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" No you can't leave me...!! " I shouted with tears running down on my cheeks.. If he will leave me I will be shattered broken and dead... " I have to think we never met.. " He said with a smirk.. How can he be like this? Not even a single tear is there in his eyes not even guilt.. .. " If you leave I will be dead.. " " If you will do that I will win " He said and got in his car locking his door not even once he turned to even spare me a look... .. " Harryy don't!! " I cried and his car left I broke down on the floor and cried my heart out... From that day I promised I won't fall in love ever again.. He left and broked my heart... Love means hurt Love doesn't exist not in this world.. A thing that do exist is fake people.. Mean and cruel...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I was 15 years old... I was too numb and innocent... I have been bullied in my high school for like I'm soo innocent didn't know how to shout back at them.

. It's a massive reason why I hate high school.. And I'm damn sure not all hate schools but many does...
I hate bullies and from like a year or more I have been bullied by this jerks.. But when he stepped in my world changed...
I was unnoticed until he came..
I mean not like from 1st day but when I started to fall for harry Johnson...

He was the dream boy of many girls.. And I -I was like nothing but things changed..
And that's the reason I hated going to school..

He stormed in my life and he played with me as much he wanted and then left..

..i begged to him but he left... I cried my heart out that night...

It's been 2 years...after he left me and I had decided to move on...

Things have changed I have made friends.. And a boyfriend who loves me...
It was noon.. And I was heading out.. Actually towards chruch. And at noon
There is not much people there..

I remembere I prayed to Jesus Christ to send some in my life I wannted love and to spread love..
But what did I get is him and a broken heart..

I like visiting quite places.. I feel peace there.. Open and quite places gardens
And lakes grasslands I feel peace there..
Just listening to birds cheerping...
And watching the blue sky ahead of me..
I love the sky... The sky Never discriminat
That who can fly and who can't its open..
Open to all..
And that's the reason sky is polluted....
.. Sliding all my thoughts aside I steped at the door way to leave.. When someone called me..
.. " Where are you going? "
Mom said to me raising from cauch..
And coming towards me..
" I - I was just going for a walk.. "
I Said..
She nodded and I left.. Closing the door behind me..
I stepped inside of the chruch..
Feeling pure and divine..
I thanked Jesus for all he did to me..
I even thanked Jesus for sending him in my life.. I learned a lesson never love someone that much.. Don't all people Came to stay in your life like him..

I made my way towards the candles to light them..
But suddenly a hand came on my shoulder..
I froze for a moment but I don't know why I feel like I should not be scared.. I felt secure..
So I turned.. And exhaled a breathe which I don't know from how much time I was holding..
It was church father... He looked around 58-60s..he was grinning.. At me..
" Daughter you always came here.. All time.. "
He smiled at me..
" You know guys of your age don't bother to came here to light this candles.. "
" I know this candles ensures me that there are always comes brightness in dark deadly times it's just about time and -"
" And Jesus always sends brightness to their life... I know Jesus will send love to your life.. Forever.. "He said smiling..

I wanted to protest but he had left..
" I'm home "
I shouted and was going upstairs to my room..
" Honey mrs Smith called haven't you submitted your assignment yet. ? "
She said while keeping her eyes at tv..
" Uh yes I just forgot.. "
" And hows your high school going honey? "
" Why do you care? "
I said to her.. She never cared about me..
I remember her taking all that money that I had earned from working at a cafe.. She said if I won't let her take she will say it to dad..
And I know what could happen..
He's not a good person.. After my mom died in an accident he kept beating me.. Always..
And after few days he got married to this
lady who just loves money..

" That is not a way of talking do you get that..? "
She yelled at me..
Tears running through my eyes I nodded..
And ran to my room..
I hugged the photo frame I have of my mom..
Why always people keep on leaving me..
Why does this happen to me..
I wiped a tear from my eyes..
I was lying on my bed.. I just want to leave this place... I want to runaway...
Far away.. For these people..
" Tring - tring.. "
" Hello talia "
I said she's my best friend forever.. She's always there when ever I need help..

" Hey girl I have planned a night out tomorrow around 9 my place and you are coming.. ? ".
.. She said I know she was grinning..
I wanted some fresh air and so why not..
We haven't hang out from a couple of days..
" Of course I'm "
I said cheerfully..
" Cool now let me call the boys.. "
She said excitedly..
" Yeah bye.. "
" See you tomorrow night.. "
She said and hungup..

I was gazing at the moon..
" I miss you.. "
... " I miss you harry Johnson... "
I wiled a tear from my cheeks...
.. I hate that I miss him...
I hate that I can't forget him...
" Where are you?? "..

I don't know where he is I miss him.. I cried.. While burring my face into the pillow..
I saw the thing on my neck..
The locket he gived me he promised he will never me...
He broked his promise..
He left but he's locket is still here... Around my neck..
When ever I see that locket I remember him.. His scent is still there in this locket..
I cried again..
I tried a 100 times to throw this locket but as many times I did I ran back to it and grabbed it again..
I can't throw it..
" I can't "..
I cried....
" Where are you..?? "
" Do you even miss me harry Johnson.. Do you ? "
" I hate you.. "
I mumbled while crying and closed my eyes to sleep..
" I miss you "..

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