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+18 -Sexual scenes - BDSM -Murder She walked into my life like a raging tornado destroying everything in her path. Like most Billionaires Mrs. Clara Addison a Sexy, Independent, Crazy Bombshell bored with her day to day life, uses her charms and beauty to lure men in. That's what I thought, until I met the real Clara Addison hiding behind the mask of shame. She is forced to do despicable things by someone she married. Once you take a good look into her life you will see that not all is as it seems. Helping her up was the best mistake I had ever made

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Ever heard curiosity killed the cat?

Well curiosity got me killed..

She walked into 432 Park Avenue like a raging tornado destroying everything in its path, she owned the second highest building in Manhattan

At just twenty three and she had her own empire!

Wearing one of those tight fitting black dresses and black stilettos heels, her beautiful white skin beamed from under there making it hard for me to look away.

Eighteen and fresh out of high-school, my very first corporate interview.

My sweaty palms held on tightly to my resume, unfortunately the only experience I currently have was carrying around steaming hot pizzas which I hated by the way.

A few men joined me on the couch placed across HER door, they all looked in their twenties.

Clearly I was the youngest one there, they made it known by shoving me in the far corner of the seat.

Most of them looked out of shape. How they made it up twenty-five flights of stairs beats me…?

The ad stated that we walk up instead of taking the elevator, mentioning some sort of fitness test before the actual interview. I found it a bit ridiculous because the position was administration.

“Mr. Pillay, she called out.”

Complete silence followed by another announcement from behind the huge ivory desk, her tiny body popped up, she cleared her throat before calling out again “Mr. Pillay”

She shrugged her shoulders before plopping herself back down once more and typed a few keys on her laptop before she sighed softly.

She stood up once again this time holding a clipboard close to her half exposed chest

“Mr. Temple, Mr. Wallace and Mr. Matthews you may leave!” she said, her voice was loud and stern this time.

Disappointment filled their faces as they walked towards the elevator.

She cleared her throat getting their attention, “I've been instructed by Mrs. Addison that You three may use the stairwell.”

Her index finger sharply pointed in the direction of the exit door. The middle man protested the idea of walking down twenty-five stairs of course, as soon as he reached his hand out towards the elevator button her door cracked open.

He retracted his hand and politely apologized, retreating like a scared little puppy towards the stairwell.

He knew better than to mess with one of Manhattan's most powerful women..

As soon as those three fools left her door slammed shut, she was clearly annoyed by their actions.

“Mr. Daniels,” she announced, holding out a yellow envelope, he looked pretty happy with whatever was handed to him.

Half his body flew across the huge table giving her a tight hug, she stood there awkwardly for a few seconds.

“OK, OK we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning Mr. Daniels.”

“There goes my chance!” I sighed loudly which got her to half laugh from behind her desk. The last man was announced to enter her office; it took about five minutes before he exited.

He walked straight towards the lift tapping his shoe against the hardwood floor while he waited.


“Psst Get ready, you're next.” She whispered before calling out my name.

“Mr. Richards, Mrs Addison will see you now.” A slight smile formed on her face as she pointed towards the closed door.

My heart ran a marathon in my chest as I stood there holding the doorknob, I took in a deep breath before opening it up.

She sat behind an even bigger desk then the one in reception hiding most of her body underneath it.

Her eyes stayed focused on the screen, sighing loudly, “I hate Mondays don't you?” she said.
My eyes widened, I'm sure I looked like one of those deer caught in the headlights…
“Ah yeah I'm sure most people hate Mondays after an amazing weekend.”

Finally she looked up; her big brown eyes gazed at me. “Can you run?” she whispered.

Yet again another ridiculous question..

“Of course” I ran quarterback for a few years, but how would she know she barely looked at me for two seconds before staring back down at her laptop.

“Yes, I can run ma'am. Where would you like me to go?”

“Ah, smug I see” she whispered.

“Have you been to Valentinos?”

Not giving me a chance to answer her, “I would like a large latte, Double cheese burger, large fries and ah something sweet, you choose.”


I grinned stretching my arm out towards her, “Can I help you?” she asked with a stern look upon her beautiful face.

“Money.” I said as I reached out closer towards her.

If she was going to mess with me I sure as hell was going to messwith her..

She stretched her arms behind her head pushing the chair back to inspect me, her hand soon reached the tiny clip holding her hair together, tugging it gently long brown hair fell onto her face.
“God I hate Mondays!” she said as she tossed her now loose hair to the back.

“You look less uptight this way” I said, I held onto my mouth but it was too late.

She raised a brow at me and threw her long legs onto the desk pushing the office chair a bit more back making herself comfortable.

“I like you.”

“Yeah, you'll do well here.”

“Please let yourself out, Amy will give you instructions” she said, her voice now taking a serious tone.

I walked out gently closing the door behind me not wanting to embarrass myself any further.

“Soooo here you go” she cheerfully expressed, handing me a red envelope.
“Be here at nine she doesn't like tardiness.”

My mind was completely hot wired. Instead of thanking the girl I walked towards the stairs like a zombie causing her to chuckle as I continued walking.

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