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Forbidden Touches

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"Bend over," he growls, the corner of his mouth turning upward. "No," I say lower lip quivering. I wanted to say yes, but what would that do to my scholarship. If anyone finds out I slept with him in his house let alone here at school we would both be in jeopardy. He moves back and runs his hand through his hair. "I won't make you do anything you don't want to. You can walk out right now if you don't want me to f*CK you." I part my lips and widen my eyes. He runs his knuckle down my arm and I shiver in pleasure. "If you don't want me to f*CK you like I did Friday night and Saturday morning." my face flushes and I look away from him. He moves closer and slides his hand through my arm. He grips my hip possessively and lowers his head to my ear. "Tell me you don't want me to get you off with my mouth. Tell me and I'll leave you alone." His Husky voice whispers in my ear. "Professor Sawyer" I make a strangulated noise. "You bend me over." his eyes light up and in no time I'm bent over his desk... Join Evelyn on this Erotic Adventure trying to resist Aiden Sawyer’s Temptation! [Mature Content🌢🌢🌢] Copyright ©️ 2020 ThekayX8. All Rights Reserved.

Romance / Erotica
Thekay X8
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Bestie: Eve get your ass down here. We need to celebrate your 22 birthday! πŸ₯³

I sigh as I read the messages from the girls. I fix up my black hair fluffing out the curls that hang down my shoulders.

Me: Hold your horsesπŸ™„! I need to find my lip gloss.

I set my phone back down and look for my lipgloss. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Fudge. I look in the only place I haven't looked. Under my pillow. It's exactly where I thought it would be. I let out a sigh of relief. I honestly think my friends would leave me if I'm not ready.

This is me! Evelyn Jones. I'm a 22-year-old college student who just started courses. It's my second to last year of school and I'm celebrating with my friends. Usually, I would be in bed studying, but my friends dragged me to get ready.

I guess this is karma for befriending party animals. I walk out of my room and down the stairs. I live alone in a 2 story 1 bedroom house. It's small and affordable. Just what I need to finish my four years of college.

My parents are out exploring their wild lives in all kinds of countries. Leaving me with only my grandma to visit. I plan on visiting before my first day of junior year.

I walk out of the house and my friend Cali beeps the horn "Hurry up or we are leaving without you." she giggles. "Okay, I'm coming." I walk as fast as I can in these stupid heels. I don't know how my feet are going to last tonight in these.

Once I get into the car the girls start cheering. "I'm getting you out of your shell tonight." Salen winks at me. "Just because I don't party doesn't mean I'm living in a shell." I roll my eyes. "You don't socialize either." Malinda comments. They are right. I don't socialize but I have my reasons.

"We are your only friends." Selen shrugs. "Seriously you need more. You barely even come out of the house." Cali says. I don't need more friends. I'm so focused on school I barely have time for the ones I have.

"I don't need more friends. I'm only going out with you ladies this once." I stop all of them from talking. "Well, I plan to make the best of this night with you." All the girls do a little giggly dance. I have a bad feeling about tonight.

We get to the club an hour later. Seriously it takes an hour to get here! Ugh never going out again. "We don't have to wait in line girls. I got us Vip tickets." Cali winks. "Nice going, Cal. I would have died waiting in that line." Malinda sighs.

Cali hands our tickets to the guard in the front and he lets us right in. We earn a few groans from everyone in the back of us. When I walk in I almost gasp. The club is beautiful. I thought it was going to be stinky and small but it's large. There are probably a thousand people in here. The entire club is blue and the Vip area is a bar with a few tables. I take it those are our seats.

All the men are wearing suits and the girls are wearing short dresses. This place doesn't seem too casual. Their dress code is weird too.

The people on the dance floor are grinding on each other to the music. Grooving and losing themselves. I'm honestly impressed. "How did you guys find this place?" I ask "It was recommended by a guy friend of mine." Cali says.

The girls and I don't ask any further. We know Cali sleeps with every guy friend she's ever met. I'm surprised she hasn't settled down with at least one of them yet.

"Let's go get a drink first girls," Selen says marching off to go get a drink. I roll my eyes and follow them. We pass by the dance floor and head straight to the bar. The girls know I don't drink. There are so many things in my life I haven't done yet and this won't be one of them.

"Can we get Tequila shots, my good sir?" Melinda winks at the bartender who's wearing an expensive suit. "Coming right up ladies." he smiles. He disappears through a door and we all sit down. "Pick one choose one Eve. Get laid tonight or have at least 2 tequila shots." Cali raises an eyebrow. "How about neither." I cross my arms.

My friends have no idea I'm a virgin. Honestly, I have no idea why I'm a virgin. After my ex broke up with me 4 years ago I haven't been with anyone else. It's not like he broke my heart or anything. We had our differences and it just didn't work out.

We weren't the ones for each other. After that, I just haven't met anyone worth getting into a relationship with. My friends blame it all on the constant studying I do.

