Forbidden Fruit

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No Turning Back Now

“Say red if you need me to stop” he whispered.

“Yes daddy” I seductively said back. His face hosted a grin at my choice of words and his hold on my neck tightened “Say that again” he muttered. “Daddy...” I sighed out.

“Do you know why you’re getting punished?” He asked assertively.

“Because I told you to shut up” I mumbled.

“Louder” he commanded.

“Because I told daddy to shut up” I repeated.

His lips tugged up into a grin and he wrapped his now loose belt around his hand. He pulled his pants and boxers down revealing his manhood and I was taken aback, to say the least.

Seeing it made this all feel real. Maybe this was a mistake... I heard that it hurts the first time. Fuck.

“Don’t worry princess, you aren’t ready for my cock just yet” he reassured.

“How many do you think you deserve with the belt?”
He asked.

“Zero” I replied sarcastically.

“Don’t be cheeky” he said with a light slap to my face “I think factoring in that it’s your first ever punishment, I’ll be nice. Let’s say 20?” He suggested.

I nodded in response and he ripped my dress open revealing my bare chest. Shit. I forgot I didn’t wear a bra with this dress.

“Mmh” he groaned out before his lips connected with my neck, sucking and biting on the skin, I gasped out loud at his actions but his hand instantly covered my mouth. “Your brother’s only upstairs remember” he reminded me.

His left hand gripped my boob tightly, playing with the nipple in between his fingers and his mouth’s attention went to my right breast, my hands wandered to his hair as I held him there. My deep breaths which I tried to quieten filled the room before he pulled away with a ‘pop’ sound massaging his thumb over the new hickey he’d given me on my boob.

His breathing was heavy as he pulled away and stared into my eyes, he smirked at me as he reached forward to kiss me, pulling away before the last second. “Stop teasing” I groaned out. “Are you ready for your punishment?” He whispered. I nodded in response as he led me to the bed.

He kneeled me down onto the floor at the end of the bed and sat on the edge of it himself. I was now face to face with his cock and my eyes widened upon seeing it up close.

“Take it in your hand” he commanded. I hesitated before placing his thick length into my hand, my fingers barely curled all the way around it. “Now move your hand up and down slowly” he ordered and I complied. Gently squeezing as I did so, attempting to copy the little porn I’d watched. In doing so, I was struck on the ass by his belt by surprise. I jumped up in shock and looked up at him to see him grinning “That’s 1” he said.

I think the craziest thing was that I should have felt violated or mad at him but I enjoyed it.

“Spit" he commanded in a strained voice. I complied and let out a generous amount of saliva onto his cock, where there was already a lot of precum. I licked it from bottom to top slowly, mixing the juices together. I repeated this motion until his cock was glistening. Upon doing so, he struck me two times in a row. I hummed onto his cock lightly when he did so.

"Tease me, baby. Suck softly" he ordered, I placed his thick tip into my mouth and sucked steadily while looking up into his eyes. My tongue reached out, taking in the juices which caused him to bite his lip, stifling a moan. He struck me with the belt "Again" he growled, helplessly gripping the sheets with his free hand. I flicked my tongue greedily over the top, flicking it back and forth over and over again.

"Take more of me" he said through strained words, his left hand held my hair in a tight grip and I happily obliged. I wrapped my lips around his full girth and moved my head up and down, finding a good rhythm. Every time I felt him hit the back off my mouth, I opened my throat further to take another inch of him. I made sure to squeeze my thumb to make sure I gagged less.

I looked up at him to see him in blissful agony with his eyes screwed shut. I bobbed my head up and down faster making sure his whole length was in my mouth causing me to gag. Tears began to stream from my eyes as I used both hands to give him the most pleasure possible.

His eyes shot down to meet mine and he gave me a faint smile "You look so good like that babygirl" he whispered. "Seeing the tears in your eyes and my cum dripping down your lips. Your so pretty" he complimented.

I couldn't help but melt a little bit inside when he said that.

I felt his tip begin to convulse in my mouth, I moaned in arousal as I saw his eyes fixated on mine, his lips slightly parted to let out his broken moans and groans. I reached my hand out, massaging his balls, feeling him throbbing in my mouth as he got closer and closer.

He sucked in air deeply "Yeah baby. Right there. Suck daddy's cock just like that" His hips jerked a couple of times as I deep-throated him one last time as he exploded in my mouth, letting out thick, warm streams of his cum.

He milked my mouth with his hot seed but I didn't stop sucking his sensitive cock "Fuck Lily, let go" he groaned, pulling my hair slightly back. But I continued to work my lips around him, flicking my tongue back and forth along his dick, taking his shaft all in then slowly out. His eyes widened and I moaned softly onto his cock as his cum dripped down my lips and onto his thighs.

He grunted out in pleasure before pulling me up by my hair and placing me over his lap “You can have the last 15 with my hand” he stated. His hand struck my left cheek causing my body to jerk forward at the sudden action.

He quickly hit the right cheek 5 times, switching up his pace, kneading my ass in between each hit until he was finally finished. I just lay there limp over his lap, registering everything that had just happened. I had a taste and now I wanted more.

He pulled me back up before quickly connecting our lips and giving me two soft kisses “You’re perfect” he mumbled against my lips.

The realisation then dawned upon me that it was nearly 4 am and Caleb would be up at 6 for the gym, he went every day no matter whether he was hungover or on the verge of death. He needed his morning run. “Nicholas.. you have to go” I whispered out, my facial features suddenly dropping.

He massaged my cheek before kissing my nose “I know” he responded. “This is our little secret okay?” I said to him. He chuckled at my choice of words “Yes Ma’am” he replied.

He kissed my forehead once more and begun to put his clothes on, getting ready to leave. I grabbed his hand before he got too far “Wait” I said causing him to turn around “When can we do this again?” I asked, almost desperately. He bent down and picked me up and I subconsciously wrapped my legs around his waist and he gripped my thighs.

“You know I can’t answer that. Who knows when we’ll be alone again” he whispered. He was right. It could be weeks, even months before we could do anything again. “Okay” I responded. He quickly gave me one final kiss before quietly leaving the room. I made my way back to my bed and lay there, trying to think what the fuck I’d tell Caleb in the morning...
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