Harkins Academy

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Chapter 3

[Avery’s POV]

Yeah, I saw something unbelievable, dirty blonde hair, baby blue eyes, sparkly white teeth, perfectly tanned skin and not too muscular body. That’s unbelievable for me. It’s really unbelievable, finding your most ideal guy inside the room. He’s not alone though, he’s with some other guys and girls. I caught myself wondering if my ideal man is taken, well, let’s hope not.

“Hey guys,” greeted Emma then all the people inside the room took time to look at me. Good thing Emma noticed, “This is my new friend, roommate, and classmate. Avery Tanner,” the people inside the room said their Hello’s and I responded.

Emma then told me their names. Leo and Leon, the hot twins, Kierlan, the frizzy-haired brunette girl, Patrice, the blonde girl whom I learned is Emma’s cousin, they have the same hair color though. And lastly, my ideal guy, Ace. Emma and I joined them on the bed and she started spilling things out.

I almost went to heaven when Ace talked to me, “You coming to the dance?”


“I’m not really going but I just asked though,” he said and those words made me feel sad. To know that he’s not going to the dance that I didn’t have any idea about? That sucks. “You have no friends here and it’s obvious that you’re not an addict. You’re going to have a hard time at the dance because Emma is going with his boyfriend which is obviously not here. Leo and Leon, they’ll visit their mom and their dog. Kierlan and Patrice are with their lads too. The party starts at 7 p.m. Tomorrow.”

“Wait, so you’re single?” I blurted out and suddenly realized what I said. I thought one of the girls is his girlfriend. Good thing the others are still chit chattering about what to wear at the dance and not minding about what I just said.

“Silly,” he said but that did not answer my question. Well, maybe he’s already taken. Goodbye, my dreams. “You need to worry about yourself, if you’re going to go to that party, you need someone to talk to or else things will go very bad for you,” I realized he’s talking about me being approached by a sex addict. Well, I really don’t want that either.

“Where are you going?”

“Me? I’m going to visit my sister to check on her,”

“Why?” I asked again, getting pumped up because he’s not going to visit some other girl. I know I’m being a hypocrite, but that doesn’t matter anymore, right?

“My parents, they’re dead,” my conscience tried to kill me right now for asking that question. Ace is just like my cousin names Aubrey, both of their parents are dead. “So, someone’s got to check my sister from time to time right? I did not enroll her here because this place is full of sex addicts, and she insisted on studying in a public school because her friends are there.”

“Oh,” I said. “Great, hope she’s fine. Wait, who’s providing you your money?”

“Our uncle,” Aubrey and Ace, they really have something in common. Our aunt is taking care of Aubrey, which is not really taking care of her because she hates her for some matter which makes me hate that old hag too. Ace, he and his sister are being provided with money by their uncle. Aubrey and Ace, perfect combination…and that gave me an awesome idea.

“Will you excuse me for a second?” I asked all of them. “I need to call someone.”

They let me outside the room and I dialed my cousin’s number. I started to walk while waiting for her to pick up her phone. If there’s someone who can help me, it’s her. She loves me very much. I think of her as a sister, she’s the closest person that I ever had ever since my father died.

“Hey Avery,” my cousin, Aubrey, answered “What’s up?”

“I’m fine,” I said and asked, “You?”

“Same,” she said. “…Other than the fact that our aunt kicked me out of the house. Great, huh?” Hearing those words makes me want to kill that old hag. She stole my uncle’s money that is purposely left for my cousin and she dared kick her out of the house.

“But I needed to stay away from that issue or else, Aubrey’s going to lecture me about minding my own problems. “I want to help you,” I told her. “But my mother sent me out to this boarding school.” and I know what she’s going to say.

“…That sucks,”

“And not to mention, this school is for sex addicts,” after saying that, I was expecting her to sound more shocking. But she took it rather lightly, not changing the tone of her voice.

“Impossible,” she just said.

“It’s true,” I told her even though it’s not really that shocking for her. “Where are you living right now?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“I’m currently living in a house with five guys that are also sex addicts,”

“No way,” I said shockingly. I was expecting her to be shocked for what I just said and it turned the other way around.

“No time to be dazzled,” she said. “Why did you call?”

“There’s a dance going on here and I want you to come, it’s more like a party,” I knew she wouldn’t turn me down, that’s why I asked her after all. She can’t resist me, you know?

“Are you insane?” she yelled and asked, “You want me to go to your school full of sex addicts? What for?”

“You can bring your very own addicts,” I told her. “But you need to come, I don’t really know someone from here, and I’m afraid, maybe the students will do something bad to me. Emma Parker, my new friend, she has her own friends, and I need mine. So, please…?”

Using my pleading voice is pretty much effective. “Okay, fine” she agreed and then asked, “When?”

“Yes! Thanks Aubrey I owe you one!” I yelled with excitement. “The party’s tomorrow,” I don’t really want to go to the party but I know that it will be pretty boring without me talking to somebody. And I really, really, hate being all alone. I gave Aubrey the address and name of the school then the time of the party. After that, we both hung up.

I started to walk back again because I kind of walked when I waited for Aubrey to answer. I don’t know really know why I made it a hobby to walk while waiting for someone to pick up the phone on the other line.

I thought that I got the right room then realized that I was wrong when I opened the door. Let’s just say that I saw a naked guy inside the room who’s watching porn.

And did I mention what he was doing?

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