Marissa!" When I looked up I saw Marissa throwing a book at me and I was barely fast enough to catch it, but then I saw her fist going for my face and I thought I was going to be hit for sure when suddenly a hand stopped her fist.

I looked up to see who it was, and it was Jace. I don't know why, but for some reason I kind of thought it would be Kenneth在ut it would be impossible for him to get in this room and stop her blow so fast.

"This isn't any of your business Jace!" Marissa screamed at him.

"I am a GUARDIAN, therefore it is my business if you are trying to hit an innocent student who was only speaking the truth." He said and Marissa tried to make-up an excuse.

"It's not! She's lying-"

"No," He cut her off, "We all got a phone call from Eren explaining what happened. You only dated him to avoid GUARDIAN and now you are all ours to torment," Jace smirked an evil smirk and it kind of scared me, "You've been terrorizing students for a while now and you will no longer get away with it, so unless you want to be taught a lesson right now I suggest you take your seat. You won't get your ass kicked until later."

"I-I.." Marissa just removed her fist from his hand and began to walk to her seat, her friends, (or should I say minions?) quickly went to comfort her.

"Thank you." I told Jace before getting back to my book, the more I talk to him the more rumors will be started about me.

"You're welcome妃ind if I sit next to you?" Jace asked and I looked up to see his wide smile I couldn't say no.

"Go ahead," I said and Eve somehow sat on the other side of me.

"Okay take a seat anywhere, I don't care children. Today we start a new section so I want you all to pass your homework forward and take out a notebook and a pen/pencil." Mrs. Lassie said as she sat down on her chair as soon as she arrived in the classroom.

I passed my homework forward and the kid in front of me tried to erase my name and write his on it, before I could say anything Lassie was next to him and slammed her hand on his desk.

"What. Are. You. Doing?" She asked with a stern voice.

"Um安riting my name on it.?" He tried to laugh it off.

"Nice try, but this isn't your work. I see everything, this is Harrison's work. I think I'll remember the second top student in the school's writing. You get an F for the day along with Marissa, Rin, Missi, Dan, and Sheri. I can see that you all tried to cheat, even if I wasn't looking at you." She said as she got my paper, winked at me and then walked away.

I have to admit the teachers here are very strict and they always catch a student trying to cheat.

Once the class ended I began to gather my things.

"Here," I saw Jace's hand hold a piece of paper. "It's Eve's and my number. If you ever need our help you can contact us here." He said before they both walked away, Eve gave me a sweat smile before walking away. I blushed a little, no one has ever given me their number before

I shook my head and began to walk to the door.

I walked out the door and the moment I did Marissa started walking towards me and I thought I would have to fight her but instead Eren stepped in front of me. "If you touch her I'll make sure you're not let off easy." He said in a threatening voice.

Marissa screached, surprised by his arrival, and began to walk away. "Than-" Before I was able to finish thanking him he grabbed my hand and began to run. I had no choice but to run with him or else I would have been dragged. At that moment everyone took out their phones and began to whisper to each other, Damn! I think I completely destroyed all those years I've spent avoiding people to not start rumors about me. I might have started more rumors today than I ever will for the rest of my life. I hid my face from all the phones and hoped no one was recording.

Eventually Eren stopped running and I was out of breath, I wanted to ask him what that was for but I could barely catch my breath, I felt like I ran too much too fast and my head was beginning to spin, then suddenly the ceiling was getting closer and I fell back. I thought I had fallen for sure but I was caught by two strong arms that were not Eren's.

"There I brought her to you, happy?" I saw a blurry Eren say while he looked out to see if anyone was coming.

"No I'm not happy, I think you might have just killed her from exhaustion, not everyone can run as fast and as far as you can little bro."

Wait, bro!?

"Look I brought her, you can at least thank me for that."

"You're right, thank you. You may go if you want now." Kenneth said laughing at his little brother's attitude.

"No, I have her next so I might as well walk with her." He said smirking.

"Why did you guys kidnap me?" I asked getting up too fast to get away from Kenneth's grasp but I just came right back down to them.

"Don't get up so fast, here." He said putting a can to my mouth.

"What is this?" I asked suspiciously.

He laughed, "It's soda, I'm guessing you didn't eat breakfast which is why you're in this state. You need sugar in you." I drank a little because he was right I haven't eaten breakfast, if I had I wouldn't be in this state to begin with.

