Harkins Academy

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Chapter 7

[Avery’s POV]

Wearing a uniform sucks. I’m wearing a light blue long sleeved top with the academy’s crest at the right side that half covered by my black above-the-knee skirt.

I’m currently following Emma to the dressing room. We have almost the same schedule except for the last three subjects, which sucks. Our first subject is Physical Education which I think is great because I still have my energy. Emma informed me that Physical Education is held at the track field of the school. When we got to the dressing room, I was relieved to see my P.E. uniform inside my new locker, better get a lock for that later.

The P.E. uniform was normal, great, something I’m used to wear. White t-shirt with the academy’s crest and black shorts. I hate showing so much skin, its freaking irritating.

We went to our class and I saw the students standing there. Then someone turned to look at me, Colton. He smiled at me and waved like we’re good friends.

“What the hell, Emma?” I whispered, with a bit of frustration in my voice. “Colton’s in our class?” I told her what happened last night and she gave me a pat on the head in the morning for being so brave. She told me what happened to her last night. She also told me that she blacked out. After my scene with Colton, I returned to my room and then went back to reading. I heard someone knocked at the door. I was hesitant to open it, but I did anyway, and I saw Emma lying on the floor unconscious. I took her inside of course, and one thing that I wanted to tell you was that, Emma’s freaking heavy. But there’s one thing I’m pretty sure about, Colton has something to do with Emma’s unconsciousness.

“Sorry,” she whispered back to me as we walked. “I wanted to tell you, but I’m afraid that you will ditch class once I told you.”

She’s right about that, I might ditch class once I learned that Colton’s in my class. “No backing out now, huh?”

“No,” she said with a slight chuckle. “Let’s go, Coach Hedger is waiting for us,” she was right, the coach was waiting for us. He was looking straight at us as we talked. One word about the coach: scary.

“You’re the new student?” he asked. He looks scary, but his voice is scarier. “Avery Tanner?”

“Y-Yes coach,” I said. He might strangle me with his glare.

“Everyone,” he said to the class. “Get along with your new classmate, Avery Tanner,” I got a few stares from the guys, I looked away, maniacs, that’s for sure. “Take your seat,” Emma and I took our seats as far away from Colton. He seemed to notice that because he looked at us, and of course, we looked away.

“Avoid his gaze,” Emma whispered.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I anxiously said.

“Tanner,” he said as he stood right in front of the class. “I will first explain to you how Physical Education works in this academy. Each student is qualified to join a sport or event. Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Distance running, or in your shape, Tanner, you might as well be qualified for cheerleading.” I wanted to say, “Cheerleading? Are you insane?!” But it’s a good thing I managed to control myself. “So what sport do you want to join, Miss Tanner?” the whole class stared at me, waiting for my answer.

“Distance running,” I told him bluntly. I’m a great runner after all.

“Very well,” he said then turned his attention to the whole class again, “Good timing for you Tanner, the practice starts today, although the other students already made up their mind about joining a sport.”

“Avery,” I heard Emma whispered. “You made a very bad decision,”

“What?” I asked her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“You’ll see,” she responded.

“I will pick your partners with the same sport. You should do your warm-ups together. This is a random pairing. Boy and a Girl, understand?” What the hell? Boy and a Girl? The faces of my mates lit up, but Emma and I didn’t.

“Curse you porn addict maniac teacher,” Emma cursed. I didn’t bother to ask her about the long name he gave Coach Hedger.

“Emma and John, basketball,” I eyed Emma saying, “Basketball? Really?” she scowled at me in return. I noticed that the guys who are playing Volleyball are mostly gays, and the girls who are playing basketball seemed tough except for Emma. I noticed that all the students are paired up. No. It can’t be. “Colton and Avery, distance running,”

I immediately stood up and yelled, “No!” all eyes turned to look at me. “I mean, can’t I change partners?” at the corner of my eye, I saw Colton grinning.

“You should be thankful, Tanner,” the coach said. “Colton is the best distance runner in this academy,”

“I don’t really care,” I told him. “If he’s the best, he should be partnered up with the best too, right?”