"Neither isn't an options girl. You're beautiful so finding a guy will be easy. Or you could easily take a shot with us." Just as she says it the bartender walks out with 2 trays of Tequila shots. He sets the trays down and puts 4 in front of each of us.

Then he walks to his next customers. "I'm not drinking this." I push the drinks away from me. No way am I ever putting that into my mouth. "Okay fine be a party pooper." all three of the girls take a shot while I sit here with my arms crossed.

"I'm gonna go dance. Watch my drinks please." Melinda says scooting out of her chair. "I'm not drunk enough to go dance," Cali says taking another shot. She turns to me. "So how has your week been. I haven't seen you since Friday night." Cali asks.

"It's been fine. My parents when out of the country again. Honestly, they never ask me if I want to spend any time with them too." I sigh. "That's because they're not getting any younger and they want to spend time living wild. You're gonna have to tell them sooner or later." Cali shrugs "She right. They think you're gonna have to tell them to spend some time with you at least once ."

I suddenly feel someone sit next to me. "Give me a Bourbon Straight" he barked to the bartender. His deep British Accent making him sound sexy. I sit up straight and move a piece of hair behind my ear. What am I doing? His voice isn't that intimidating.

"Oh, my gosh girl! The guy next to you is the sexiest male specimen I've ever seen. We can switch seats since you don't want to get laid tonight." she whispers. I slap her arm playfully. "No. I'm not getting up so you can show your boobs to the British guy." I say wide-eyed.

I need to get a good look at him first. I clear my throat and rub my finger on the rim of my shot. I may not have a boyfriend but I know how to look sexy. "Bad day?" I ask not turning towards him or making eye contact. "Yeah. You wouldn't believe how sensitive people can be." he sighs. I turn a little to look at him and damn. He's tall with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. He has a jaw that could cut a person.

He's wearing some black jeans with a leather black jacket. I can see his muscular arms pushing out of his hoodie. He looks sexy as hell. I almost moan just looking at him. He turns his gaze towards me and I swear I feel my insides tingle.

"It always helps to talk to a stranger." I smile trying to look just as sexy as he does. "Yeah well, I don't go pouring my heart out to just anyone." he leans his arms onto the bar and turns his head towards me.

"You sure? I might be able to help." I raise an eyebrow and smirk. He smiles and oh lord is it mesmerizing. "I need a drink before I start my talking." just then the bartender walks out and hands him his fresh drink. He takes a big gulp and my body heats up.

He even looks sexy drinking. I watch as his adam's apple moves up and down. I lick my lips and look away. "So I'm guessing you aren't from here?" I ask. "Nope. I just moved out here for work from England." He smirks. "England, that explains the accent." I look into his dark blue eyes and he smiles.

I clear my throat and accidentally take a shot. Shit, this tastes disgusting. "Seems like you had a bad day too," he says looking down at my empty glass. "Well it's my birthday and I would rather be at home reading a book." I sigh. "Well happy birthday...um" I look at him and giggle.

"It's Evelyn." I lean my head on my hand and turn towards him trying to be seductive. "Evelyn." my name on his lips shouldn't sound as seductive as it does but it is. I bite my lip and he takes another sip not taking his eyes off me.

"I could ask the bartender to bring out a slice of cake with a candle on it." he smiles. "Wait they have cake here?" my eyes go wide. I have the biggest sweet tooth and getting a cake from a stranger will help. "Bartender." he calls "Give me a slice of the best cake you have." The bartender nods.

"Thanks...um" I smile "It's Aiden Sawyer." He licks his bottom lip as if he's expecting something. "Aiden," I whisper and it makes him smile.

He keeps his eyes on my lips as if he wants me to say it again. I down my drink so fast I don't have time to process what I just did. "How old are you anyway? He asks.

I think about lying but what good would that do. I'm an adult that's of age.

"Twenty-two how about you Aiden." I ask "I'm twenty-eight. Maybe a little too old." He smirks and I giggle. "Not old at all. You're still pretty young." I say.

"Now tell me, why are gulping drinks at the bar?" I say "My ex-wife is a crazy bitch." He sighs "She snuck into my house with nothing but a robe on. I'm not getting back with her though." I can't help but laugh and he smiles at me. "Sorry. That just sounds crazy is all. Thankfully I've never had an ex like that." I giggle.

"Oh trust me you wouldn't want to."

After a while of talking and laughing he tells me he should head home. "It's late I think I should be heading home." I look at the dance floor and see the girls having fun grinding on guys. "Oh," I say with a frown. This is the closest I've gotten to dating another guy.

I haven't had this much fun in forever. The thought of him just leaving makes me sad. "Hey-" We both say at the same time then smile. "You go first." I laugh. "I know we just met-" he sighs. "I don't want our night to end like this. Could I maybe take you to my place?"

With how much I've drunken I say yes without even thinking about it. I stand out of my seat and take his hand in mine.

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