Harkins Academy

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Chapter 13

[Avery’s POV]

“So,” I started the conversation as we were walking hand-in-hand to go to an unfamiliar place that I didn’t know of. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he answered.

“Are you usually full of surprises?”

“No,” he grinned at me. As we walked, I finally noticed that we were nearing to a place full of people and lights. We were at some place open and a stage right in the middle of the place. That’s when I realized where he took me.

“You brought me at a concert?!” I yelled at him as we started walking towards the open concert. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Surprise?” he chuckled.

“Obviously!” I now exasperatedly threw my hands up in the air, I mean, who wouldn’t? “Whose concert is this?”

“The Icarus Account,”

“How’d you know?” I eyed him up and down carefully, but he seemed confused at my stare.

“How’d I know what?”

“That I obviously love The Icarus Account!” I yelled louder again this time. The Icarus Account is my most favorite band ever! They first started to make covers of some songs and posted in on youtube. Then they made their own songs which I fell in love with.

“You love them?” this time, he was the one who eyed me up and down, “That’s… cool,”

“What’s cool?”


[Colton’s POV]

I can’t believe it. This girl also loves The Icarus Account, my most favorite band ever. I was just surprised that she loves the band even though she’s a girl. Not all girls love the band. After all the girls that I’ve encountered, I thought they all have the same taste in music, but I’ve thought wrong. Avery is not the kind of girl who loves such nonsense music.

“What are you waiting for?” she demanded, “Let’s go!” she grabbed my hand and dragged me at the concert. As we were nearing the entrance, we first fell in line and I gave the instructor the tickets that I ordered from the net. I already ordered the tickets to ask Avery out for a date so my plan to make her fall in love with me would work. Now, here we are, going to enjoy the concert.

“I can’t believe it!” she told me. “We’re going to meet the Icarus Account! I can die peacefully now,” she then looked at me, “Colton,” her jolly face turned to a serious one, “Please kill me now,” after I heard her say that, I chuckled.

This girl really is something.

We were at the back part of the crowd and it was just in time for the duo, who are also twins named Ty and Trey Turner, to come up on the stage. Avery and I both cheered as The Icarus Account waved at the audience. “You guys having fun?” said Ty and the crowd went wild.

Trey plugged his guitar and a drummer was behind them. Ty then started singing my favorite song that I didn’t have somebody to relate to in real life. Favorite Girl.

“Boston never seemed to be

So lovely in the fall to me

Florida's not so cold

But distance just gets old

Hey maybe we can stay

Maybe we can lay like this forever,

Don't you know she is my favorite girl

I want to run away for days with her

And if you promise not to say a thing

I'm gonna buy that girl a diamond ring,

I said oooooh

I think I love you


I think I love you ,I love you

My favorite girl,”

I mentally laughed as I looked at Avery who was enjoying herself right beside me. I thought that I didn’t have somebody to relate this song to. But now, I think I found one. Avery, my favorite girl.

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