Harkins Academy

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Chapter 11

[Avery’s POV]

“Hey Avery,” a familiar voice woke me up, “Wake up, it’s already morning,”

“Give me five more minutes,” I said. I squeezed my head on the comfortable pillow I’m lying on.

“Is my shoulder really that comfortable?” he asked. And with that, I got out of my senses and immediately woke up. I was resting my head on Colton’s shoulder all this time? Why did I do that? Of course the answer is obvious, I was too tired and I fell asleep last night.

“Sorry,” I muttered. Then I felt my stomach silently growled, “Damn it, I’m hungry,” After saying that, the door suddenly opened, revealing Ms. Amanda with a smile on her face like there’s nothing wrong with seeing two students in a single room.

“Nothing happened?” she asked. “This is getting better than I expected,”

“What do you expect?” Colton asked her.

“I’m playing Cupid for you two,” she said. “You just need to appreciate it,”

“May I bother to ask why?” I butted in.

“It’s a secret,” she grinned, “Let’s just say that I’m helping Colton here,”

“I don’t need your help,” he murmured.

“Whatever,” the teacher said, “It’s not like you’re going to ruin my plans,”

“Plans to get us together?” I bluntly asked.

“Obviously,” she muttered, “Hurry up and fix yourselves. Class is almost starting,”

“Avery,” Colton grabbed my hand, “Let’s go,” I swear that Ms. Amanda suddenly smiled a playful smile. What’s with her? Playing Cupid? For Colton and I? As if I’m going to fall for this jerk who only knows how to enjoy sex.

But come to think of it, Colton’s not really that bad. He also got his soft side…and a dumb reason for acting like this.

I giggled thinking about the reason, I mean, can’t he just let this go? He fell in love with a girl who’s in love with his gay brother and he just can’t seem to let it go? And not to mention that happened when they were still kids. Now, he’s angry at his brother who rejected the girl he likes.

Let me tell you: Epic.

“Are you having perverted thoughts about me or something?” Yeah, right, I forgot Colton’s with me right now and is in fact, holding my hand.

“I guess you know the reason why I’m laughing,” I mocked.

“What reason?” he asked dumbly.

“What’s the reason I almost died laughing last night?” I laughed again. I can’t help it. You can think of me as a crazy person, but I can’t seem stop.

“You’re laughing about that?!” he panicked and his cheeks flushed the shade of red.

“Yep!” I yelled. Now that I mention it, students are suddenly looking at us. That happened when we reached the hallways. Why are they looking at Colton and I? “Why are they looking at us?” I asked Colton. Then I suddenly figured out why, “Shit,” I immediately pulled my hand away from his hold.

“Sorry,” he instantly said.

“Wow, Colton!” I mocked. “You’re improving! It’s the second time you said ‘sorry’, the first one was when you felt sorry for me because I told you about how my mom almost killed me, and now, you said it again! Do you want me to clap my hands for you?”

“Shut up,”

“You’re no fun,” I pouted.

“Now that I remembered,” he said. “How’s your injury?”

“Oh,” I realized and forgot that I have an injury, “I think it is fine now. I ran around the room with you for that damn chocolate bar too,”

“Guess that’s what chocolate does to people,”

When we reached the cafeteria, we grabbed our food then sat on the same table. This is not natural. I’m eating together with Colton? The sex addict among all the sex addicts? “I’m fun if I put effort in it,”

“Still can’t forget about that?” I asked him.

“It’s the first time a girl told me that I’m no fun,”

“Come on,” I said and slightly laughed. “It’s just a joke,”

“I don’t do jokes,” he seriously said.

“Whatever,” I said. I mean, is he always this serious? I admitted that it was a joke, didn’t I? “So, Colton, any reason why you don’t do jokes?”

“It’s because my first love hates them,”

“First love?” I yelled, laughing. “Seriously? How can you say that?!”

“How am I supposed to say it then?” he asked furiously.

“Why don’t you just make it more dramatic?” I laughed again, “Why don’t you just call her, the love of your life or something,”

“That’s not funny,” he pouted.

“You pouted again!” I yelled as I pointed my finger at his face, “You should do it more often, you look cute,”

Shit. For the second time…I really want to slap my face right now. “There you go again,” he said with a smile plastered on his face, “I think Miss Avery Tanner is falling for my cute face,”

“I do not!” I defensively said, “Dogs are cute, which means you look like a dog! Wait, a boring dog!”

“Boring huh?” he said like he’s planning something. “Want me to prove to you how fun I am?”

“How?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Go on a date with me.”

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