Harkins Academy

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Chapter 18

[Avery’s POV]

My body ached as I opened my eyes in an unfamiliar room. The room was white and clean. Why the hell am I in a bloody hospital? I sat up straight and felt that all the energy left my body. I tried to remember what happened and figured out that I was brought here because I fell on the cliff and into the water.

“Oh my God!” the familiar voice of Emma screeched. “You’re awake! Guys! She’s awake! Oh my God!”

“Are you expecting me to not wake up or something?” I chuckled whilst she tackled me into a hug. “What happened?”

“Emma got help from us then your heroes came to your rescue,” I instantly looked at the back of the room when I heard Leo’s voice. Leon and Ace were with him, smiling at me.

“Heroes, huh?” I then rolled my eyes. “As if,”

“Hey!” Ace complained. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Where are those fucking ass-holes right now?” I asked them, obviously talking about those two guys who did this to me.

“Jail, probably,” Leon shrugged. “The police managed to get them together with their friends who were hiding in a strange warehouse,”

“Great,” I nodded. “Who brought me here and dived into the water?”

All of my friends first looked at each other before Leon sat at the foot of the bed, “It was me,”

“Really?” I asked him. I wasn’t expecting this. I thought Colton would be the one to save me since he was the closest human being to us that time. But oh well, why would Colton save me in the first place? I told him to stay away from me, right? And I was pretty sure that Emma didn’t have the guts to call Colton for help that time.

“Yeah,” he scratched the back of his head.

I was about to lay back down on the hospital bed when I felt a kind of metal rubbing on my arm, I raised it to eye level and saw an unfamiliar silver bracelet around it. “What th—“ it was a beautiful charm bracelet. It has a letter “A’ charm, a ‘&’ charm and lastly, another ‘A’ charm. A&A? What does it mean? “Ace, is this from yours?” Avery and Ace, that’s the only thing that came into my mind.

I was ready to thank him when he said, “No. I wouldn’t have the time to find something like that or buy something like that,”

“That’s really pretty,” Emma commented.

“I know…” I whispered then tucked my hand inside the blanket. Did I know a person whose name started with letter ‘A’ other than Ace? “Can I get out of this hospital now?”

“I think so,” Leo then started heading towards the door. Before walking out, he turned back to us. “I’ll check first,”

“So…” Ace then slightly laughed at me. “You can’t swim, huh?”

“Hey!” I called. “What if I can’t swim?!”

“Nothing,” he shook his head whilst laughing rather loudly because of my reaction. Emma and Leon joined his laughing too. I didn’t have a choice but to cover my head with the blanket because of embarrassment. It wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t swim. I didn’t like large water bodies. I can’t even stand being in a bath tub.

A teacher drove us back to the vacation warehouse or whatever you may want to call it. Many people who were at the campfire turned around to look at me. Emma and I went to my room to change our clothes to join the other kids outside.

Emma and I joined the circle and I couldn’t help but notice Colton sitting in front of me. He wasn’t near which I preferred but he was still in front of me. I didn’t know why I got disappointed when I learned that he wasn’t the one who saved me. I guessed I just expected him to since he’s the one nearest to my spot and all.

I wanted to ask Emma, but it would have looked like I’m interested in Colton. A girl then joined Colton’s view and it’s the girl that I least expected to approach him. I thought that they were over? Colton stood up and joined Andrea as they vanished right before our eyes.

“Jealous?” Emma asked from beside me.

“Me? Please,” I scoffed. “Why would I be jealous?”

“Trust me, Avery,” she stated. “I know you’re jealous. I’m the closest friend you have here,”

“Okay,” I breathed. “Maybe I am a little bit jealous. What’s up with that?”

“Because it’s wrong…”

“Don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill you,” I warned her. “I know that it’s wrong that’s why I wouldn’t like anyone to know about it. I know that falling in love with Colton is the biggest mistake I can ever make in my life,”

“Listen, Avery. I have something important to tell you,”

“What is it?”

