Harkins Academy

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Chapter 5

[Avery’s POV]

“Leo and Leon are not the only twins here in this academy?” I yelled at her. Mike started to talk to the other guys about things I didn’t really care less about. “Ace has a twin?”


“And what makes you say that I’m in big trouble?”

“Colton was the one who harassed me when I first came here in this academy,” she explained to me, relieving her memory. “Then he went to my room because I still have no roommate that time. I locked the door but he got a spare key, and I still don’t know where he got that damn key,”

“I still don’t get it,” I mumbled. “I’m not that attractive, so, I guess he won’t get me in any trouble,”

“You?” she sarcastically said while exasperatedly raising her hands in mid-air, “Not attractive? Please, Avery, you’re the most beautiful person in this academy. My friends also said that you’re even more beautiful than Pauline, and she’s considered as the most attractive person in this academy. Aside from that, have you forgotten that you’re in a school full of sex addicts? It doesn’t matter if you’re attractive or not,”

“And what about the ‘once he kisses you, he’ll never let go of you,’ part?” I asked her. “Did he do that to you?”

“Obviously,” she rolled her eyes, “I found him attractive when I first stepped inside the academy, but many girls were surrounding him, so, I got the idea that he’s a playboy. I hate playboys the most, hell, everybody does. When I was walking the hallways, he pulled me into his room, kissed me and then he started to rip my clothes off. I kicked him and I ran back to my room and I immediately locked the door,”

“Then when the night came,” I continued her story, I was just guessing, not sure if I’m right. “He went inside your room and raped you?”

“Exactly,” she nodded. “The same thing happened to Kierlan and Patrice, but they never shared their story. Just remember this, once he kisses you and you didn’t kiss him back, it will just make him want you more. When he raped me, I didn’t struggle. He just… makes you want him more. But luckily, I got over it. No woman can resist him every time he had sex with them.”

“Mike knows about it right?”

“Oh, Please,” she said proudly, “Ever since I told him the story, he became so over-protective of me, and that makes me happy,”

“Good for you,”

“Shit,” she spat, “Colton’s coming here. Look Avery, I want to help you so much because you’re my friend. But when it comes to Colton, I just… can’t. It was such a traumatic experience for me, so I suggest for you to walk away, now,” she then immediately went back to her boyfriend.

I looked back, and I saw Colton, looking at me with a wide grin on his face. I started to walk away and I can sense that Colton’s walking faster, trying to catch up with me. This time, I tried to run. Aubrey and her friends are nowhere to be found. I decided to look for them but it was too late.

“Having fun running there?” I turned around and saw Colton. He’s more attractive than Ace, but he’s a bad-ass jerk. “I see you have met my twin,”

“Obviously,” I rolled my eyes at him, “That’s why I thought you were visiting your sister a while ago, right?”

“Well, that’s not a good start,” he chuckled then continued, “I’m Colton by the way, and you are?”

Think of a name Avery. Don’t tell him your real name. He’s just going to use it to ask what room you are in. “Anne,”

“So, Anne?” he said. “Do you want to dance?”

“No, I don’t,” I jerked him off. “I better go,”

I started to walk again. I thought he was going to follow me, but it’s a good thing he didn’t and it’s all thanks to the crazy-bisexual guy earlier. He approached Colton. Wait, I thought Colton wasn’t gay? I tried not to mind their talking as I I was looking for Aubrey, I then bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Avery?” l looked up and saw Julian. “Do you know where Aubrey is?”

“No,” then I started to realize the situation. “Where is she? What happened to her?”

“We don’t know,”

“Did she drink?” I asked him, knowing that he doesn’t know what happened to my cousin. “She doesn’t drink. A small amount of alcohol can make her drunk,”

“We’re still looking for her,” he said. “Care to help?”

“Heck,” I said. “She’s my cousin, remember?” then we started the search to look for my cousin.

[Colton’s POV]

“Dude, what are you doing with her?” Joey asked. I was going to go after her but this bisexual person next to me kept me from doing that. “I was going to go for her,”

“Back off, Joey,” I glared at him. He’s not my friend but he can get a little useful and annoying sometimes, he can steal any room key for me. If a person hangs out with me, they’ll become popular, so I guess I can’t get people out of my sleeve that easily. “I still haven’t forgiven you for having sex with my twin,”

“I can’t help it,” he said. “I’m attracted to people, and Avery Tanner,”

“Avery Tanner?”

“The girl you were talking to?” he asked me, confused. Well, so am I.

“Her name’s Anne,” I assured him. “That’s what she told me,”

“Well, you got that one wrong, dude,” Joey chuckled. “Tucker saw her with Emma who is obviously her roommate. Avery even took a glance of him,”

Tucker Johnson is my real friend here next to Luke Matthews. Tucker knows all the information about who’s coming here in the academy. He can hack the password of the principal’s computer, and then the information is directed to his laptop. That guy is a freaking genius. Luke Matthews, he transferred to another school to join his brother, he was the most popular and dangerous guy in this academy next to me.

“She’s mine,” I told Joey. “You understand that?”

“Whatever, dude,” he snorted. “I’ll take her once you’re finish with her,”

“Good,” I said. “Give me the keys to their room and I need Emma out of my sight,”

“So, what’s the plan?”

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