Forbidden Fruit

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Close Call..

I sat around the table eating my coco pops, it was 8 am and I barely slept last night. All I could think of was our next rendezvous, would we go all the way? Would he spank me again? The vigorous thoughts got me excited but my face had to remain blank.

I heard Caleb get back from his run and Louise was in the kitchen cooking them both breakfast. Walking was a difficult task for me today, but I had to act normal so no one would suspect anything. Louise sat down at the table next to me “Morning Babe” she beamed.

“Why are you so hyper so early?” I asked. Causing her to laugh out. Her smile dropped when she suddenly remembered something “Lily, what happened last night” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Me and Caleb heard some noises of.. pain I guess coming from your room. But when we came to investigate you were sound asleep, did something happen to you?!” She asked curiously.

I laughed it off before responding “Yeah I went to the bathroom and fell on my ass onto my makeup.”

She half-smiled at my answer “As long as your okay?” She asked.

“Don’t worry about me” I said as I got off the table, cleaning my bowl in the sink.

“You need a ride to work?” She questioned.

“Yes, please. Give me 10 minutes to get ready” I retorted as I made my way downstairs.

I worked part-time at the local bakery, I enjoyed it because for some things I could be financially independent and it gave me time away from Caleb. He’d never come into the store because the ‘carbs tempted him.’ It was a win/win on both sides.

I opted for some jeans and a crop top. Super casual, but also great for the forever changing New York weather.

Louise had dropped me off and now I was working my way through a double shift. My manager, Donna was out at an appointment so I was manning the shop alone. But business was slow on Saturdays so I could just sit back and serve the odd old lady a jam tart.

An hour had passed and I heard the doorbell jingle and Nicholas walked in. Suddenly I became very sweaty and nervous as he approached the counter.

“Hello Sir, how can I help you today?” I asked, trying to remain professional.

“I need something creamy..” he said in a suggestive tone.

“May I suggest an eclair?”

“No no. I want something else” he said in a husky tone.

He walked around the counter and grabbed my hand before taking me into the back “I’ve been thinking about you all day” he whispered before connecting our lips. I instantly kissed him back and his hands slid down and tightly gripped my ass. I tugged on his hair harshly brushing my tongue against his. I moved my hand down his torso about to take his shirt off-

“Lily?!” I heard Caleb’s voice from the front of the store. Shit. What was he doing here? I quickly pulled away from Nicholas and sorted out my face. “Stay here” I whispered as I went to the counter.

“Hey bro” I beamed. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I was driving past when I saw Nic’s car out front and thought something was up, I heard like crashing noises too just now” he stated.

Nicholas appeared from the back and greeted Caleb “Yeah I came in to get some treats and then this clumsy one dropped some dishes in the back so I was helping her to clean up” He explained to Caleb. We both stared at him awaiting his response.

He smiled before bro-hugging Caleb “I knew she could count on you” he said “But listen Nic hang around a little longer, and if any guys come in and try to flirt, get rid of them” he continued in a threatening tone.

“Of course bro” Nicholas responded and walked him out to his car.

They both left the store and I took a deep breath I didn’t know I was holding. Fuck that was close. Luckily my brother would never dream of me and Nicholas being anything more so his suspicions stayed down.
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