Love Me

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Noah wants Joy but she wants Tyler back, Amani wants Tyler but he wants Joy back. Lara finds herself twisted in some boy drama involving her ex-best friend's brother, Greg, and Theo, but Theo is still obsessed with his ex Rayne. Emily is left alone to take care of a child that belongs to Pedro, Luca comes to help her out but she is not willing to trust him just yet after Pedro. Estella still has feelings for Luca but Luca wants Emily.

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I miss him...

Ever since he left me I have been invisible. I can sit at lunch with the popular people, hang with the sporty ones, practice with the musicians, gossip with the cheerleaders and even study with the nerds but no one seems to even take a second look at me. They don’t mind because to them I don’t exist.

Tyler on the other hand seems to be doing just fine without me. He is on the basketball, football, swimming, Waterpolo and hockey team. He is a straight-A student and gets all the attention anyone would kill for.

I lean on the locker he and I used to share when we were together before he moved his stuff to the one next to mine. I watch him walk down the hall towards the locker next to mine.

I remember Valentine’s Day when he came to school super early so he could fill our-my locker with candy, love letters, and cards. After that, we spent the night together under the stars on an abandoned building. He was never the romantic type but he did it for me.

I smiled at the painful memory which was still very vivid in my mind as all the memories of him. I continue to watch him as he walks gracefully past the other students.

‘Hey Tyler’ says a group of cheerleaders that look like brats dolls hit by buses of makeup.

‘Ty don’t forget we have a huge game in a few weeks, you can’t skip any sessions’ says one of the guys from the football team with ginger hair and freckles as he walks by them.

Five Minutes before the bell goes. I stand up straight and pick up my bag from the floor. I look at him and our eyes lock, it makes my stomach flip and overflows my head with bittersweet memories. He smiles and starts walking towards me. I turn around and quickly make my way to my science class before he got any closer to me.

Yes, I miss him but I am not mentally prepared to talk to him yet. Just looking at him breaks my heart into smaller pieces. I will talk to him but not now or anytime soon.


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