“It was Colton who saved your life,”

[Colton’s POV]

“Colton! Colton!” Emma came running to our group. “Help!” why would a girl like Emma who hated my guts in the very first place come to me for help? My mind wandered from earlier, she was together with Avery. Something’s wrong. “Avery’s in trouble!”

“Where is she?” I immediately asked.

“On the cliff an—“ I didn’t let myself hear the rest of her explanation as I ran quickly to the direction of the cliff. I knew that Tucker and some of my friends were following me.

I climbed the rocks to reach the top of the cliff, “Let her go, Gus. There are people coming,” a guy voice said.

“Finally!” Avery’s voice chimed in my ears. At least she was okay. As I reached the top, a brunette was gripping her hair and knew that she wouldn’t be okay when he dragged her at the end of the cliff and pushed her, straight into the water.

Knowing that my friends would cover me, I dived into the water, calling her name. She fell into the water with a stance that will surely get her bruises because of such impact. She was bloody unconscious and I couldn’t help but blame myself for not running faster.

I managed to get into her and swung her arm around my neck as I swam to the nearest landform I could find. I carried her in my arms when I felt ground on my feet. I placed her on the sand and listened to her heartbeat before performing CPR. Her lips were cold and so was her body when I pumped the section on her chest.

She coughed up water but she still didn’t wake up. She was obviously unconscious because of the impact the water brought her. I carried her again back to the warehouse.

“Call the police for us, Colt!” Tucker yelled from the cliff. “We’ll be staying here to guard them. Now, bring your girl to safety!”

I knew that he was grinning at me but I was too worried to even give him a warm smile back. When I reached the warehouse, Avery’s friends stopped dead on their tracks from running when they saw me. I guessed Emma was a little slow in running.

“Did you already call the hospital?” I asked Emma whilst she answered with a trembled nod.

“The ambulance’s here,” my twin brother informed me. I immediately walked to the ambulance and placed her on the stretcher the driver pulled out.

“Thanks for this,” one of the twins which I couldn’t quite figure out said as he approached me. Avery’s friends were behind him. I searched my pocket without him noticing and took out the gift I bought for Avery.

“Tell Avery that you’re the one who saved her,” I ordered. “Whoever you are,”

“Why wouldn’t you want her to know?”

It brought smile on my face when I looked at Avery. She was still looking beautiful even though she was lying on a damn stretcher. “We made a deal. She doesn’t want me anywhere near her,” I slipped the bracelet into her hand right before the driver pushed the stretcher inside the ambulance.

[Avery’s POV]

“What?!” I yelled as everyone turned to look at me. “Are you kidding me?! He was the one who saved me?!”

“Yeah…” I got to admit, what Emma said to me was too shocking for me to breathe in. Colton was the one who saved me.

“But why did Leon say it was him who saved me?”

“Colton’s orders,” she explained. “He said you made a deal,”

I didn’t know if it was right to be happy right now. I was happy to know that Leon saved me, but knowing that Colton saved me kind of made me happier. I guessed Colton wasn’t as bad ass as he used to be. Who knew that he would stick up for a deal? I was angry that time.

“Is he the one who gave me the bracelet?” I asked him and raised the bracelet to eye level again.

I was touching the charms when Emma decided to give me an answer, “I don’t know…I didn’t see. But I think that it was him,”

“But that can’t be,” I told her. “Maybe it was Ace. It says ‘A and A’. Colton starts with a different letter,”

“Will it surprise you if I say that Ace’s real name is Christopher Ace Philips?” she asked me and I found myself staring at her with wide eyes.

“Why didn’t I know of this?”

“You didn’t ask,” I sighed. Well, she has a point there, I didn’t ask her about their names. “And do you know what Colton’s real name is?”


“Aiden Colton Philips,”

I didn’t reply to her after that as I was too busy looking at the charm bracelet. A and A means Avery and Aiden. It was a smart move for him. I wouldn’t have figured it out if it wasn’t for Emma who chose to be honest with me.

I stood up and went to the direction he disappeared into. I needed to thank him. I needed to thank him for saving me and for this wonderful gift he got me. But fate messed it up when I came in too late.

He was already kissing Andrea.

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