Forbidden Fruit

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“I’m not too keen on that one” Louise said, shaking her head.

“Seriously? This is the 10th one I’ve tried on!” I shouted.

“Just try on one more and then we’ll leave, I promise” she reassured.

I reluctantly grabbed the dress out of her hands and went to try it on. It was my 18th birthday party tonight and by party I meant all of Caleb’s friends in our house and I’d awkwardly navigate around. It was extremely difficult finding a dress that made me feel mature but also one that Caleb would agree with.

Louise agreed to assist me, and even helped me come up with a pretty good idea; we find my dream dress and when we show Caleb throw a scarf over and act as if it’s part of the design. And then when he’s drunk enough, I could wear it freely. I wanted something black and slightly cleavage-y. It would help me feel actually 18.

“Perfect!” She beamed as I exited the dressing room for a final time. I opted for a tight-fitted black satin dress with lace all over the bustier; I totally felt like an adult.

I was hoping that once Caleb went to bed, I could maybe try and lose my virginity tonight. I was sick of being some China doll who could never be corrupted. I had to do it tonight. I didn’t care if it was romantic or even how I wanted it, heck I wouldn’t even care if we did it on the kitchen floor. As long as it was out of the way.

6 hours later
“Louise you know what that colour does to me” Caleb breathed out in her ear, he thought he was whispering but clearly he wasn’t.

Luckily for me, Louise had already gave him some pre drinks so he was very tipsy, he didn’t even notice my dress, so far so good.

The house was now filled with 100 odd strangers who I had never even met. The only people I did know were nowhere to be found. But I’d be lying if I said my confidence didn’t take a bit of a knock so far..

I wore the most seductive dress I could find and no one even batted an eyelid my way. It was almost as if I was invisible, because of course no one dared mess with Caleb Stone’s sister. I was yet to have a drink or find Nicholas. I wanted confirmation Caleb was asleep before I started getting down and dirty.

Me and Nicholas talked after that night and decided we’d be better off completely forgetting about it and moving on. But didn’t he basically finger me? I don’t know if it counts because all he did was rub my pussy up and down a couple of times, but nevertheless we’d now shared a sexual experience and all it made me do was want more. I had an idea, if I acted normal with Nicholas then I could make a move on him when he was least expecting it. I know he wanted me to, he just needed a little push.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed myself a soda from the fridge, people were making out everywhere and some of them were even drinking upside down. This was all very foreign to me but I was happy that I was experiencing a bit of real life.

“Hey kiddo” I heard Nicholas’s voice behind me.

“Hey” I beamed as I turned around.

His face was in shock. He looked me up and down, his eyes hovering over my chest for a little too long “Does Caleb know your wearing that?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“No. Louise promised to keep him away from me” I muttered. He nodded in response and took a sip of his drink while greeting people from across the room. Then I had an idea. And I remembered ; if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

I confidently grabbed his drink out of his hand and took a tiny sip. Yuck. It was disgusting. He looked amused at my disgusted reaction “Ew what is that?” I asked, trying to get the flavour off my tongue. “It’s ginger beer kiddo. I’m driving tonight” he replied.

There it was again. That word.

“Nicholas?” I asked.

“Yes Lily?” He responded, mocking my tone.

“Can I talk to you? In private? Outside, in the garden?” I asked.

“Sure thing, let’s go” he replied. He put my tiny palm in his giant ring-lined one to help us navigate through the crowds of people safely. Once we got in the garden, he led me to my special corner there. I had a cute spot for reading, a pink sofa and fairy lights.. it was very comforting for me. I didn’t think anyone knew about it...

“How do you know about MY corner?” I asked in a childish voice, kind of annoyed it wasn’t just mine anymore.

“You think I don’t know you come here and read kinky books? The amount of times i had to stop your brother coming out here so he wouldn’t find out” he chuckled.

My face reddened at his revelation. Did he really know I read that type of stuff? Shit.

He put his arm around me “Don’t worry kiddo, your dirty little secret’s safe with me” he taunted.

“Get lost” I scoffed, pushing his arm off me but it managed to find its way back.

His laugh erupted in my ear “You’re so easy to annoy”

“Whatever” I spat out.

“What was it you wanted to ask me?” He questioned.

“Okay well first of all, now that I’ve been 18 for a week and it’s basically official that I’m an adult can you please stop calling me kiddo?” I requested.

“But that’s my favourite thing to call you” he whined.

“Please. It makes me feel like a child and I’m not anymore” I responded.

“Let’s compromise... I won’t call you kiddo, but I’ll call you princess, because your still a little girl to me and my little princess” he said. I know he didn’t mean that to sound sexual but it totally did!

I internally sighed. Princess still made me feel small. But it was the best I’d get out of him. Weirdly enough, hearing this nickname and being made felt small felt a lot more better to me than kiddo.
Sometimes I had the personality of a sub, and sometimes non sexually a little. I think hearing that word tied in with my fantasies somehow.

“What else did you want to ask me?” He asked.

“Nicholas..” I whispered out. I pulled his hand off my shoulder and guided it to my hips, then I had full control of his hand and began to edge it further up my torso, almost touching my boob “What are you doing Lily?” He assertively asked.

“This is what I really wanted to ask you. Can you fuck me? Please?” I implored, almost desperately.

He instantly removed his hand and stood up “Lily! No! You’re Caleb’s sister!” He yelled.

Seriously? But the way he looked at me inside.. and the sexy voice he put he on when he called me his princess? Did I imagine it all? I think I did, I was so desperate for someone to want me I actually allowed myself to believe the most forbidden person would have ...

In my head I knew he was right. So I didn’t respond. Instead I silently took my rejection, barging past him and making my way inside. I heard him call after me a few times but all I wanted to do was be alone right now.
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