Harkins Academy

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Chapter 28

[Avery’s POV]

A couple more days to go and I’d be back to the academy. I wasn’t that sure anymore if I wanted to go back there. I didn’t want to see Colton after all. I went out of my room ready to eat my breakfast. “Good morning,” Matt greeted. “You okay?”

“My life’s fucking great, Matt,” I sarcastically said. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

Matt wasn’t that bad. He listened to me last night and told me that everything’s going to be okay…even though that I knew for myself that it wouldn’t.

“Geez,” he frowned at me. “I was asking you nicely,”

“And I’m answering you with the truth,”

“Smart remark,” he said as we both went down the stairs. “Hey, Melanie,” it was good to hear that Matt didn’t call my mother ‘mom’. I didn’t know why. Maybe I just didn’t want Matt to know more about my mother and how she enjoyed abusing me.

The breakfast was as simple as it could get. Bacon and Eggs. Not that I could complain. My mother didn’t cook back in our old house. I did everything there, cooking included.

“Want to join me today?” Matt asked me.

“Don’t you have school, Matt?” my mother decided to join the conversation.

“I decided to skip school today,” he answered her. “Just to keep Avery company,”

“If you say so, Matt,” my mother shrugged. “I heard from your father that you’re very smart in terms of academics. You always go home with straight A’s, right? Not like Avery here,”

I glared at my mother and saw that she was glaring back. Now she’s comparing me to my step brother?

What a good example of a mother.

I bet that the world would be better if there were many people such as my mother.

Even though I didn’t go home with straight A’s, I’d have my fair share of them. It wasn’t like I’m a dumb kid. I was a smart one, or an acceptable one.

I wasn’t the top of the class, but I was close.

“So, Avery,” Matt turned his attention back to me. “Care to join me?”

“Depends on where we’re going,” I answered.

“You better make sure that none of your friends are psychos and maniacs, Matt,” I reminded him once we took a step out of his car.

“They’re pretty decent in my opinion,” he stated.

We went inside the bowling arena and some guys immediately took notice of Matt. Matt gave them a nod and we walked over to them. “Who do we have here, Matt?” some brown haired guy eyed me up and down.

“Pretty decent, huh?” I whispered to my step brother.

“Trust me,” Matt assured me. “My friends are decent,”

“I don’t really know why I agreed into this,” I sighed.

“Because you don’t want to be bored inside the house,” he said then turned to his guy friends. “She’s my step sister, Jay,”

“I’m Jay,” he nodded at me.

“I heard it,” I rolled my eyes. “Avery,”

The rest of the guys introduced themselves at me. There were three of them, including Jim, and two other girls. I guess they were the girlfriends of two of the guys. Well, since I’m here, why not take my mind off of the drama, right?

I was having a pretty good laugh with Matt’s friends, but I knew that I didn’t belong to their group. And I was lying when I said that I was having a pretty good laugh. I just went along with them and faked everything.

I really missed my group of friends.

But even so, I would be back in a few days.

I didn’t want to hang out with the most popular group of their school. The guys were okay, but the girls?

Pure evil.

They kept bad talking their classmates. I was willing to bet that their boyfriends would dump them later. After all, who would want a girl with a mean personality? If I was a boy, I would sure pick someone nice.

Wait, I’m not nice.

I swear a lot.

But I needed to count myself out of these girls.

I was different from them.

As far as I believed, I was nicer than them.

“Those girls were very, very charming,” Matt commented whilst he was driving our way back to the house. “I bet that my friends would dump them tomorrow for ten bucks, you in?”

“I bet that they have already broken up,” I chuckled. “And let’s make it twenty,”

“You’re so confident,” he grinned at me. “But I know my guys,”

“Ever heard of girl instincts?” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Call them now,”

“Prepare the money,” he said as he took out his phone and dialed.

“Do I even have to?” I mumbled.

“How’s your girl?” he chuckled then stepped on the pedal almost immediately. “What?! The both of you already broke up with them?! Are you insane?!” he then face palmed himself. “No problem at all. Okay, thanks, buddy,”

“I believe that you owe me twenty bucks,” he sighed and took out the money from his wallet. “Never ever doubt a girl’s instinct, Matt,”

“I sure learned something from you today,” he sighed once again and continued driving. “Trust a girl’s instinct, got it,” he whispered more to himself. I guess he didn’t want to lose any money for a bet in the near future.

We both hopped out of the car after he parked it in the garage. When we walked inside the house, Matt and I both found ourselves staring wide-eyed at the scenery.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked them.

“How many times do I have to tell you to watch your language, Avery?” my mother asked me.

“Matt does it all the time, Melanie,” Joe, my step father covered for me.

“Long time no see,” Matt walked over to them and hugged them in a manly way. “I sure miss my cousins,”

“What are you doing here?” I demanded.

“This is the reason, isn’t it, Avery?” Colton asked me. How did he know where I was? How did he know what my new address was? “This is why you said we can’t be together,”

“I’m not catching up with this,” my mother shook his head. “I thought you didn’t know who your step cousin was, Avery?”

“Since when did you listen to what I say?” I asked my mother rather harshly.

“What are you saying, Avery?” my mother frowned. “I always listen to what you say,”

“Cut the bullshit,” I spat then turned to Colton. “So now, you know, Ace know, maybe everybody knows, what are you going to do about it? What if it’s the reason, huh, Colton?”

“The two of you are legal, Avery,” Ace said from behind Colton. “You’re just cousins through marriage,”

“Doesn’t change the fact that the both of you are still my cousins!” I reasoned.

“You like each other?” Joe asked. “The both of you?”

“They love each other, uncle,” Ace cleared.

“You know of this, Melanie?” Joe asked my mother.

My mother shook her head. “That’s why I was going to ask Avery,” she looked at me. “Why didn’t you tell me this?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I sarcastically said. “Maybe you didn’t care in the first place,”

“Melanie cares for you, Avery,” Joe tried to calm me. “She’s your mother,”

“Yeah, right,” I rolled my eyes. “But she never acted like my mother,”

“What are you talking about, Avery?” this time, Matt was the one who asked.

“It’s nothing, Joe,” I sighed. “Forget I said anything,” I looked at Ace and Colton, “Please go back to the academy, I can handle all this shit by myself,”

“No, you can’t,” Ace said.

“Just tell my uncle, Avery,” Colton added.

“Tell me what?” Joe asked.

“You don’t want to know,” I answered. I took a glance at my mother and for once, I saw panic in her eyes. “Go back to the academy now,”

I tried to walk past them and straight into my room but Colton grabbed my arm. I tried to pull away but he was stronger than me. “Tell him, Avery,” he whispered to me. “Tell him or I will,”

“It wouldn’t change a thing, Colton,” I looked at him dead straight into the eyes. “They would still be together,”

“I told you, Avery,” Ace sighed. “You two can be together,”

“And what would people say, Ace?” I asked the twin.

“Is your reputation more important than us?” Colton asked me and a flash of hurt was visible in his eyes.

“Nothing’s more important than you, Colton,” my voice cracked. “I don’t want to bother you with my life and my mother,”

“Things are getting slower,” Ace commented. “Uncle Joe, if in any case you’re wondering, your new wife is an abusive woman. There, I said it,”

Shock was written all over Matt and Joe’s face. After a few minutes of silence, Joe finally regained himself, “Is it true, Melanie?”

“So what?” my mother snapped. “She was never mine in the first place! She was his father’s daughter from another woman! Why would I care about her?”

And that was the greatest revelation of all time and I was very happy to know the truth.

You know why?

It meant that she wasn’t my biological mother and she has got no custody over me anymore.

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