Harkins Academy

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Chapter 2

[Avery’s POV]

“For sex addicts,” she whispered.

I just laughed. “You’re good,” I said, thinking that maybe she’s the joker type who likes to make people laugh. You’re right, I laughed until I need to catch up with my breath. I saw her expression. She looks like she was thinking I was dumb, “Are you serious?”

“Obviously,” she said. “I wouldn’t lie about this,”

“What makes you say that?” I asked. “Do you have any proof?”

“By the way students here act. They’ll also have sex everywhere and you’ll notice it if you just get your ears and eyes open,” she said. “And maniacs harassed me on my first week as a student here,”

“I’m not buying that,” I told her. I mean that’s epic, school for maniacs and sex addicts? No way, I’m pretty sure the teachers are teaching them the proper ways of dealing with life, sort of. And this is a boarding school, for Heavens’ sake, why would their parents enroll them in such school.

“Many questions in your head, huh?” Emma started. “Well, I’m not going to answer that for you, just wait and see,”

“I will,” the fact keeps bugging me but that vanished when Emma and I talked about something other than the students here, we talked about things about ourselves or something like that.

After some chit chats, Emma offered an idea, “I’ll tour you, you need to meet my other friends. They’re not addicts,”

“Sure,” I really don’t want to believe her that this school is for sex addicts, I mean, I just can’t, but some of my guts tell me to believe her.

We went outside our room and heard some music playing on the speakers, “Why is there a song cranking up the dorms?”

“That’s one of the reasons why I like this school, of course,” she said. “The headmaster allowed our school DJ to pump up the place,”

“Cool,” a boarding school with hallways surrounded by music, let me tell you, it’s epic and…weird.

“I threw a wish in the well

Don't ask me I'll never tell

I looked to you as it fell

And now you're in my way

I trade my soul for a wish

Pennies and dimes for a kiss

I wasn't looking for this

But now you're in my way”

Should I say that the song sung along with my perfect reaction and feeling right now? I’m staring at my guy. Not really my guy, but one of my ideal guys. Brown hair, brown eyes, tall, muscular, handsome…. and perfect.

I stared his guts out of him and he seemed to have notice. He looked at me alright, and he smiled wait, it’s more like a grin. Evil grin? Maybe.

That’s the time when Emma looked at me, “Don’t ever fall in love with that guy,” she said, loud enough for the guy to hear.

“Why?” I whispered, feeling embarrassed by how Emma acted around this boy. It was also pretty obvious that he heard her.

“Just don’t fall in love with him okay?” she said. “…Unless you want to him to take your virginity away from you. That guy, he had sex with almost every girl in the school, including almost all the virgins,” Emma just took my wrist and dragged me along with her. The blonde guy just smiled knowing what Emma thinks of him. Maybe Emma’s right about him, he’s a sex addict. I just need to avoid those kinds of guys.

“Your stare was holding

Ripped jeans, skin was showing

Hot night, wind was blowing

Where you think you're going, baby?”

I saw a couple, or not a couple making out near the door. It’s gross. I can see their lip movements or tongue movements? The redheaded girl? She’s now biting the lower lip of the guy while the tongue of the guy keeps licking the redheaded’s face.

“They’re not the worst,” Emma seemed to notice that I’m staring at them and the couple didn’t seem to care. Is she touring me by knowing who the sex addicts are? I have no idea. We just kept walking after that.

“Hey I just met you and this is crazy

But here's my number, so call me maybe

It's hard to look right at you baby

But here's my number, so call me maybe

Hey I just met you and this is crazy

But here's my number, so call me maybe

And all the other boys try to chase me

But here's my number, so call me maybe”

We stopped in front a door and I stared at Emma asking her what we were doing here. “Stick your ears on the door,” I followed her command and it was like I’m hearing porn. So many moaning and yelling, but I knew better than that, they’re not watching porn or something, they were actually having sex or doing extreme porn.

“Okay, okay, I believe you now. I’m in a school full of sex addicts,”

“Well, that took long enough,” she smiled at me. “Let’s go to my friends’ room, they’re having some gathering,” After I gave her a nod, we destined into a room and immediately went inside.

Well, that’s when I saw something unbelievable.

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