Harkins Academy

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Chapter 25

[Colton’s POV]

“What the hell was that?” I whispered to myself. I was going to run after the car but I was too stunned to even move. How could someone be so cruel? I never imagined Avery’s life to be something like that. I never imagined her to be abused by her mother rather harshly.

Both of my parents are dead, don’t get me wrong, they died because of a plane crash, and it sucked. But when they were still alive, I felt loved, Ace felt love. Our parents didn’t treat us like crap. They cared for us, the opposite way of how Avery’s mom treated her daughter.

I wanted to help Avery, but I didn’t have an idea of how I’m going to do that.

How was I supposed to get her out of that hell hole?

If I was going to do this, I needed some serious help.

[Avery’s POV]

The ride back to my house was filled with silence. I didn’t really intend to call it home because it didn’t feel like it anymore…for me anyways. Ever since my dad died, nothing remained the same. The house was never going to be a home again.

“Why are you driving in the opposite direction?” I asked her. Nothing changed about her. She always wore that grim face that she used to torment me.

“I live in a different house, I got remarried, get that into your head,” her tone was rather harsh but I managed not to flinch because of it or maybe it’s just because I’m already used to it.

“Are the rest of my things there?”

“Joe insisted,”

“Oh…” it clearly meant that if she had the choice, she wouldn’t include me in her new house and just leave me in the old one all by myself during school breaks and vacations.

My mother pulled up in an unfamiliar driveway. I guess I didn’t need to pack some stuff from the academy because I somehow still have my clothes transferred here. I could say that my mother picked up a wealthy man, his garage was huge just by its own self.

“Melanie,” a voice boomed from the sofa right after we entered the main house. I was right, he was a wealthy man. The house was enormous. I didn’t know how to describe it. There were three floors in total and it was very spacious. The flat television screen was like the one you see in those MTV cribs. The old man sure got it going.

Speaking of the old man, Joe doesn’t look that old. He got his chin full of stubble but that’s it. His hair was pure black and I was willing to bet that it was natural, no artificial color included.

“Joe,” they pecked each other on the lips and that grossed me out full time.

“Hello,” Joe smiled at me. I didn’t smile back at first, but when I saw my mother glaring at me, I didn’t have a choice but to return his smile. “I’m Joe, your new father,” he extended an arm towards me and I took it because obviously, with my mother being in the same room as I am, I didn’t have the choice. “You must be Avery,”

“I’m surprised that she even talked about me,” I blurted out without being able to stop myself. Damn it. It’s like I’m digging my very own grave! Stupid mouth! I didn’t look at my mother because I didn’t want to see her reaction.

“What do you mean?” he asked in confusion.

“Nothing,” I shook my head.

“Let me call your new brother,”

“I have a brother?”

“So she’s the infamous Melanie’s daughter,” a voice chirped from the stairs. I looked at the direction of the voice and saw a good-looking guy. He was good-looking, I got to admit that. He got this jet black hair that was styled perfectly. I didn’t know how he did it, but I got to give him points for his hair. “Nice to meet you, I’m Matt,”

“Avery,” I called.

“I know,” he winked. I saw Joe shaking his head in dismay. I guess he didn’t approve of his son’s attitude.

“You can’t hit on every girl you see, Matt,” Joe said. “And she’s your sister now,”

“Like that stopped me before,” Matt rolled his eyes. My mother and I remained quiet as we listened to their conversation. It sure got me intrigued. What did Matt mean when he said that? Did he…? No. He didn’t do that, it’s absurd! Incest is absurd! “Remember the time when I banged my cousi—“

“Stop!” Joe yelled. “Go upstairs, show some respect to yourself,”

“Aye, aye, captain,” Matt saluted as he went upstairs.

“Sorry for…that,” Joe shook his head once again.

“It’s okay,” mom hugged him. “Avery,” wow, did she call me with a soft voice? That’s impossible! “Go upstairs, your room’s ready,” when Joe wasn’t looking at her, she immediately gave me the ‘I’ll kill you if you don’t do what I say’ look.

As I dragged my feet upstairs, I couldn’t help but to think the same thing over and over again.

What the hell was going on with this family?

It was sure going to be one hell of week.

