Harkins Academy

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Chapter 26

Harkins Academy

[Avery’s POV]

“Holy shit,” I whispered but everybody heard it.

“What did I say about language, Avery?” my mother snapped. “You should be careful with that mouth of yours,”

I couldn’t care less about what she said. There’s only one thing that bugged my mind.

I’m in love with my step cousin.

“Do you know them?” Matt raised an eyebrow at me.

I now remembered my first day in Harkins Academy. Ace told me that their parents were dead and he has a little sister. He also told me that one of their uncles was the one who paid for their finances. Was he talking about Joe?

“I don’t,” I lied.

“I heard Colton is crowned as king of the school,” he wondered. “You sure you don’t know him?

“I heard of the name,”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll meet them,” Matt said. “They always visit us,”

“Yeah…” I shrugged.

“Is there something wrong?” Joe asked me.

“It’s nothing,” I shook my head. “Everything’s completely fine,”

Yeah, right. Nice try Avery.

I immediately went upstairs right after I finished my dinner. I sat on my bed and reached for my cellphone to find a new message. The message came from Colton, or who I assumed was Colton.

“Meet me at the park near your old house at 7:00– AC’

How did Colton know where my old house was? How did he get my number anyway? Did he force my number out of Emma? The thought was enough to make me smile even with my situation. Even without Colton here, he sure knew how to make me smile.

I then looked at the clock on the table beside my bed. It was already six thirty.

Oh, shit.

I changed my clothes into something more presentable. I didn’t wear a dress, it wasn’t a date. I just wore a white tank top and some black skinny jeans. I put my black high top converse for the final touch. After putting my phone and money in my pockets, I ran downstairs and found my mom washing the dishes.

“I’m going out, mom!” I yelled whilst I aimed for the door. I knew that my mom wouldn’t bother to give me a reply. She didn’t care for me after all. I slammed the door shut behind me and called a taxi. Once I hopped inside the vehicle, I obviously told him where my destination was.

Well, here goes nothing.

[Colton’s POV]

I already texted Avery telling her that we, meaning me and her friends, were coming to get her. Tucker was already working on hacking the main computer’s password to get Avery’s address.

Everybody looked at us as we walked the hallways. I wouldn’t blame them if they saw me and Ace walking together in the same group. The whole school knew that we weren’t on good terms after all.

Who knew that we would be planning this fast when Avery just got taken away this morning?

I didn’t want her to spend hours and hours tolerating her mom. She just didn’t deserve being abused by her own mother.

Ace’s group and I went to the main office of the academy. “Is the headmaster inside?” I asked. She gave me a knowing look. A few of my friends already ravished this woman. Apparently, she liked high school guys…a lot. I wasn’t the type of guy who would have sex with a woman a decade older than me. I didn’t like cougars at all.

“Yes,” she replied. She was the headmaster’s secretary if you were wondering. “Do you want to talk to him?”

“That’s why we’re here,” I stated the obvious.

“Wait a minute,” she stood up and disappeared inside his office.

“That was awkward,” Emma commented. “She was totally into you, Colton,”

“You think I didn’t know that?” I asked.

“I just hope Avery’s okay,” Leon mumbled.

“Relax, bro,” Leo patted his back. “She already tolerated her mother for years. A few hours wouldn’t hurt,”

“Yeah,” I rolled my eyes. “A few hours of terror,”

“Don’t be such a pessimist, Colt,” Ace told me. Even though we weren’t on good terms after all these years, he still calls me by my nickname. We were still related by blood in a way. “Avery’s going to be fine. She’s a tough girl,”

“You haven’t seen her mom,” I said. “She’s a whole new definition of tough,”

“You can come inside,” the secretary reappeared again and smiled seductively at me. I rolled my eyes at her and immediately went inside the principal or headmaster’s office.

When we got inside, the principal was signing some paper works that I didn’t give a damn about. “What is it that you want, Mr. Philips and Mr. Philips…?” I guess he was also shocked to see me and my twin together. He knew that we were in two different groups.

