Harkins Academy

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Chapter 24

[Avery’s POV]

Today was the day we’re going back to the Academy. Right after the teacher told me that I was in trouble, I went inside my room and locked myself inside it until the next day. My friends tried to cheer me up but they failed.

Leon sat beside me inside the bus. Now that I realized, Colton was the only one who knew about my mother. I haven’t told my friends about it. I didn’t want them to pity me, of course. The only thing that I told them was that my mother’s a widowed woman. “C’mon, Avery. Cheer up! Maybe it’s not going to be that bad,”

“You don’t know anything about my mother,”

“Then entertain me,”

“I rather not,”

“Why not?” he pouted.

“Because I chose not to,” I said. “And doing that cute face isn’t enough to make me tell you,”

He just grinned at me. “At least you called me cute,”

“Don’t be so full of yourself,”

“I already am,”

“Shut up,” I fake glared at him. At least having this conversation with him got me to talk. I got to admit, I was so depressed right after the teacher told me that she was going to call my mom. I needed to get my mind off of that for a second, and talking to Leon helped me to get rid of it.

But now that I gave it a thought, what’s the worst that could happen? My mother would just be informed about me. It’s not like she cared about my anyways. She never acted like my mother in the first place.

[Colton’s POV]

The students were already going inside the bus when I spotted Andrea. I saw what she did yesterday, but I was too stunned to move to even do something about it. How could I protect Avery when her boyfriend was already protecting her? I hate it, I hate that Leon guy, and I hate their fucking relationship.

It should have been me in that relationship.

I grabbed Andrea’s arm and nudged at her roommate to go inside the bus. After nodding, she complied. “What is it?”

“What the fuck did you do to Avery?” I asked. “I’m warning you right now, Andrea. Hurt her again and I’ll kill you,”

“Kill me?” she rolled her eyes. “Please, like you can do that,”

“If it’s for Avery, I will,”

“Who are you? Her boyfriend?” she pushed me away from her. “No wonder I chose Ace over you, you’re a jerk,”

“And you aren’t?” I asked. “Judging by the looks of it, you’re still in love with my brother,”

I then thought of something. Why did Andrea try to drown Avery in the first place? Why did she throw the charm bracelet into the water? “You hurt her because Ace hangs out with her, didn’t you?” I guessed.

“And what if I did?”

“No worries,” I then stepped inside the bus. “He won’t like a selfish bitch like you,”

“What did the two of you talk about? I thought you broke up with her?” Tucker asked once I took my spot beside him. I passed Avery and saw her talking to her boyfriend, which pissed me off big time. I was jealous and I knew it. I wanted to be in Leon’s place. I wanted to be the one who talked to her.

When I heard the teacher that she’s going to call Andrea and Avery’s parents, I wanted to smack her on the face.

Wait a minute.

I remembered back when we were in our Home Economics class and the teacher asked us to clean the room. That’s the time when I told Avery why I hated my brother and a little bit of something about Andrea. I remembered her saying something about her mother.

“Just ask me your question,” she said whilst rolling her eyes. Talking to her like this was very comfortable. It’s like we’ve known each other for years.

“Okay,” I nodded. “If you think that my story is not heartbreaking enough, give me one then,”

“My mother tried to kill me once,”

“I’m sorry,” I never thought that I would say sorry to someone and mean it. But I guess there’s always a first time in everything. “I shouldn’t have asked,”

“Nah,” she told me. “It’s okay. My mother never did like me anyway. Ever since my dad died, she abused me like hell. She made me her very own punching bag. I didn’t fight back because she’s still my mother and I still respected her somehow,”

“Need a hug?” I offered, half serious and half joking. I just wanted to feel her in my arms.

Shit. I sounded so cheesy.

“No,” she smiled. “You’re just going to take advantage of it,”

“You know me very well,” I smiled back. I like seeing her smile, I didn’t know why but I just do. Seeing that I lightened up her mood made me happy. “Everything’s clean, let’s go,” I walked towards her to help her since her foot got twisted because of that teacher who tried to raped her. “Here, I’ll help you,”

When I felt my skin on hers, electricity sparked through me.


I couldn’t get too attached.

I’m Colton Philips.

Getting too attached wasn’t something that I do.

This was bad. Avery’s mom is a psycho. She shouldn’t be informed about the scene her daughter made. Who knew what she might do to her?

“You’re spacing out, man,” the sound of my friend’s voice brought me back to reality. “It’s creeping me out,”

“I need to help her,” I whispered.



[Avery’s POV]

We finally arrived back in the academy. I was about to go to my room with Emma when a teacher called for me. “Ms. Tanner,” I turned around to see that it was the same teacher from yesterday. “May I speak with you for a second?”

“You go first,” she nodded then went to my room.

“What is it, ma’am?” I asked. If she was going to lecture me about what happened yesterday, I’m sure as hell that I’m not going to listen.

“Your mother will arrive shortly,”

“What?!” I snapped at the teacher. “She’s coming here? Why?!”

“She needs to be informed about your behavior, Ms. Tanner,” she said with her high-pitched voice. “And I’m not going to allow you using that tone of voi—“

“I can use this tone of voice with you!” I was getting frustrated. “You called my mother!”

“You can’t yell at me, Ms. Tanner,” her voice sounded scary but that’s the least of my problems now. “You and the other girl are suspended for a week,”

“A week?!”

“And you’re going home for seven days, that’s why your mother’s on her way here,”

“You don’t understand!” I reasoned. “I can’t go home!”

“And why is that, Avery?” a terrifying voice that I knew so much interrupted. I looked pass the teacher and saw my worst nightmare.

My mom.

“Mrs. Tanner, I presume?” the teacher asked once she saw my mother. “Since I already told you about what happened, I suggest for you to take her home now,”

“I’ll do my best and lecture her,” my mother smiled at my teacher. I knew it was a fake smile though it looked so natural.

“You need to teach her some manners, Mrs. Tanner,” the teacher glared at me.

“I will,” she then looked at me. “Let’s go, my dear,”

Every step that I took towards her felt like I was dragging some weights with me. I didn’t know how to react. I kept thinking of ways of how to get out of here. No one was here to help me. I was going back to my mother.

When we reached her car that was parked in front of the academy. She immediately slapped me on the face. I touched the side of my cheek that felt like burning. “How dare you?!” she yelled. “How dare you ruin my reputation like that?!”

“Reputation?” I managed to choke up. “No one knows you here, mom. You don’t need a reputation,”

“I do!” she screamed. “Did you know who talked to that teacher? It was Joe! You fucking child! You ruined my reputation to him,”

“W-Who’s Joe?”

“My new husband,”

“You got married without telling me?!” I asked, surprised and angry as well. “You’re my mother! You should have told me this!”

“You didn’t need to know,” she then slapped me again on the same cheek. “And you can’t use that tone with me,” she then yanked me by my hair then pushed me inside the car. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice but to get in.

When she hopped inside the car, I looked at the entrance of the academy and saw someone that I didn’t expect.


And boy, did he look surprised.

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