Forbidden Fruit

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So Sweet

“Wow your place is really nice” I said admiring the decor.

“I do try” he said as he poured me a drink. “I’ve called Caleb and he said you can spend the night here and nowhere else. I’m surprised you haven’t been here before.”

“I’ve been drowning in homework for the last decade that’s why... what are you pouring in that glass?” I questioned.

“Orange juice kiddo so don’t get too excited” he responded.

“Wait did you say I could spend the night here?!” I beamed. My first night away from home ever! Omg omg omg!! I was internally freaking out because in my 18 years of living I always had to stay wherever my brother did and now I was alone and away from him! Granted it was only for a night and with his best friend but still, it meant a lot to me.

“So, are you excited for your 18th birthday party next week?” He asked as he sat down on the sofa next to me.

“Come on Nicholas, you know my parties are always Caleb’s friends and I can’t drink or even talk to any of them, it’s more like a punishment” I scoffed.

He simply nodded before asking “What are your plans for college?”

“My dream was to move to Europe and go to an Italian or french university, but obviously that’ll never happen. So I’m going to the state college I guess” I muttered.

“You don’t sound too happy about that” he stated.

“Why wouldn’t I be happy? I’m going to a college I hate, doing a subject I can’t stand? I am over the fucking moon” I sarcastically joked.

“You know, you could come and work for me instead” he suggested.

“I was considering an internship, but I am not doing that much hard work for the minimum wage” I responded.

“Who said you’d be an intern? Your good at math aren’t you? You could be my personal accountant slash assistant” he continued.

“Are you serious Nicholas?!” I jumped up from my seat excitedly.

He laughed amusingly at my reaction “Of course I am. Let me clear it with your brother”

My mood then dampened. Of course Caleb would say no. He’d always talked about me going to college. My body melted back onto the sofa depressingly. “That’s the biggest mood change if ever I’ve seen one” he pointed out.

“Caleb will just say no” I muttered.

“I said I’ll talk to him Lily. Remember I’m his closest and I’m sure I can do a good enough job of convincing him” he said.

“Promise?” I asked.

“I promise kiddo” he said patting me on the head.

I held my pinky out for him to secure it “You’ve got to be kidding” he chuckled. “No. We have to pinky promise then lock it” I stated. He obliged and wrapped his pinky around mine before locking our thumbs together.

He picked both of our glasses up and went to the kitchen “Ice cream?” He asked. “You already know my answer to that one” I replied.

He came into the living room a couple of minutes later with two bowls of ice cream. “Mr Businessman eats ice cream?” I asked. “It’s good for your throat” he responded.

Yeah I bet it is. “So what was all that about before?” He asked.

I took a cold ass spoon of my ice cream before responding “I wanted to kiss the hottest most athletic guy in my year and Caleb ruined it seconds before it happen!” I scoffed.

“You were going to kiss someone?” He questioned, slightly shocked.

“Yes. And don’t make that face. I’m 18 now! I should be able to!” I responded.

“Maybe Caleb did the right thing..” he muttered.

“How is that possibly the right thing?” I yelled, beginning to get slightly annoyed.

“Your first kiss should be special..” he said as he got closer to me on the sofa.

“It should be with someone who cares about you..” he whispered as his hand crept up and rested on my cheek. His smooth fingers gently massaging my skin.

Suddenly I got very nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach and my breathing became erratic. Was he about to kiss me?

“He should make you feel special..” he uttered, his face inching closer to mine with every word.

His free hand moved to my upper thigh and softly rubbed up and down. I closed my eyes ready for his impending lips to finally soothe mine.

His hand crept around to the back of my head, he pulled me closer to him, slightly gripping my hairs. I could feel his hot breath fanning my mouth, his lips so close to touching mine. “Lily” he whispered against my lips...

I know he said he wanted it to be romantic, but I was extremely horny at the prospect of my late night fantasies coming true. But I knew he wouldn’t make that move without some encouragement.

So I entwined my fingers with his and bought both of our hands to my waistband. I didn’t bother to open my eyes to see his reaction and instead blindly navigated his fingers inside my panties.

I thought he’d pull away but instead he lightly rubbed my clit up and down with two of his fingers. I softly moaned out as his mouth connected with mine, the pace of his fingers quickened, the room being filled with my swallowed moans and the wetness against his fingers.

“Please..” I breathed into his mouth. “What Lily? What are you asking me for?” He muttered against my mouth, his fingers beginning to slow their pace right down, achingly slow. I bucked my hips against his hand but this just caused him to pull his fingers out. He slowly bought his wet fingers up to his lips, sucking them, savouring the taste in front of my eyes. “So sweet” he said against my lips. He grabbed my hair and bought our faces together about to kiss me again when-


This seemed to snap us both back to reality and Nicholas instantly jumped up off the sofa. “Shit” he quickly answered his phone “Yeah she’s fine. Actually I’ve just been called into work so why don’t you come and get her Caleb?” Nicholas spoke into the phone, confusing me.

He swiftly ended the call and began to pace up and down the room “You don’t have a meeting?” I questioned. He just looked up at me, his eyes glassed with guilt.

“Oh. I get it. You just don’t want me here” I said as I gathered my things and began to get up off the sofa.

I made my way to the front door but my arm was quickly pulled back by him “This was a mistake. It never happened, okay?” He said authoritatively. I’d never seen him like this. He was ashamed of me, ashamed of what had just happened. Well I wasn’t about to be anybody’s dirty little secret.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be spoken off again” I spat out as I exited his apartment and made my way to the staircase.

What the fuck just happened...

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