Harkins Academy

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Chapter 21

[Avery’s POV]

“Is it true?” he hissed whilst he pressed his body closer to mine. I would have fainted if I wasn’t too caught up by the fact that maybe he was jealous. Did he also like me? “Is it true that you’re going to give your virginity to that guy?”

“What if it’s true?” I cocked an eyebrow at him. “Why do you care anyway?”

“I’m just wondering…” he looked at me dead straight into the eyes. His eyes showed anger and frustration, whilst mine showed complete resentment. “Why would you give your virginity to that guy?”

“Why, Colton?” I tried to sound confident but deep inside, I was shaking like hell. “Are you jealous?”

“What if I told you that I am?”

“And what if I told you that I don’t care?” I pushed him away from me but in one movement, he pinned both of my hands with his, making the drinks that I bought fall on the sand.

“I know you have a thing for me, Avery,”

“Funny,” I harshly chuckled. “Last time I checked, I hated you,”

“What’s the difference?” he smirked at me. “Just say it, Avery. Just tell me that you like me. Tell me that you fell in love with me. Just tell me that and I’ll break up with Andrea,”

After looking deeply into his smirk, I finally realized something. How could I be so dumb?

How could I even forget?

“So this is what it’s all about, isn’t it?” I asked him, using all my strength to get away from his grip and pushed him away from me. For a second, he looked confused, but he quickly recovered from it. “I’m such a fool, Colton,”

“What are you talking about?”

I knew that I was glaring at him. Why? I was angry at him for Heaven’s sake. No. I was angry at myself for falling into a trap and forgetting about what happened when I first came to Harkins Academy. “This is all about that fucking bet, isn’t it?!”

I didn’t have an idea of why I was angry. Maybe it was because I’m angry at Colton for making me fall in love with him. I didn’t know. But there was one thing I’m sure about, “You want me to tell you that I fell in love with you so you could win the bet!”


“Don’t act like you forgot about the bet, Colton!” I screamed at him. “Oh God! How could I be so stupid? The bet we made back in P.E. class, I’m so stupid for forgetting!”

I remembered our bet now. I remembered the bet we made like it was just yesterday.

“Let’s have a bet, Avery,” he said to me. I could see that he got his own rhythm, that’s why he could catch up with me.

“I’m not interested,” I told him coldly.

“You sure…?”


“This bet is about your virginity anyway,” how did he know I was a virgin? I stopped on my tracks and he did too. He then grinned at me.

“What are you talking about?”

“Because I’m the most popular guy in school, they follow me,” wow, like I needed that kind of information. Note the hint of sarcasm. “And with you being new here, you can lose your virginity as early as this week. Many guys are so great with schemes.”

“Where are you going at?”

“If you accept the bet,” he said. “And if only you’ll accept it, they’ll stay away from you, in the meantime. Winning the bet is another thing though,”

“I accept the bet,” I didn’t want to fucking lose my virginity this week so I agreed. “And in case I win the bet?”

“They’ll stay away from you, as long as you’re studying in this academy. That, I assure you,”

“And if you win?” I asked.

“You’ll have sex with me,” he muttered. “As simple as that, no backing out, you already accepted the bet, or you want to lo—“

“What’s the bet?”

“If I fall in love with you, you win,” He confidently said. “And if you fall in love with me, I’ll claim my prize in my own room.”

“Deal,” I mean, I knew he couldn’t fall in love with me because I think he already met girls that looked like supermodels. On the other hand, I would never ever fall in love with that guy, I’m sure of it. As long as he could keep the maniacs stable, it’s fine with me, even if nobody wins.

“You still remember that?” he asked me.

“Thought I would forget, didn’t you?” I walked towards him and brought my face closer to his. “Listen, Colton. I will win the bet. It’s obvious that you’re just using Andrea to move on from me. And guess what? You’re not going to last seeing me happy with Leon. Why? Because you’re going to hate yourself for seeing me with someone who’s a hundred times better than you’ll ever be,”

I walked away from him and mentally slapped myself for doing that. Where the hell did that confidence come from?

[Colton’s POV]

How could she possibly think that I wanted to win that stupid bet? I even forgot about that! Damn it, Colton! It’s your fault! Why did you have to tell her that you thought that she fell in love with you? Now, even if she did have feelings for me, she knew that I just wanted to win the bet that I forgot a thousand of years ago!

Why did my ego have to ruin this?

My ego was incredibly hurt when I heard that she was going to give her virginity to that Leon guy. I didn’t know why my ego got hurt, but it did. And that’s where I got my confidence whilst I was talking to her earlier.

I kicked a bottle of Gatorade that she left here. Right now, I just wanted to disappear from this world and never come back for the better.

And what hurt me the most?

