Harkins Academy

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Chapter 6

[Avery’s POV]

Julian told me that Gabriel already found my cousin, Aubrey, and that they needed to go because she’s somehow drunk. Julian waved me goodbye as he disappeared from my sight. I decided to head back to my room because I’m getting kind of nervous, and yeah, it’s all because of Colton. I don’t want to talk to him again, that’s for sure.

I’m just really afraid to have my virginity taken away from me. I want to lose it to someone really special, not some sex addict. One thing’s for sure, I really need to avoid Colton from now on. When Emma said that she didn’t resist when Colton raped her, I was thinking about it for a second, If Colton could make every girl who hates him feel that way, how am I going to resist that guy?

I want to ask Emma, why didn’t she tell the teachers about it? Well, better ask her later, I think she’s busy eating Mike’s face.

I went back to my room, using the key that’s been given to me, I opened the door and then locked it again, knowing that Emma brought a separate key. The light was off so I turned on the lamp beside my bed. I changed my clothes then reached for my book. It was entitled Sherlock Holmes. I love this book. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of all time, in literary fiction of course. I placed myself comfortably on the bed. I started to open the book then I started reading.

After half an hour, there was someone unlocking the door. I got up then headed to it, I mean, finally, Emma’s here! I was lonely for Heavens’ sake! When the door was finally opened, I was shocked not to find Emma standing there, it was Colton.

I was staring at him as he locked the door behind him. I don’t know what to do. “What are you do—“ then again, with one swift movement, his hand went to my back, then the other one went to my hair. He started kissing me. I didn’t kiss back. Now that my mind wandered about it, I kind of know why Emma couldn’t resist. It was his lips. He’s a great kisser, that’s why. He didn’t kiss me like this earlier so it was a little different now.

I was tempted to kiss back, but luckily, I was in control of myself so I pushed him away. “What’s the problem, Anne?” he said then continued, “Or should I say, Avery Tanner?”

“Get the fuck out of this room!” I yelled. His hand went to my back again, closing the distance between us.

“I know you want to do this, Avery,” he whispered right next to my ear, feeling his hot breath travelling on my neck.

“I really don’t,” I told him flatly. “I’m giving you a chance to get out of here. You don’t know what kind of person I am, Colton,”

“I’ll stick around to find out,” he whispered again then started placing his lips on my neck.

“Oh, trust me, you don’t want to find out,” I chuckled. When he continued to travel my neck with the use of his lips, I sighed. “Too late to back out now, Colton,”

I placed my knee on his stomach then he stopped kissing me, also placing a hand on his stomach, clutching it. I tried to punch him but he caught my wrist then grabbed the other one, he turned me around and pinned me against the wall, “You really think it’s going to be that easy? You’re just a girl, Avery,” he said with a big grin on his handsome face.

“And you’re just a fucking boy, Colton,” I spat the words like venom. I really hate this guy, “I never knew this is going to be this easy,” this time I was the one who grinned, he looked at me, confused. Then this time, I was the first one to kiss him. He really seemed to enjoy it.

I guessed you think that I was crazy for kissing him, but really I’m not. He kissed back of course, but I got a plan for this. His hands slipped out of my wrist to lift me until my legs were circled around his waist. I felt him smiling, thinking he had won. But he got that part wrong.

Good thing he’s too dumb to think that he placed me on the right bed. I pushed him away, “Wait,” I told him. “Condom,” I said then he let me reached for my bag under the bed. He got off me then I searched my bag to get something that is clearly not a condom.

“Hurry,” he said. “If you’re that slow, I’ll have sex with you without one,”

“Found it!”

“Finally!” he reached for me again, then I clutched the dagger and pointed it at his throat. “Woah, what the hell are you doing with that thing?”

“Get the fuck out of here, Colton!” I threatened. I lifted his chin with the dagger so we could stand up. “Give me the other fucking key!”


“I said,” I hissed. “Give me the fucking key!” he then reached for his pocket and handed me the key. I pushed him out of the door until we’re in the hallways. “Now, get out of here!”

I turned around to get back to my room when I heard Colton called after me, “Hey Avery!” I turned around to look at him, thinking that maybe he’ll say sorry or something.

“What?” I responded, frustrated.

“I haven’t met a girl like you!” he grinned. “You turned me on. I’m not giving up that easily. You’re going to be mine someday, and next time, a dagger won’t be able to stop me,” then he went to a different direction and disappeared from my sight.

I went back to my room then sighed. This is a long day, indeed. I need to avoid Colton. I’m pretty sure that next time, my Wrestling skills that I learned from the television with my dad and my emergency dagger won’t be able to help me.

[Colton’s POV]

That girl really is something. I smirked to myself acting like a freak. I’ve never been this turned on by a girl before. No girl has ever resisted me when I kissed them twice. She’s the first, and I can’t help but be turned on by her actions.

I walked over to Joey’s room. I went inside then saw Emma and his boyfriend whose I think his name is Mike, sleeping. I ordered Joey to put sleeping pills with a high dosage in their drinks secretly when they were busy making out, which turned out good.

I saw Joey inside, grinning at me, telling me that the plan was a success, except for the main part, of course.

“So,” he asked. “Can I have her?”

“No,” I told him. “She wanted to kill me with a dagger,”

“Shit,” he mumbled. “That girl is something,”

“That’s what I thought,” I grinned. “She resisted me,”

“I think she likes your twin,”

“What?” I raised an eyebrow at him, “My twin’s gay,”

“Yeah,” she replied “She knows that,”

“Call Tucker amd drag them to their rooms.” I nudged at Mike and Emma. I went outside Joey’s room with a big smile plastered on my face.

I have a new plan, and this time, I’m sure that it will work.

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