“My decision is final, Tanner,” he told me. “Go to your places!” he then whistled. I saw the students went inside the academy, to the gymnasium, maybe. Emma eyed me with pity. The swimmers went the other way around. Cheerleaders, Distance runners, Badminton and Tennis players stayed here. “And you two,” he eyed me and Colton who’s right behind me. “Do your warm-ups then practice,” he then turned around to leave.

“Trying to get rid of me, eh?”


“Why don’t we start again?” he offered.

“So what? So you can try and rape me again?” I sarcastically said. “No thanks. Let’s just run and don’t dare to fucking talk to me,” I went to the starting line of the field. I’m really a distance runner. I never dropped out from being the champion in our school. Yeah, go figure.

“We should do the warm-up first,” said Colton. Oh yeah, right I forgot. I looked around us and saw the other students doing their warm-ups. The cheerleaders are getting help from some badminton guys, and I guess you don’t want me to tell you what their positions are. The cheerleader is stretching her leg forward while the guy is pushing her downward. I can’t really explain it in full detail, but they looked like they’re having sex, the producing sound of the cheerleader helped, of course. The real partners of the badminton guys are glaring at the cheerleaders. I mean who wouldn’t do that? They stole their partners!

“Oh, no, no,” I shook my head. “I am so not doing that,” who cares about warm-up? I can do this anyway, I always run. I bended my knee in starting position. 1, 2, 3, run! I controlled the rhythm of my feet, 1,2,3, breathe, 1,2,3, breathe. Then, I saw Colton side by side with me. I kept my focus on the track, the last thing I needed to do is talk to him.

“Let’s have a bet, Avery,” he said to me. I can see that he got his own rhythm, that’s why he can catch up with me.

“I’m not interested,” I told him coldly.

“You sure…?”


“This bet is about your virginity anyway,” how did he know I was a virgin? I stopped on my tracks and he did too. He then grinned at me.

“What are you talking about?”

“Because I’m the most popular guy in school, they follow me,” wow, like I needed that kind of information. Note the hint of sarcasm. “And with you being new here, you can lose your virginity as early as this week. Many guys are so great with schemes.”

“Where are you going at?”

“If you accept the bet,” he said. “And if only you’ll accept it, they’ll stay away from you, in the meantime. Winning the bet is another thing though,”

“I accept the bet,” I don’t want to fucking lose my virginity this week so I agreed. “And in case I win the bet?”

“They’ll stay away from you, as long as you’re studying in this academy. That, I assure you,”

“And if you win?” I asked.

“You’ll have sex with me,” he muttered. “As simple as that, no backing out, you already accepted the bet, or you want to lo-“

“What’s the bet?”

“If I fall in love with you, you win,” He confidently said. “And if you fall in love with me, I’ll claim my prize in my own room.”

“Deal,” I mean, I know he can’t fall in love with me because I think he already met girls that look like supermodels. On the other hand, I will never ever fall in love with that guy, I’m sure of it. As long as he can keep the maniacs stable, it’s fine with me, even if nobody wins.

Great, I’m now in my fourth subject. The first three subjects were not that great of a subject, first, Colton was my partner. The second and third subjects were a little great because Colton’s not there but the troublesome part of it was Emma’s not my seatmate.

Good thing is that my History teacher in this class looks cool. He’s sort of good looking for a teacher but too old. Twenty eight? Okay, He’s not that old.

This is the greatest part, the bell rung. Mr. Harvard, the history teacher, dismissed us. “Miss Avery Tanner, I would like to talk to you,” Uh. Oh. Am I in trouble? But I didn’t do anything wrong. He waited until all the students were out of the room. Emma gave me the look that she’ll wait for me at the cafeteria, I mouthed, ‘sure’.

I didn’t stand up from my seat, but Mr. Harvard did. He went to the door and locked it, wait…locked it? He went to my desk and stood right in front of me. He leaned forward and whispered something to me, “If you want to pass this class, you better give me a good time, Miss Tanner.”

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