Harkins Academy

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Chapter 20

[Colton’s POV]

“I’ll better go,” I picked up my clothes and wore it once again. I was ashamed to be seen having sex with Andrea by her roommate. I didn’t know why, I was king of the school for sex addicts, why would I fucking care about what they think?

But even so, I needed to admit. I cared.

“Should we continue this next time?” Andrea asked still on the bed as she bit her lip.

“I don’t know…”

“We should,”

“Whatever,” I walked out of her room. I then spotted Leon and Avery talking. It looked like they were arguing about something, since it was obvious that I didn’t care because they were best friends anyway, I decided to not mind them.

But of course, I minded them.

But again, they were friends. Just as I was about to walk away from them, I saw that Leon or Leo, couldn’t distinguish them, suddenly leaning closer and closer to Avery. I was about to ruin their moment, but I was too late.

They kissed.

I then felt a sudden pain in my chest. Was I hurting? Yeah, dude, you’re hurting. Just accept the fact. You’re fucking in love with the girl, man. My left side brain told me.

Without thinking of my actions, I opened the door of Andrea’s room once again. “I changed my mind, we should continue next time. Tomorrow, perhaps?”

Andrea who was still on the bed grinned at me. “Sure, see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I grinned back.

Even though it’s nothing but my fault that I fell in love with her, I still couldn’t accept the fact that she chose that Leon or Leo over me. I was sweet to her. I treated her like I never treated anyone else since I became a sex addict. And now, she was off kissing another guy. Why was she so blind to see the obviousness of what I was feeling for her?

Well, Dear Avery. I’ll get back at you for making me feel this pain and for ruining my reputation. Sincerely yours, the guy who fell in love with you.

[Avery’s POV]

When Leon pulled away from me, he instantly gave me a smile then muttered, “Mission accomplished,”

“You’re insane,” I playfully pushed him away. “You know that?


“Hey!” I whined. “You’re not supposed to take that as a compliment!”

“I already did,”

“Whatever,” I stood up then he followed my example. “Let’s go back,” when we went back to my room, Ace and Leo were still there. “Well, this is embarrassing,” I sighed. “Now that you know that I’m in love with Colton, feel free to hate me,”

“Why would we hate you?” Leo asked, confused. “There’s nothing wrong with liking someone,”

“He’s right,” Ace shrugged.

Emma then turned her attention to me and Leon, “What did the two of you talk about?”

“We planned to make Colton jealous,” Leon then grinned. “And I swear, he already got jealous from earlier,”

“Okay, first,” I interrupted what Emma was going to say. “There’s no ‘we’ in his sentence, he planned it all by himself. And second, we sort of kissed, but I doubt it that Colton was jealous,”

“Please,” Ace scoffed. “He likes you. Even if I wasn’t there, I know that he’s jealous,”

“How’d you know?” I asked then he just eyed me like I was insane when I suddenly realized the situation. “Oh right. Twins,”

“Colton really is messing with your brain, huh?” Leo chuckled. “Lucky lad,”

“Okay, so this is it,” Emma then stood up and placed her left in front of her. ”Operation: Make Colton jealous. Hands in!”

“Really? Emma? Really?” I raised an eyebrow at her. “Are you serious?”

“Just put your hands in,” Emma rolled her eyes. Leon was the first one to put his hand on top of Emma, then Leo, then Ace and lastly, me. “Go go go!” she yelled and we raised our hands and broke apart.

“That was so fun,” Leo said sarcastically. “We should do it more often so everybody would call us ‘a mentally challenged group of friends’,”

“Don’t start a fight with me, Leo, you won’t like it,” Emma glared at him. “Now you boys need to disappear, go back to your rooms,”

“Yes mom,” they all muttered before walking out of the room.

I bathed then changed my clothes whilst Emma did the same right after me. We shuffled on our beds and she turned the lights off. Before I was about to sleep, I told Emma something. “You know, Leo does have a point,”

“Shut up,” even though I couldn’t see her. I knew that she was glaring at me. And that was enough to make me chuckle. I really do have amazing friends.

And Colton, just you wait. I would get back at you for messing with my heart.

“Wake up, babe, it’s time for breakfast,” someone whispered in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Leon standing there.

I rubbed my eyes and saw the Emma was already gone, “What the heck are you doing here, Leon?”

“Just wanted to wake my girlfriend up,” he winked.

“I need you to wait here,” I told him as I started to pick some clothes from my bag. “I’ll just take a shower,”

“Can I join you?”

“Obviously not,”

“What? Why?” he asked. “I’m your boyfriend!”

“Exactly,” I smiled at him then stepped inside the bathroom. “I don’t want to go making babies,”

“We could use protection!” he yelled from outside.