"As for your question I wanted to apologize, I didn't mean to offend you in any way." He said smiling at me and I froze, I thought my heart stopped beating for a second but then it picked up twice as fast.

"You didn't have to.." I nearly whispered.

"Oh, but I did. If I made a lady angry enough to break a vase with her fist I must have said something insulting, and for that I apologize."

I looked away ashamed at what I did, my hands just got stronger over time, ever since I was a child I would take out my anger on trees and walls just punching them until my fists were bleeding. But he didn't need to know that.

"Do you accept my apology? Because I won't leave you alone until you do." I blushed, why is he saying something like that? I don't need to get my hopes up匈 don't need this.

I looked away and nodded. "Good," He said, "You can take her back now Eren." And just like that he sent me away.

I guess I was thinking too much of myself, I'm sure after this I'll never see him again. He was just clearing his conscious.

Eren offered his hand for me to take and I shook my head at him, "I'm fine, thank you." I said before I lifted myself up and began to walk to the door.

Eren and I were walking to our class in silence; I was surprised he even knew I was in his class to begin with. I wish he'd walk ahead of me匈 know he probably wants to and on top of that this will probably start so many rumors that it will make me have a hard time for the next couple of months.

"I'm not embarrassed to walk next to you." I heard Eren's voice say and I turned to look at him with wide eyes. Did I say that out loud?

"H-How did yo-"

"I know you were thinking that?" He finished my sentence, "I'm good at reading people's body movements. I don't care what other people think about me, I never have. So don't worry what other people will say about us walking to class together. We are simply two students walking to class that just so happen to be going the same direction as the other." He said and gave me a small smirk.

I couldn't help but blush and nod my head. Maybe this is why girls like him so much匈 can definitely see why so many girls would fall for him. I just really hope I don't.

"Why are you so nice to me?" I ask, I know some people were nice to me because they felt sorry for me and I didn't want that. I'd rather be alone.

"Well I've always seen you around, and honestly I always found you to be an interesting girl." Interesting? He thinks I'm interesting?

"W-What do you mean?"

"Well I've seen a lot of people treat you in ways that you shouldn't be treated, and not once have I ever seen you get back at them or talk bad about them. I find it incredible that there are still girls like you out there to begin with. It seems like you've had a rough life but you never seem to take it out on others the way others take it out on you, and I think that's very admirable." Damn! It's going to be hard not to fall for him if he keeps talking to me like this.

"So尖ou've been watching me?" I ask, even though I didn't want to hear anymore I couldn't stop myself. This is the first time anyone has told me something that's made me want to smile.

"You can say that, more like monitoring. It's my job to protect those who can't protect themselves." Oh, that was why地t least my hopes don't have to get up any higher.

It was silent again, I didn't know what else to say. "Don't take this the wrong way," He started and I could already feel the pain that was coming. Just because you insult me and I don't cry doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, "but don't you have clothes that are a bit more comfortable?" I let out the air I was holding in, that's what he wanted to say. I completely thought he was going to insult me.

"Actually no, most of my clothes are old and ripped." I admitted feeling a little embarrassed for the first time in ages.

"Why?" He asked turning to look at me, I could feel his gaze on me and I didn't want to answer. I wasn't about to tell a stranger something I've been hiding from the world for years.

Just then I saw our classroom in front of us and I was glad that I didn't have to continue this conversation with him any further.

I lifted my hand to open the door but I saw pale white hands open the door before my hand was half way up. As soon as he opened the door there were around twenty-five pairs of eyes on us, I heard people taking out their phones most likely starting rumors that aren't true.

"Sorry we're late I had to ask Mia a few questions about some students that were causing problems." And just like that everyone put their phones away already realizing they couldn't make anything up from that, the teacher nodded his head and I turned to walk to any empty seat, lucky for me there was an empty seat at the back of the classroom.

I began to walk to the back and tried to avoid everyone's eyes, suddenly the floor seemed to be getting a lot closer to my face. That's when I saw the girl's foot that had been extended intentionally to trip me. I guess I should have seen that coming.

A lot of girls would hate me for even having a second with Eren that they could not have.

Before I hit the floor I saw Eren's arms wrap around me, my hair was touching the floor and my face was a few inches away from it.

