Harkins Academy

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Chapter 14

[Avery’s POV]

“Did you have fun?” Colton asked as we were heading our way back to Harkins Academy. The concert of my favorite band lasted for about two hours and let me tell you, it’s the best two hours of my life. It was one of my greatest dreams to meet ‘The Icarus Account’ and Colton made that dream come true. I couldn’t be happier today as far as I know.

“Heck, yeah!” I almost snapped at him. I found him chuckling and I mentally smiled at how awkward it is for the both of us to be hanging out like this, hanging out like we’re friends, like he’s not a sex addict and I don’t hate him. “I still can’t believe that I watched a live concert of The Icarus Account!”

“I told you I was fun,”

“Okay, sorry for judging you,” I honestly said. “There? I said it, happy?”

“Very,” he smirked at me whilst I just scoffed at him in return. His ego sometimes scares me off, obviously knowing how big it is, who wouldn’t back off?

“You know, if you weren’t such a jerk and a sex addict,” I admitted. “I might like you,”

“Like as a friend or like-like as in fancy-me like?” he halted his footsteps as I followed his example in the middle of the street.

“Both,” I gave him a warm smile. It’s true though. If he isn’t who he is, I might have feelings for him. But no, the Heavens’ made him like this, which sums up to the list of why I need to hate him.

“…Do you like my brother?”

“Why’d you ask?”

“Just answer the question,”

“Maybe…” I teased. “He’s still a little better than you though,” I started walking again as he went beside me.

“B-But he’s gay!”

“I don’t care,”

“You’re mocking me,”

“Yep,” I popped the ‘p’. “It’s so fun watching your ego gets hurt,”

“You really are different,” he whispered, with him knowing that I haven’t heard what he just said because I chose to ignore it.

“What?!” Emma yelled. “You went on a date with Colton?! Are you out of your frigging mind?!” it was like I’m in a war with a machine gun placed near my ear after I told Emma that I went on a date with Colton.

“Calm down, Emma,” I approached the living machine gun. “Nothing happened. We’re still placing ourselves on the bet that Colton made,”

“Okay,” she breathed and joined me on the bed. “Just fill me up with what happened,”

“He brought me to a steak house…”


“He brought me to a conce—“

“He brought you to a frigging concert?! What the hell happened to the world?! Are you sure that it’s really Colton you went on a date with?” she eyed me directly.

“I’m not sure if it’s really Colton or a robot that looks like Colton,” I said sarcastically as I watched Emma roll her eyes, “But yes, really, the robot brought me to the concert of my favorite band,”

“What band?”

“The Icarus Account,”

“Who are they?”

“Oh, right,” I spoke. “Only a few people know of the band,”

“I don’t really know them, you know,”

“I’m not saying that you do,” I counter-attacked. “So, any questions…? And don’t start yelling because I think my hearing is a little inaccurate now,”

“No questions but I have something to tell you,”

“Well…what is it?” I asked, curious.

“I think Ace is becoming a guy again,”

“Isn’t that good?”

“Yeah, good,” she muttered. “And I think he’s in love with you,”

“…In love with me?” I breathed. “Yeah, right, like that will happen. Don’t kid with me, Emma,”

“I’m not kidding with you!” she said exaggeratedly whilst she stood up and came back to sitting again. “He complimented you when you were not around and let me tell you, Ace never compliments a girl. He’s gay, remember?”

“Nope,” I disagreed. “I’m not going to believe you,”

“Yeah, don’t believe me like you did when I first told you that this school is for sex addicts,”

“Hey!” I yelled at her, “You can’t use that on me!”

“Yes, I can.”

I’m in my homeroom with our adviser, Ms. Piper. I think she’s in her mid30’s and she also has this short brown curly hair that goes along with her height which stands around for I think 5 foot and a half. “I am now going to hand you the forms to go the beach. It is your decision to go and your parents already paid for this trip during the enrollment,”

The class erupted into cheers as Ms. Piper started to hand out the forms. Why would they still ask for the forms when our parents already paid for it? I think I have no choice but to ride along with this nonsense. But who cares anyway, right? We’re going to the beach, which I haven’t done for a very long time.

I turned around only to find Colton staring at me. We’re in the same class, can you believe that? I guess you can. We’re not bitter around each other that much anymore, but I still have this sour feeling whenever I see him. I guess it’s because I’m thinking how ridiculous it is for us to become friends because of a stupid bet that can lead to the disappearance of my virginity and addition to his superiority.

I turned around almost immediately to look at the form. It just needs our signature and we are free to go. And guess how dumb it is for the academy to give the forms today and go to the beach tomorrow. Dumb, right? I mean, really dumb. They didn’t even give us that enough time to prepare ourselves. The trip will last for three days which is a little awesome according to my point of view.

Even though with the dumbness hidden in the form, I think the important thing is that I might have some fun during this trip.

“So…” Leon started the conversation. “Are you all going to the trip?”

“It’s such a waste of money if we don’t go,” I told them. “Our parents already paid for this trip, right?”

“She’s right,” Ace agreed. I tried to avoid making any eye contact with him since Emma hinted that Ace is becoming a guy and it’s all because of me…which is really awkward in my case. But if it is true, I’m willing to give him a chance, I had a crush on him when I first met him after all.

“Sorry, guys,” said Patrice. “I’m not going,”

“What?” Emma complained. “Why?”

“I’m going to my boyfriend’s place,” she informed. “I’m going to meet his parents,”

“Good for you,” I told her.

“I’m not going too,” Kierlan told us.

“What’s up with you?” Leo asked.

“I contacted my parents and they said that we’re going to Paris,”

“Cool,” Leon nodded.

“I’m going!” Emma exclaimed. “I’m going to have some fun with my boyfriend,”

“So…” I said. “I’m going to be all alone then?”

“Don’t worry, Avery,” Leo grinned at me. “You still have us,”

“…I’m not really sure if I want to hang out with guys,” I told them. “I’m a girl and my reputation is everything,”

“C’mon, Avery,” called Ace. “You’re not going to have a reputation of a slut,”

“Yeah, we’re friends…” said Leon as he ran his left hand through his hair. “There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with friends, right?”

“Right,” agreed his twin.

“Sure, sure,” I rolled my eyes. Having some guy company is better than none, right? “Whatever,”

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