Harkins Academy

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Chapter 10

[Avery’s POV]

“The door’s lock is broken,” he reached for the door knob and turned it, “Which means, we can’t get out,”

A moment of silence hovered around us, until I broke it, “What?!” I pushed Colton away and tried to open the door, but it was locked. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

This is dangerous, very dangerous. What if Colton tried something to me? What if— “I will not do something inappropriate to you, I’m still up for the bet, remember?”

“There you go again with that mind reading,” I said. “Stop it,”

“Well, I can’t, I can see it all over your face” he answered. “And I just want to make it clear to you,”

“Ok,” I sighed, knowing that having an argument with him won’t help us both. “So, how can we get out of here?”

“We can’t,” he said. “We’re far away from the dormitory,”

“Have I told you that I hate my life?” I asked him sarcastically.

“No,” he jokingly answered. “This is the first,”

“Okay,” I said. “Whatever you say,” Now that I think of it, how am I going to be sure that Colton’s going to keep his promise by sticking to the bet? Well, for that, he could have done it right now, right? So, I guess there’s no need to worry.

But there’s only one problem, how am I going to eat my dinner? Did I also mention that I’m fucking hungry?

“Hungry?” Colton asked.

“Obvio—“ I stopped, “No,” Here he goes again with that mind-reading thing. I don’t how he does it but it’s so creepy and yeah, disturbing.

“Are you sure?” he grinned.

“Of course I’m sure,” I don’t how my pride got this big, but I’m pretty sure it’s all because of this hot mind-reading guy.

“Okay,” he said. “Whatever you say,” Is it me or did he just repeat what I’ve told him earlier? After saying that, he grabbed his bag then sat on the corner of the room. He then took out a bar of chocolate in his bag.

“Hey,” I asked. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to eat,” he immediately said while tearing up the paper and that shining silvery stuff around the chocolate. “You said you’re not hungry so I’m not giving you any,”

“Aren’t you acting a little childish?” I asked him. I walked up to him, tempting to take his chocolate but he immediately stood up. He ran around the room while I ran after him. I’m hungry and no one can stop me from taking away that bar of chocolate. No one.

We circled around the room but I still can’t get that chocolate bar from him. My knee’s also hurting, but I decided not to show him that. “Tired?” he mocked when I started panting.

“Wait,” he said. He took out his cellphone from his pocket. Wait, why didn’t I think of that? I took out mine then tried to contact one of my friends. “No signal,” Colton and I both said. “Shit,” he murmured.

I took the chance to sneak up to him and I grabbed the chocolate. How did I do that? Well, he was still busy finding some signal. “Yes!” I yelled.

“What the…?” Colton said. “Who’s the one acting childish now?”

I was about to take a bite out of the chocolate until he grabbed me by the waist. “Give me back my chocolate,” he whispered.

“No way!” I shouted. He then started tickling me. “Stop it!” I said while running out of breath because of laughing.

“Give me the bar!” he said while he continued tickling me.

“Okay!” I gave up. “I’ll give you this damn chocolate!”

“Good,” thank Heavens’ he stopped. I gave him the damn chocolate which he split into two. “Here you go,” he gave me the other half and of course, with my stomach growling, I took it.

“Never thought that you have a heart,” I muttered.

[Leon’s POV]

“Have you seen Avery?” I asked Emma.

“I think she’s still cleaning Ms. Amanda’s room,” she answered back while continued eating her salad.

I admit that I’m stunned by her. She’s great and she’s perfect. When I offered my help to her, I was being serious about it, but I guess that she didn’t see the seriousness above all that. “Who’s she with?” I asked her again.

“Chill up bro,” said Leo. “Don’t be so obvious,”

“Obvious that I what?”

“That you like Avery,” answered my twin.

“Who wouldn’t?” Ace blurted out. “She’s perfect,” That’s the time when the girls dropped their spoons as we continued to stare at Ace, wide-eyed.

“Ace,” said Kierlan. “Did you just compliment a girl?”

“We all heard it right,” said Patrice. “You complimented Avery,”

I respect Ace’s sexuality, everyone does, but hearing those words came out from his mouth…it’s impossible. Could it be that he’s becoming a guy?

Twins over one girl? What am I going to do about it?

[Avery’s POV]

“…I’m tired,”

“Me too,” he agreed.

I sat on the floor while he joined me. I feel a little comfortable around him now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not falling in love with him, I just find it a little weird. That’s all. He took out his iPod then gave me his other earphone. “What am I goi—“

“Let’s just make time fly by,” he said. “Here, take it,”

I accepted the earphone and placed it on my right ear.

“Time I've been passing time watching trains go by

All of my life

Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly

Wishing there would be

Someone waiting home for me

Somethings telling me it might be you

And it's telling me it might be you

All of my life”

[Colton’s POV]

“It might be you?” Avery asked. “Rock version of Stephen Bishop?”


“This is so cool,”

“Really?” I asked her. “You find this cool?”


“Wow,” I said. “Not all girls like rock covers,”

“Well,” she said. “You’ve found an exception,”

“Looking back as lovers go walking past

All of my life

Wondering how they met and what makes it last

If I found the place would I recognize the face

Somethings telling me it might be you

And it's telling me it might be you

And it's telling me it might be you

All of my life”

“Maybe it's you, maybe it's you

I've been waiting for all of my life

Maybe it's you, maybe it's you

I've been waiting for all of my life,”

After that, I felt her head on my shoulder. Wow, she’s really tired now, isn’t she? I didn’t make a move just to make her feel comfortable. I’m not falling in love with her. I’m just being friendly.

I’m still up for the bet. I’m going to take her virginity away from her and after that I’ll throw her away like trash.

Wait, can I still do that?

Of course, I can. I’m Colton Philips for Heavens’ sake. I’m a sex addict and I’ll always be one.

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