"Are you okay Mia?" I him ask and I just shook my head a little, too shocked to respond with my words. I felt myself being lifted up and the next thing I knew the girls were glaring at me. I guess my face not hitting the floor made them upset. I just bend down to pick up my things and the next thing I hear was Eren's angry voice, "You guys will be dealt with later." The girls were suddenly shaking in their seats. He said it in a clear enough voice so that everyone could hear, including the teacher.

The teacher cleared his voice, "Ok everyone turn to page 456 we're starting a new chapter." When I lift myself up from gathering my things the girls were sending death glares at me, and somehow I felt like GUARDIAN was doing more harm than good when it came to me.

The more they tried to help me the more girls hated me, usually guys left me alone unless they bumped into me or something.

I went to go sit down in the seat that was empty, when I finally got there I realized there were no other empty seats to begin with and that's when it hit me.

Eren Hunter was going to sit next to me for the next 40 minutes. I just hope he doesn't bring up that question again. And if he does奸ie. No I can't lie to him; he can smell lies from miles away!

He sat next to me and I could feel what felt like a million death glares in my direction, why can't they understand I didn't choose this!? It's not like I'm kissing him or something!

The next thing I know a note is placed in front of me, I pick it up and open it up to read it.

Why are you sitting so far away from me?

What? Is this from Erin? I look over to see him resting his head on his hand and staring straight into my eyes without wavering. I blush and look away. I felt like I was being stripped down by this guy, it's like his eyes can see right through me or something. He's most likely analyzing me, he did say he can read people's body movements.

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm working.

I passed it back to him and I was examining him from the corner of my eye as well, he looked like he wanted to laugh. I saw him pick up his pencil and begin to write something down.

Oh really? Is that why you're so close to the edge of the table and almost sitting on the floor?

I look over to the table that was supposed to be far from ours and realized he was right圬amn he's good.

Fine, you got me. I have cooties and I'm trying to spare your life. I wrote sarcastically, maybe that'll do the trick. Most people would stop talking to me after hearing something like that from me thinking I'm weird.

I thought that would be enough to end his fascination with me but to no avail. I got the note back a lot faster than I would have thought.

You're pretty funny, I already took my cootie shots so I think I'll be okay. As soon as I was done reading his note I had to place my hands over my mouth to stop myself from exploding with laughter. I know that to too many people that isn't funny but that was the first time anyone has ever come back with a reply. A couple of girls heard my muffled laughter and turned around to glare at me but at that point I didn't care and they eventually turned back around.

Once I was finally done laughing at what he had wrote I tried to think of something else that would scare him away.

Hahaha you're funny... I'll kill you last.

This time it was his turn to crack up at something that wasn't so funny, then I started thinking, what if he's like me? What if he doesn't have too many friends because most people just want to use him?

I'd like to see you try. He replied and then I figured out he is very confident in himself, even though he doesn't really show it.

Before I was able to reply to what he had just said a girl stood up in outrage and pointed at me, "That's enough! Sir, they're just fooling around back there and I'm tired of hearing them!" The teacher looked at me and Eren and I was about to stand up and apologize but then Eren spoke.

"I don't think you should really be saying anything, Mia and I were just sharing notes. What is so wrong about that? She is the smartest girl in the school so it would make sense for me to try and get some help from here right? Besides you're the one who's failing this class along with many others so I suggest you stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on passing your classes instead of applying so much makeup on your already ugly face before they kick you out." I was at a loss for words, including everyone else in the room. I've heard rumors that Eren can be a bit cruel at times but damn he sure did take the cake.

I looked over to the girl who had once had an angry look on her face, she was now ready to start crying. She didn't say anything as she sat down and put her head down in silence. Everyone else got quiet and left us alone for the rest of the day.

Wow, I guess the rumor about Eren making girls cry was true. He can be a gentleman at times but he can also be a dick as well. I was just glad he seemed to not mind my company, but maybe I should watch what I say around him unless I want to end up like her.


Soon the class was over and I hate to admit it to myself but I was a little sad that it was, Eren was the first person who has wanted to talk to me just to talk to me and I was having a good time talking to him too. I guess it might be the fact that I don't have any other friends but I just wish we didn't have to part ways.

"Would you like me to walk you to class?" He asked as I was packing my things. I wondered if I should refuse to save myself anymore trouble with the other girls in school.

"Stop worrying about what other people will think." He said and I knew I couldn't say no. I nodded my head in surrender and he smirked in victory.

