Forbidden Fruit

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Awkward Dinner..

“Ready Lil?” Caleb asked up the stairs. I zipped my boots up and touched up my makeup before making my way downstairs.

It was Nicholas’s birthday so today me, Caleb, Nicholas and Louise were all going to dinner at a fancy restaurant and I was told to dress up. I opted for a satin red dress that was tight fitted to make myself feel good but also to tease Nicholas a little bit. The last time we’d touched was over a month ago in the bakery and even that was just a kiss.

“That dress is too tight” Caleb said through the mirror. Again, he made me sit in the backseat. The drive was about half an hour so it was best for me to get this conversation out the way now rather than have him on my back.

“Caleb, I’m 18. Deal with it” I spat out. He looked taken aback at my words but surprisingly didn’t reply for a while and continued driving. “You keep playing this 18 card as if it means something” he finally said.

“Yeah dumbass. Because it does. Legally, Ethically, In every sense of the word, you don’t get to control me.” I retorted.

“Nicholas told me about the internship, I guess I could allow you to take a gap year and get some experience in” he responded.

“I’m not doing it because your ‘allowing me’ I’m doing it for my own good. And it isn’t a gap year, college is a no go nonstop” I said.

He simply chuckled, almost laughing at me, before returning his attention to the road and continuing to speed down the freeway.

Lately, I hated my brother more than I could tolerate him.

We eventually arrived there after ploughing through all the traffic. Louise greeted us at the door and a waiter led us inside. What was weird was that he took us through the main restaurant to what looked to be a private part. I liked it, it was a hidden-away corner almost.

Nicholas was already sitting there at the table, looking as handsome as ever. After greeting my brother and Louise he gave me a tight hug, his hand brushing against my boob subtly.

We sat down, Louise and Caleb across us, intently studying the menu. Suddenly my dress was riding all the way up to my hips because I didn’t factor in how tight it would be when I sat down. If anyone were to look under the table right now they’d get a clear view of my black, lace panties.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Nicholas’s hand on my knee, slowly edging its way up until it rested on my thigh, gently squeezing.

“So Nicholas” Caleb spoke out. “I think this internship will be good for her” Caleb said. Although his words went in one ear and out the other as Nicholas’s fingers seem to have made their way outside my panties, pushing down.

“Please stop” I whispered to him. Instead, he ignored me completely and wandered his hand inside my panties, his cool, wet rings making direct contact with my warm clit.

“Jesus” I yelled out causing everyone to look at me.

“You alright Lil?” Louise asked.

I tried to formulate a sentence to take their attention off me “Yep. Fine. Just hungry. Where’s this godamn food?” I asked nervously.

They seemed to buy it as Caleb and Nicholas went back into their conversation and Louise returned to taking her selfies.

My hips inadvertently grinded themselves harder against his finger as they moved in an ever so subtle circular motion. I tried to hide my reaction by pretending to look down and study the menu.

“What do you think Lil?” Caleb asked.

“Uhm what?” I questioned, my voice ever so shaky.

“Would you be alright with having lunch with Nicholas everyday when you work with him?” Caleb asked. It was at this moment Nicholas added a third finger, making my head go all woozy.

I glanced over to see Nicholas smirking and I tried my best to say some words that sounded normal. All that came out were grumbles and groans. But eventually I pulled myself together “Yeah Uhm. That would be fine” I said, breathlessly.

“Are you sure your okay?” Caleb asked.

“I just need the bathroom. Where is it?” I asked Nicholas. He slowly removed his fingers before standing up “Come on. I’ll show you” he said holding his hand out for me to follow.

I complied and eventually we were in a very posh, very small bathroom. “Go. I’ll wait outside” he said. I went into the nearest cubicle, pushing the toilet seat down. Yes this was nasty. But I was so desperate to get myself off I’d do it anywhere.

But hey, it could be worse than a marble, fancy toilet cubicle with golden door handles.

I hiked my dress up and pulled my panties down before digging my fingers into my folds, covering my mouth with my other hand. The wetness could slightly be heard but I hoped Nicholas wouldn’t clock on.

I rubbed my fingers in figure 8 signs on my clit and let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m coming in” Nicholas said. But he was so quick and I was so horny that I didn’t even remove my fingers. Instead I just continued, not caring that he could see me. He locked the door and leant against it.

“Come on baby. You have two minutes to cum or you won’t at all” he ordered.

Now that I was against a clock, the pleasure seemed to increase. I rapidly flicked my fingers against my pussy. My heavy breaths now becoming soft moans. I used my free hand to spread my lips even further apart and touched myself at an inhumane speed.

I glanced at Nicholas to see himself straining through his pants. “Nicholas..” I breathed out. “Please” I begged.

He seemed to understand what I was asking for and leant forward, replacing my fingers with his. He looked me in the eyes before connecting our lips, swallowing all my moans. “Yes yes right there” I muttered against his face.

He buried his face in the crook of my neck, my moans going straight into his ear shot. He pinched my clit one last time, releasing my clear liquid all over him and my pussy to clench. I rode out my high as his fingers gently massaged my sensitive sex.

After a couple of minutes I pulled my panties up to see him smiling against the bathroom door, licking his fingers.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just didn’t expect dessert to taste this good” he whispered.
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