[Colton’s POV]

I didn’t expect for myself to this thing. It wasn’t me, but it was Avery we’re talking about. I needed to do this…for her. I knocked again and the person that I was expecting to answer it opened the door. “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked.

“Look, Ace,” I breathed out. “I know we’re not in good terms but we need to set that aside now. Avery’s in trouble,”


“You need to gather all your friends,” I ordered rather nicely. “We need to save her,”

“Wait a minute,” he then pulled out his cellphone from his pocket. I pulled out my phone too. I needed my friend’s help. I texted Tucker to come to Ace’s room and he replied that he’ll be here in a minute. “Let’s go inside,” Ace told me. I walked inside the room and saw Leo and Leon talking.

Avery’s boyfriend. Great. Just what I needed.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Leo asked, he wasn’t angry or anything, he was just surprised.

A knock on the door interrupted us and Ace opened it just to reveal Tucker. “What is he doing here?” Leon was the one who asked the question next.

“Colton said that you needed my help,” Tucker explained. “What is it anyway?”

“What’s going on?” Leo asked Ace, hoping to get an answer.

“Let’s wait for Emma,” Ace answered. “I also don’t know what’s happening here,”

“Did you call Patrice and Kierlan too?” Leon then asked my twin. Patrice and Kierlan, I guess they’re Avery’s other friends. I knew right from the very start that Emma’s her closest friend. Ah…now I remember who those two girls were. I tried to rape them. They weren’t that good in bed bu—shit! Don’t remember the bad things that you did, Colton! Think about Avery!

Ace shook his head. “We can’t drag them in this,” I wondered how Ace could tell that we were going to do some planning. He looked at me and I guess he also knew what’s going on inside my head. “Twin’s instinct,”

Emma then busted the door open and slammed it shut. “What’s this uncalled meeting for?” then he looked at me and Tucker. “What the hell are th—“

“We need to save Avery,” I cut her off. “Her mother abuses her, who knows what she might do to her,” I then told them what I saw earlier. They all gave me the same horrified looks. A mother beating her daughter, it wasn’t normal in the first place.

“What’s the plan then?” Leon asked me.

“Tucker,” I called the attention of my friend. Tucker was the master of computers, he’s a fucking genius. Just as what I said from before, he could hack the principal’s computer and the information is directed to his laptop. “You need to hack the principal’s computer again, know what Avery’s address is,”

[Avery’s POV]

I was just lying on my bed whilst staring at the ceiling. A text message from my phone interrupted me from going insane. I reached for my cellphone beside me and saw that it was a text message from an unknown number.

‘Stay still, we’re coming to get you –AC’

AC? Did I know someone named AC? Wait, they’re coming to get me? How did they know? Only Colton knew about this. It’s one of my friends, I’m sure about that. I don’t give my number to anyone but my friends, close friends in general.

Wait a minute.


Aiden Colton.


How would he know my address anyway? If in any case he found my old address, I had a new one, and I’m not exactly sure what this house address was too.

“Dinner’s ready!” my mother called. I groaned and walked outside the room to go downstairs. Joe and Matt were already gathered around the dining table with my mom. I saw Matt grinning at me and I rolled my eyes at him. He disgusts me. The reason was obvious. He banged his own cousin? Who wouldn’t want to puke right after hearing that?

“How did you get in trouble?” Matt started the conversation by asking me a question. “I heard that you got into a fight with another girl,”

“You heard it right,” I answered.

“Matt,” Joe called. “Don’t’ ask her that question,”

“It’s fine,” I assured my stepdad. “And if you’re wondering why I got into a fight with her, just want to let you know, she started it,” I directed that statement to my mom who was just looking at her food and eating like nothing else mattered.

“How did she start it?” Matt asked again.

“Told me that I was stealing her man who is my friend,” I replied. “She got angry, then the fight began,”

“I would really like to see that,” Matt winked at me again. “I want to see how wild you are,”

“Matt!” Joe yelled.

“You study at Harkins Academy, right?” Matt ignored his dad. I took a nod and then he continued his thought, “The brothers of my cousin that I banged study there, which makes them my cousins too, obviously,”

“No shit, Sherlock,” I commented after almost choking my food in disgust.

“Language, Avery!” my mother yelled but I chose to ignore her.

“Maybe you know them,” Matt said.

“What’s their name?”

“Ace and Colton Philips,”

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