Once we were walking out of the door I could feel knifes being thrown at my head, some girls really must like this guy.

The more we kept walking together the more and more I stopped caring what other people were thinking about us. Maybe he was right, it didn't matter what they thought.

Once we finally made it to my class he turned to me and asked, "Do you have a cellphone?" I nodded my head. I bought the cheapest one because my parents wouldn't buy it for me, a long time ago when my grandmother died, the last family I had excluding my parents, she left me a good sum of money. I never shared this information with my parents fearing they'd steal it and buy drugs with it. So I keep it safe and only pay for my phone and occasional food.

"May I see it?" He asked and I took it out to hand to him. Once he was done he gave it back to me, "That's my number and I now have yours too, if you ever need anything call or text me." I nodded and put my phone away. People in the GUARDIAN are really nice.

I went in my class and sat in the back of the croom again, and right when I sat down I saw blonde hair from the corner of my eye and the next thing I know a blonde girl I don't know is sitting next to me.

"Are you and Eren a thing?" Her girly voice asked she turned to look at me and her jaded eyes were fierce.

"What? No, why would you ask that and who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Naomi Bennett and I'm going to be Eren's future wife so you better not try to get any closer to him than you already have. Do you understand?" She grabbed my wrist and began to squeeze it, I had forgot I had a bruise my father had created so I cringed in pain.

"Good." She said thinking she was the reason I was in pain and walked away satisfied. She went back to her seat which was a few rows ahead of mine. We were the only two in the class for a while no one was there not even the teacher, but then students started rolling in and the teacher soon made his appearance.

I looked at Naomi and thought about her and Eren together, and on paper they looked good. If someone were to see them together most people would think they go great together but somehow I get the feeling like it wouldn't really work out. But I guess that's none of my business.

I heard someone sit next to me then; I looked over to see another blond.

"Hi, my name is Ellie and I was assigned to take care of you until we leave for lunch."

"W-What? Take care of?" I asked confused.

"Yes, to make sure no one is trying to bully you because of the rumors that are flying about you and Eren. I'm sure a lot of girls will want to do something, but I'll be here so don't worry." She said as she shot me a smile. I tried to smile back but it wouldn't come out, I guess she's another member of GUARDIAN.

"Thank you." Was all I ended up saying. Seems like rumors about Eren and I became the biggest thing to talk about夙reat.

The class was about to finish in a couple of minutes and the teacher had asked Ellie if she could do a problem on the board. Once she was at the board a million papers started flying to my table. I was confused but I opened them.

You better watch your back bitch!

Sasuke's mine!

You'll pay!

If you keep talking to him you'll regret it.

And many more along those lines, I was surprised that so many girls liked that guy. Maybe I am in over my head.

Ellie came back and saw me looking at the notes on my desk, "Hey what are those-" I'm guessing she read a few which was why she stopped.

"Anyone who wrote these will be punished; don't think we won't find you!" She screamed suddenly holding up the papers.

The teacher looked around and shook his head, probably thinking how foolish it is to do something like that for a boy.

"GUARDIAN will not stand for this, if any of you girls want to keep messing with Mia you'll deal with me got it! I'm sick of this crap!" Suddenly every girl didn't have to courage to say anything to her and once the bell rang they all ran for the door.

"Hmp! That'll teach them, sorry I should have refused to go up." She said as she turned to me.

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine. Thank you for caring." I said before I left, I don't want girls to hate her because of me.

Lunch had finally arrived and I couldn't wait because after that it was only two other classes and school would end.

I was hungry too; I didn't eat anything at all yesterday.

I went in line, got my food, and walked outside. I didn't really have a table to sit at so I would go eat where the trees were and just read a book. I just wanted to be away from the crowd that I didn't belong in.

But of course my peace was disturbed by Eren's fan girls.

"Hey bitch!" I heard an annoying voice say, I looked up to see Marissa and her group of minions. Of course.

"I'm going to kick your ass! How dare you get in between me and my Eren!" She yelled.

"I didn't do anything." I stated again.

"It was all your fault! I was supposed to have his fortune! I was supposed to get the fame, now that's all gone because of you! And you're going to pay for it."

"Are you just interested in his money?" Wow is that why every girls wants him? No wonder he's mean to them I completely get it now.

"I'm gone make sure you end up in the hospital bit-"

"You and what army?" A voice suddenly said cutting her off.
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