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He isn't PERFECT

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Emerald is all grown up. The daddy's lil princess is not so little. Having the perfect family and love. But her life takes a drastic turn when Emerson gives her the major blow. Read Shades of the CEO first

Romance / Action
Sherrinford 221
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Chapter 1

Jennifer's POV
"Baby" I said in my most seductive voice which can turn him on in seconds.
"Yes love" he said rubbing my back. Eyes still closed.
"Get up!" I shouted and he got up with a jerk.
"What happened?" he said rubbing his eyes.
"What happened? Have you seen the time?" I asked with hands on my hips looking ready to fight.
"Just eleven babe" he said looking at the watch.
"When was your meeting?" I asked with a smile.
"Eleven" he whispered in horror.
"You are the laziest CEO ever" I said pulling away his sheets.
He yawned.
"Now get up and go!!" I ordered.
"Umm" he said getting up.
"Where are the kids?" he asked
"They aren't kids now Emerson".
I said and he smiled.
"Liam and Harry left for their highschool early morning." I said.
"And my princess?" he said pulling me to him.
"University.. she came to meet you but you were sleeping. As usual" I said and he pouted.
"It's her final year." he said and I nodded.
"Then she will be ready to take the CEO post" he said.
"Well.. that's too early" I said.
"Is it?" he asked and I nodded.
"I guess you are right. I'm still hot enough to melt any woman's heart. I'm not that old right. I'm just forty-five. " he whispered on my neck and I turned and gave him a look which meant "Shut up" he quickly went out and I just laughed at him.
After the doctor gave us the news of me being pregnant after I was shot, Emerson was both excited and nervous. He said he was very happy that he would stay with me this time. Unlike the last time when I was having Emerald. We had Liam then and Harry after a year. He's fond of all his babies but his love for Emerald is more than anything. His princess is all grown up but he still treats her as a baby. He is still worried when she is out. He doesn't like it when boys talk to her. I even tried to explain these things to him but he always says "I'm gonna chose the man for her".
And he-
"Jenny!!" he called waking me up from my dreams.
I went out.
"Why is Emerald's car parked outside?" he asked.
"She didn't take her car. She went with-"
"Umm.. no. Jason" I said.
"Jason Jason Jason. What did she saw in that man?" he said throwing his phone on the couch.
"Come on Emerson not again. We all know he's perfect for her. They are friends since kindergarten. They love each other. And Jason, I haven't seen any such boy in my life. He doesn't even look at other women. Just her. And I don't know why you hate him?"
"I don't hate him, Jen. It's just.. I don't like him" he said
"No father likes his daughter's boyfriend. It's common. You will get used to it. Your daughter is happy Emerson. Don't you feel satisfied seeing her Happy?" I asked.
"Of course I want her happy but. I don't like him."
"Please Emerson. Don't start again. He's your friend's son. You yourself said they are good people. Now forget this and get ready." I said.
"Not until you give me the kiss I deserve." he said
"You don't deserve any kiss babe". I said moving away from him.
"Now this is how you gonna treat your husband Mrs Hemsworth?" he asked.
"Yes Mr Hemsworth" I said smiling.
He then pulled me to him.
"I was thinking of going to Venice this Christmas" he whispered.
"Are you serious?" I asked
He smirked.
I then showered him with the kisses he truly deserved.

Emerald's POV
"Hey. Here's your coffee." Sara said placing my coffee on the table and held her.
"Thanks, Sara" I said smiling at her.
She took a sip from her coffee.
"By the way where's your lover boy?" she asked.
"Class." I said.
"He said he'll meet me here as soon as the class is over." I said switching off my laptop.
"Thank god."
"Sara.. I don't know why you and Dad don't like him. He's perfect"
"He's too perfect. Maybe that's why. I find him very boring." she said.
"It isn't that. He-"
I was cut off when Stella with her gang Cathy and Nathy came to us.
"Boring? So you want to say that the most handsome man in this university is boring? Hah!! He wasn't when he was with me. But when she-" she said pointing at me.
"When she snatched him from me. He became like her. Boring and useless."
"I've told you for hundred times that I haven't snatched anyone. We were friends since we were kids. We kinda liked each other for a long. It's just he confessed late. He came to me. And eventually, I too fell in love with him." I said. She looked away.
"Stella. He left you. HE LEFT YOU. The whole university knows now. I know it's difficult but please except it." Sara said and they left fuming.
"Sara. You have your class now." I said reminding her.
"Oh! I forgot. Bye!!" she said giving me a side hug.
"Now. Where is Jason?" I looked around but couldn't find him. I was about to leave when I heard a notification sound on my mobile.
Jason- Missing me?
Me- where are you Jason I'm waiting for you in the canteen.
Jason- I'm waiting for you at some other place.
Me- Where?
Jason- where we saw each other for the very first time. Come quick.
He said and I got up.
He's talking about the student's auditorium. We met there for the first time when our notebook got exchanged.
I picked up my bag and went out.
When I entered the auditorium, it was dark.
"Ummm.. Jason? Are you here?" I called him but didn't get any answer.
"It's dark Jason I don't wanna fall" I said again but still no answer.
"Look Jason I.. ohh!!" I shouted when I was hit by something and was about to fall but I felt someone's hand on my back saving me from falling.
The lights were switched on and I found out it was my man holding me with a huge grin on his face.
"Oh, Jason I would have got hurt." I said. He then pulled me up in his old.
"I'll never let you down." he said and hugged me.
"Why did you called me here?" I asked
He pointed towards the big screen in Infront of us. He clapped twice and the lights went off again. I held his hand.
Suddenly our first picture ever taken by mom appeared on the screen. We were kids then. It was when he came to our house and we were enjoying in the pool. My mouth was wide open in surprise as he still had this picture.
One by one all our pictures together appeared on the screen. I kept my head on his shoulder and were laughing at us. Then the picture when he proposed to me and I covered my mouth with my hands in surprise appeared. I was shocked to see that as I thought there were only two of us at that moment. The lights came back then. "Oh my god, Jason we-" I looked at my side and found him kneeling.
"Jason" I whispered.
"Sixteen years Emerald. We know each other for sixteen years. But the moment when I realised that I can't live without you was two years back." he pulled out a bouquet from behind.
"Though I'm dying to give you the ring which you'll be wearing throughout your life, I know it isn't the right time. Have this till then." he said handing me the bouquet. I took it and hugged it.
"I love you Emerald" he said.
"I love you too Jason" I said and he pulled me in his arms and I rested my head on his chest.
"By the way why today?" I asked and he pushed me slightly.
"Emerald? You forgot?" he said. He looked hurt.
"It's our second anniversary" he said.
"Oh!! I'm so sorry Jason. I'm really sorry"
"I thought the girlfriends remember all this" he looked sad.
"I'm sorry Jason. Just tell me what can I do to make it up to you" I said.
"A kiss could do for the time" he said with an angry face and I kissed that face a dozen times.
After that, we spent the time watching our pictures and smiling

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