Harkins Academy

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Chapter 16

[Avery’s POV]

Believe me when I say that I did not expect to hear that, “Are you fucking serious?” I almost yelled at my friend. “That Andrea girl is studying here?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, a little too confused. “Didn’t Colton tell you? I thought you knew,”

“I knew that Ace and Colton hated each other because of this Andrea girl,” I explained. “But Colton failed to tell me that she studies at Harkins Academy!”

“Well…I guess Andrea hates you now, huh?”

“Yeah, and Colton will hate me too,” I blurted out, not being able to stop myself.

“Avery,” Emma eyed me. “Do you like Colton?”

“Hell no!” I defended. “I wouldn’t like a guy who’s a sex addict,”

“Don’t ever fall for him, Avery,” she warned. “He’ll just use you,”

“…I know,”


“Hey,” a new person came to approach us. Three people came to approach us actually. And let me tell you, I really like what I’m seeing right now. I mean, I really, really like it.

“Hey, Leon,” I said, trying not to make myself look funny by drooling in front of him. “Looking good,” the compliment wasn’t just directed to Leon, it was also directed to his twin brother, Leo and our friend, Ace.

Emma leaned in to whisper something to me, “Is it just me or do these guys look like some kind of underwear models?”

“You’re not alone,” I responded. “They’re too hot for my liking,”

“Hello?” Ace interrupted. “We’re right here, we can clearly hear you two,”

“Oops,” Emma muttered. She looked at the other direction to avoid embarrassment but when she turned around, her face turned into complete shock. “Holy shit,”

“What?” all of us asked her.

“Colton,” she pointed a finger at the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Ace’s hot, don’t get me wrong with that, but Colton’s sex appeal radiated more than his twin brother. I think it’s because of his more muscular body. He got a group of guys trailing behind him, and as they walked, all heads turned just to look at them. They are literally like walking gods.

What surprised me the most was how they were walking directly towards us. “What do you want?” Ace immediately asked once his group reached our group.

“I was just going to ask you to play volleyball with us,” his twin brother answered.

“Frustrated because Avery here managed to hit Andrea on the head?” Emma said in a mocking tone.

“What?” Colton asked, completely surprised.

“Way to go, Emma,” I shook my head. “Jumping to conclusions easily,”

“Sorry,” she lowered her head.

“What happened to Andrea?” Colton instantly asked me. “You hit her?”

“It was just an accident,” I defended. “No biggie,”

“It is a big deal,” he replied.

“I thought that you didn’t have feelings for her anymore,”

“When did I tell you that?” Well, that caught me of guard. Colton didn’t really tell me that he didn’t have feelings for Andrea anymore, I just assumed.

“Know what?” I acted tough. “Why don’t we just get this over with? You want a game, let’s play a game,”

“You’re on,” he said whilst giving me a glare. Why is he angry? I told him that it was just an accident, right? What’s up with him? He went back to his friends and he gathered two more girls so we could be even.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Leon asked me, a complete worried expression was written all over his face.

“Of course,” I said. “You can’t blame me, I mean, he kind of accused me for hitting his girlfriend intentionally,”

“What happened?” Leo asked. “We also just arrived,”

Because of his question, Emma and I told them the story. It’s just a short story, one sentence can sum it all up. “Better watch out,” Ace warned. “My twin can play the sport very well,”

“She can too,” Emma gestured at me.

“You haven’t seen him play,” Even though Ace and his brother don’t talk that much anymore, I can clearly conclude that Ace still knows of some things about his brother. “He loves the sport,”

“Why is he a varsity of track and field then?” Leo asked him. I was going to ask that question but he spoke before me. Back when it was my first day in Harkins Academy, I got partnered with Colton in my Physical Education class because we chose the same sport.

“He has chosen that sport because he thinks that running is easier than playing volleyball” Ace explained. “How about you?” he turned his attention to me. “If you can play volleyball very well, why go for track and field?”

“Same reason,” I honestly said.

“We’re like waiting here!” some guy from Colton’s team yelled to us.

“Coming!” Emma yelled back. Colton teamed evenly with us. They got three guys, including his self and two girls. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” we chorused. We took our places on the volleyball court with me being on first service whilst Colton placed as the same on the other team.

“Who’ll go first?” the girl from Colton’s team asked.

“They will,” Colton threw the ball in my direction and I caught it with just a single hand surely. I can’t help but feel frustrated at Colton’s actions. He’s like trying to show off his skills because I hit his ex-girlfriend really hard on the head.

Without any further ado, I served the ball with so much force that no one from the other team managed to hit it. “Good service,” he picked the ball up and threw it back to me again. I served the ball again and this time, Colton spiked it with so much impact. When it landed on our side of the court, the people cheered.

“This is going to be such a bloody match,” Emma commented. “And I’m not exaggerating,”

“He started it,” I told her whilst I gave Colton a glare.

“Getting feisty, aren’t we?” Ace muttered. “Just chill out,”

“Chill out?” I replied. “I am so going to crush him,”

[Colton’s POV]

“Get ready to lose, Colt,” Tucker said from beside me. “I am so going to win the bet,”

“Yeah, right,” I chuckled then turned around to call the attention of the other team’s obvious leader, Avery. “How about this one? You win, I’ll be your personal slave for the whole day,” with me saying that, all the girls surrounding us screamed. “But if I win, you do whatever I want, got it?” I winked at Avery whilst she just rolled her eyes in return.

“Why the hell on earth would I do that?” she asked.

“I know you wouldn’t agree,” my face showed complete fake disappointment. “Guess you’re just too afraid to lose,”

“You’re just using that to mock me and to agree with you, huh?”

“Why?” I asked. “Is it working?”

“Obviously,” she answered. “How about this? First one to score twelve points wins,”

“Why not?” i said, too proud of what I can do. “Let’s do this,”

Our scores were both eleven points, which means one point to recognize the winner. “Get ready to pay up, Tuck,” I told my best friend. “One more point and I am so going to see her naked tonight,”

“One more point to go,” he repeated. “There’s still a chance to lose, Colt,”

“There’s no way in hell I’m going to lose the bet,”

“Let’s see…”

Avery served the ball and Tucker hit it whilst my twin spiked it from the other side. That was a wrong move coming from my brother, especially when I jumped off of the ground to spike it harder than he had done it.

When I landed on the ground, I thought that I already won. But I realized that I was wrong when Avery spiked it harder than I imagined a girl could hit a ball. The ball landed on our side and silence hovered upon the thin air.

Tucker shook his head beside me, “Pay up, man. You’re also going to be her personal slave for a day,”

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