“We’re here for a request to leave the academy tonight,” Ace answered.

“All of you?” he asked and we all gave him a nod.

“I can’t grant that,” he shook his head. “A girl already asked a permission to leave for tonight. And you do know that I only allow two students to get out of school during school days,”

“Just this once,” Emma pleaded. “We really need to leave,”

“Only one of you will be allowed to leave,” he then signed a slip then handed it to Ace who took it from him. “Use it wisely,”

“B-Bu—“ Leon was about to complain when the principal didn’t let him finish.

“My decision is final,” he then nudged at the door. “Now get out of my office,”

“Who’s going to use it?” Emma asked once we went out of the main office. We made sure to stand far away from the secretary. I didn’t want her undressing me with her eyes. It was just plain disgusting to me.

“You go use it,” I told Leon. “You’re his boyfriend,”

“No,” Leon shook his head. “You use it. You’re more important to her,”

“What…?” I asked, confused.

“Just take it, brother,” Ace said as he handed me the slip. “Don’t ask,”

“Avery’s address just got changed, Colt,” Tucker informed me once I went to our room. “There is a new address entered the same day Avery and Andrea got into a fight, which meant, it just got changed yesterday. It’s harder to hack because there’s a new security in the principal’s computer. I only got her old address,”

“They moved?” I cleared.

He nodded. “You know, we could just tell the teachers or the principal about it,”

“And do you think they’ll believe us?”

“There is a huge fucking chance that they wouldn’t,” he answered honestly. “And if they believe us, we don’t have enough proofs to throw Avery’s mother into jail. So the answer to your question is no,”

“That’s what I thought,” I frowned. “We can’t just take Avery out of her mother’s custody that easily,”

“We firstly need evidence,” he pointed out. “But how are we going to get that?”

“I have no idea,” I said. I then gave a thought to it for a minute before saying, “Give me her old address,”

“It’s useless now, Colt,”

“And I’m here to make it useful,”

And here I am now, waiting for her to arrive in this park. I was pretty sure this is the only park near her house. Tucker was wrong when he said that her old address was useless now, I used it. Well, let’s just hope that she would show up tonight.

A taxi stopped and I saw Avery get out of it. I guess I wasn’t ditched by a girl after all, though I wouldn’t exactly call it ditch since I didn’t wait for her to reply to my message. “What are you doing here?” she asked rather harshly when she saw me standing there. She walked towards me whilst she crossed both of her arms on her chest.

I guess she was still angry at me.

“I’m here to save you,” I answered.

“I don’t need to be saved,”

“Yes,” I breathed out. “You do,”

“What do you want?”

“I already told you my purpose,”

“I don’t need your help, Colton,” she sighed. “I’m fine. I’ll only be here for a week, and she married another guy. She needs to keep up her reputation. She won’t touch me or hurt me in the way that you’re thinking,”

“I’ll bring you to my house for protection,” I said. “My sister can take care of you,”

Her face became troubled when I spoke of my sister. Did she know my sister? “Why are you being nice to me?”

“Because I lost the bet, Avery,”

“Y-You don’t mean…?” she stammered whilst her face showed complete shock for what she just heard.

“Yes,” I walked towards her and touched her cheek lightly. I leaned in so our faces were only inches apart. “I’m not falling in love with you, Avery,” I admitted. “I already am in love with you,” and I closed the distance between us.

It wasn’t the same feeling when I kissed other girls. This was a different feeling all by itself. It wasn’t the same feeling when I kissed her in the room, trying to get into her pants. It wasn’t the same feeling when I kissed Andrea.

It was the feeling of pure happiness.

Even though I wasn’t sure if this was the right feeling, I guess I could say that it was the feeling of kissing the girl that you love.

After a whole five seconds of being shocked for what I did, she finally regained herself and kissed back.

And everything disappeared right after that.

For a second, I thought that everything was going to be perfect, but I figured out that I was wrong when she pulled away from me, closed her eyes and held both of my hands that were cupping her face. “This is wrong, Colton. We can’t be together,”

And that sentence was enough to break my heart into a million pieces.

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