“Not in a million years,” I chuckled. Even though we were just playing along, the atmosphere didn’t change to being awkward. As I told him, I showered then slipped on some new clothes. I just wore a light-washed pair of jeans and a tank top since it was sunny outside.

“Ready to make Colton jealous, babe?” he asked.

“More than I’ll ever be,” I nodded at him even though I was feeling bad about using a good guy like him. He really deserved a girl who was kind and sweet, the total opposite of me. But like I said to him last night, if I could choose who to fall in love with, I’d choose him. Why? The reason was obvious.

When we got outside, there were tables and chairs set on the sand. Emma and the others saved two seats for us. And luckily, Colton, with Andrea beside him, was just a few seats away in front of us. Things couldn’t just get better and better.

Colton then took a glance at me. I just decided to ignore his stare when Leon whispered something to me, “Give me a laugh,”


“Just do it,” he commanded and I gave a slight laugh. I guessed it was to show Colton that I was having a good time with Leon whispering beside me. “Ready, babe?”

“Ready for what?”

“Full-time making out,”

“We’re going to cause a scene,”

“I know,” he smirked at me then smashed his lips on mine. It was full time making-out and as I said, we were causing quite a scene because we were indeed shoving our tongues into each other’s mouth. Since we were in a school full of sex addicts, no teacher interrupted us, which was great on my part.

We pulled away then grinned at each other after a few minutes. “That was full time snogging,” Leo mumbled as he was staring at us.

“Close your mouth, brother,” Leon chuckled. “We don’t want to have a fly coming inside it now, do we?”

“Looks like you’re not the only one who’s making a scene,” Ace nudged at the direction of Colton and Andrea. They caused a bigger scene than us. Why? Andrea was on Colton’s lap whilst they were eating each other’s face. Andrea was giggling like a fan girl when Colton trailed kisses on her neck.

Emma didn’t mind about them since she was too busy flirting and laughing with her boyfriend. Other than that, I still had Ace, Leo and Leon to make some plans on how to make this work. “Damn them,” Leo whispered since we didn’t want anyone hearing about the plan. “What now? How could you beat them?”

“Have sex on the table,” Leon grinned but I knew that he was just playing me.

“Yeah, let’s do that, Leon!” I said enthusiastically. “Because I want to be a porn star! What a great idea you have there,” the four of us just laughed after that. Leon and I started eating the food that was served on the table. The sun was up and it was scorching hot. I wanted to take a swim, but I couldn’t swim. Trust me that it was my dream to learn how to swim for ages. But my mother never enrolled me to take some swimming lessons since she hated me a lot.

“I think I have the perfect plan to make him angry,” I knew that the plan was to make him jealous, but I wanted to make him angry instead. I interrupted Emma and her boyfriend’s atmosphere first. “Emma, are you a good actress?”

“Of course, I am,”

“I need you to yell this so everyone could hear,” I whispered something to her. I instructed her to say what I wanted her to say and then turned my attention to Leon. “Just play along with this one. This is gonna be easy,”

I gave Emma a nod then she stood up and started acting surprised. “What?!” she yelled. “You’re going to give your virginity to Leon? Just like that? You’re going to let him take your V-Card away?” she then looked at her surroundings like I asked her to do. Everyone was staring at us alright. “Oops, sorry,” she then leaned in to whisper something to me so it looked like we were talking about something private. “How’s that?”

“That’s good,”

“I bet that this will be good,” I spoke loud for everybody to hear, including Colton, of course. “Considering it’s my first time and all…”

“Don’t worry, babe,” he whispered to me seductively but I was also willing to bet that Colton heard it. “I’ll fuck you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to walk for weeks,”

“That’s funny,” I rolled my eyes at him. “Let’s see how good you are tonight,”

“Yeah,” he smirked, “Tonight,”

One thought just came into my mind.

Damn, we were good at acting.

“He was in the verge of exploding!” Leo laughed. “You should have seen Colton’s face!”

“He was so jealous,” Ace shook his head laughing. We were now currently sitting on the sand watching other people take their swim. Emma wasn’t with us obviously, she’s too busy keeping her boyfriend company, not that I’m complaining.

“You know,” Leo then pointed out. “If I didn’t know about the plan, I would have believed you two,”

“That’s the point,” Leon winked at his twin.

“I’m going to get some drinks since it’s getting hot in here,” I stood up. “Want me to get you some?”

“Want me to come with you?” Leon asked.

“I’m fine,” I said then they stated all their drinks. I went to this little bar thing that all beaches had. Since all of us just wanted ‘Gatorade’, the guy worker gave me just that and placed it inside a little plastic bag. I didn’t need to pay since we already paid for it back at the academy.

As I was walking my way back to the boys, someone pulled me in a corner and pinned me to the wall. Oh, this should be good. “What do you want, Colton?”

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