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Lyric’s Magnolia

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Magnolia was just your average high school girl. She partied had hookups and lived freely. Lyric was a trouble maker a wild card a young soul. What happens when Lyric and Magnolia end up hooking up at a party?

Romance / Humor
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First day

UHH I screamed when I heard my alarm clock go off. I will never understand why schools make you wake up so early just to learn absolutely nothing all day. I hate school so much especially Sterlingwood it’s so boring and all of the kids are assholes. Well except my best friends Marly, Hunter, Alayna, Luna, and Devon. The six of us are like conjoint at the hip it’s crazy I never thought I’d have that many friends. But anyway I need to get ready Devon is picking me up at 8:15.

“Hey Dev you look gorgeous omg.
“No babe that’s all you.
“Now get in the car we still have to pick up the other girls.
Devon was like everything I wanted to be she was tall and model like thin with astonishing grey eyes and black hair.
Marly was the shortest in the group she barely hit 5’0. But the girl had a vicious tongue she held no mercy for anyone. She was blonde and kind of like a ticking time bomb.
Alayna was probably one of the nicest people you’d ever meet. With a kind smile and bright blue eyes her hair was a pinkish lavender color. Nobody could ever hate her she was too sweet for her own good.
Hunter was a tomboy. She’s the only girl on the football team. Hunter had the prettiest green eyes that shined like diamonds and pretty brown hair. Luna was adventurous she wanted to see the world. Luna was like the kind of girl who you’d see at a grocery store and never forget. The girl was a ginger with tattoos and she played guitar.
Oh and last of all me Magnolia Angelina Rivers. I was known for being a wild card always down for an adventure. I’m blonde 5’6 I have green eyes and I’m an artist. I don’t play any sports and I love my friends. You know I’m just your average teenage girl.

When we arrived at school we hugged and parted ways.
It was now lunchtime though and I didn’t know where to sit since I didn’t share a lunch period with any of my friends. I was standing minding my business in a corner when Lyric Fucking Maxwell walked in.
I hate that guy he’s so entitled and thinks he’s all that just because his daddy is the principal and he gets away with everything. When he walks in the room the girls swoon and they guys look at him in envy. I honestly don’t understand him and his friends they’re all just privileged pretty boys. Especially Lyric he’s like a wannabe Damon Salvatore with his tattoos, blue eyes, and pretty boy grin.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice when Lyric walked up to me and said. “Hey.
“Umm hi what do you want.
“I want you to come sit with me and my friends.
“Why we’ve literally only spoken once freshman year?
“Why would you want me to come sit with you and your douche bag friends.
“Douche bags you don’t even know us how do know we’re douche bags?
“I know you’re douche bags because word gets around and I know you’re reputation.
“So no I don’t want to sit with you or your friends.
“Oh ok well anyway I’m throwing a back to school party Friday night and you should come,
“Bring your friends too they’re hot.
“Asshole. I muttered.

After that the rest of the school day was boring. Devon dropped me off home. I was going be home alone for a while. My mom was on a business trip and I’m an only child. Guess I might as well get comfortable.
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