It was the fact that what she said to me was right, the fact that I would hate myself for seeing him happy with Leon who’s a hundred times better than me.

When she spoke those words, it’s like she literally shot me on the chest, straight to my heart. How could such words hurt me so much?

But for the very first time, I wasn’t surprised at Avery. I knew this effect she had on me. The effect that made me want to kill myself for feeling it, but at the same time, she had this effect on me that made me happy. I guessed I was happy for meeting her. Even though she hated me now, at least I got the chance to know her.

And that’s all that mattered.

[Leon’s POV]

“Are you sure about what you’re doing?” Leo asked right after Avery got up to get us some drinks.

“Though I like her, I got to admit,” Ace looked straight ahead. “You’re my friend and I don’t want to see you get hurt,”

“Get hurt? Please,” I scoffed. “I already got hurt starting from the very first time I fell in love with her. What’s new? It was obvious she wouldn’t like me,”

“But even so, Leon,” Ace pointed out. “You have a chance and I don’t. The only person who’s ruining this for you is my twin,”

“Why’d you say you don’t have a chance?” my twin asked Ace. I got to admit, I was fucking curious too. “Avery likes Colton. You look like Colton, your personality is better than him,”

“Yeah, mate,” I agreed. “You have a bigger chance than I am,”

“Being gay doesn’t give you points,” Ace chuckled.

“You’re a guy now, huh?” I asked. “A hundred percent dude?”

“Of course,”

“You now saw the light, man!” Leo yelled and we all laughed. This was really a good friendship. Even if Ace still chose to be gay, we would still be friends. None of our sexuality mattered. “I bet you would be attracting girls like your twin now!”


“Don’t be an addict, Ace,” I warned him. “I’ll kill you,”

“No way I’ll be like my brother!” he defended himself. “And who knows? I might meet someone like Avery in college,”

“Me too,” I agreed.

“Me three,” Leo joined. “Though not someone like Avery, I like someone like Emma,”

“Obviously,” I punched his shoulder playfully. “You’ve been crushing for Emma for like what? Ever since you stepped foot on Harkins Academy?”

“Why didn’t you just tell her before?” Ace asked Leo. Leo fancied Emma ever since our first day at Harkins Academy. We became best friends with her because we were seatmates before. I wanted to smack Leo for not telling her how he felt. But none of it mattered now. Emma has a boyfriend and even though my twin didn’t show it, it was clearly hurting him. Damn, he fancied her for almost four years, why wouldn’t it hurt?

“Because I don’t want to get hurt,” he answered bluntly.

“You’re already hurt,” I pointed out.

“Well,” he frowned. “Hearing her say that she’ll only see me as a friend would hurt harder, wouldn’t it?”

“But what if she had feelings for you before her boyfriend came?” Ace asked.

“I doubt it, mate,” Leo replied. “That’s impossible,”

I stood up from the sand and looked at them. “I’m going to hit the loo, my brothers,” I tried to sound like high and almighty. “I’m going to be right back to fight evil creatures lingering around the rest room!”

“You do that, man,” Ace chuckled.

“Be sure to come back for me, my twin!” Leo said dramatically.

“Don’t worry, my fellow warrior,” I patted my twin’s back. “I’ll be right back and save the earth from extinction of mankind!” I ran away from them but I knew that they were laughing at me.

As I told them, I went to the rest room but spotted Andrea and her roommate talking. I tried to act like I wasn’t minding them and walked inside the boys’ restroom. Out of curiosity, I placed my ear on the door and listened to their conversation.

“I really thought that you were into him,” I guessed it was Andrea’s roommate who spoke. “How did you do that?”

“Please, Mae,” even though I couldn’t see them, I knew that Andrea was rolling her eyes. “Colton has this huge crush on me when we were in middle school. I doubt it that it changed,”

“Why didn’t you like him? He’s hot!”

“I’m in to his brother Ace,” Andrea replied. “He’s hotter than Colton,”

“What?! He’s gay!”

“Even so…”

“You’re bad,” Mae chuckled. “To think that you would get together with Colton just to make that new girl jealous,”

New girl? Was she talking about Avery?

“She really gets into my nerves! Especially when she hit me on the face while playing volleyball!”

“I guess she deserves it. She walks into the school feeling like she’s the most popular human being on earth. She gets the attention of all the guys! She’s trying to be Ms. Perfect! Wait, how’d you know that she will get jealous in the first place?”

“I heard from gossips that she and Colton are hanging out quite a lot,” Andrea explained. “It’s just a lucky guess that she liked Colton, but I’m still confirming that part,”

“Where’s your boyfriend now?” Mae asked her.

“I couldn’t even care less,”

What the fuck? I should tell Avery about this.

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