Harkins Academy

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Chapter 8

[Avery’s POV]

“If you want to pass this class, you better give me a good time, Miss Tanner,” Mr. Harvard whispered to my ear.

“W-What do you mean?” I asked then gulped.

This is so not happening. Please tell me that this is not really happening. “You obviously know what I mean,” he gave me a huge grin. I freaking forgot my dagger. Damn it! I already knew that this school is for sex addicts. I thought only the students here are addicts, heck, but the teachers are too?

I kicked him in where the sun-doesn’t-shine anymore, taking advantage of him clutching his manhood, I ran for my life. I unlocked the door and opened it but Mr. Harvard immediately caught my waist. I kicked and struggled, man, I even yelled my throat out.

Why are there no fucking students in the hallway? Damn it. “Don’t move! You’re wasting my time!” said Mr. Harvard, like I’m going to listen to him while he’s trying to rape me! I got out of his grip and went outside until I saw someone who I least expected to help me.

“Colton!” I yelled. I can tell that it’s him because he’s more handsome than Ace. He heard me alright, he was shocked to see that I was calling for him but he soon realized what was going on when Mr. Harvard covered my mouth and dragged me inside the room again.

Why did I call Colton for help? I know he’s not going to help me anyway so it’s useless. I tried to bite Mr. Harvard’s hand but damn, it’s like his palm is made of steel. Mr. Harvard was going to lock the door again but someone placed a foot on the edge so it will not close.

For once, I was so glad to see him. “What the heck?” Mr. Harvard questioned. I tried to yell but it’s no use and I know yelling won’t actually do me any good. Colton pushed the door so hard that it slammed on my knee and I felt a bone snapped.

Mr. Harvard released me and I let out the air that I’ve been holding for a while now. “Wh—“ Colton didn’t even let him finish and landed a fist on the teacher’s face. I was left speechless for a while. I just watched as Colton beats the crap out of the teacher who cannot even land a single blow on him.

As I stared at Mr. Harvard’s unconscious face, I felt pity for him. He’s acutally all bloody and unrecognizable. Colton grabbed my hand then mumbled, “Let’s go,” I tried to follow him but my knee freaking hurts. I think it’s broken. Shit. The last thing I wanted to have now is a broken knee!

“What now?” he asked me.

“You broke my fucking knee when you opened the door!” I know the last thing that I needed to do now is to be angry with him, but I can’t help it, his face really gets on my nerves! “And you’re telling me to walk?”

He grinned at me and immediately swept me off of my feet. He carried me, bridal-style, as a matter of fact. He brought me outside and I’m guessing he’s going to bring me to the clinic, “Are you sure that your knee’s broken?” he asked with a smirk on his face. “Or you’re just saying that to get closer to me?”

“Okay!” I yelled. “Put me down, now!”

“Relax,” he said. “I’m just kidding,”

“It’s not funny,”

“It is to me,”

I mean who would laugh at my situation right now? I almost got raped by a teacher and the superior sex addict among all the sex addicts is carrying me. What if he takes advantage of this?

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m still in for the bet.”

“Good,” I said. “Wait, Are you a mind reader?”


I glared at him and he just chuckled. “Avery,” I heard a familiar voice hover in front of us. “What are you doing with him?

“No hello for me?” mocked Colton. “I’m hurt, brother.”

“Shut up,” Ace said then looked at me again. “What are you doing with him, Avery?”

“It’s okay, Ace,” I said. “And for your question, it’s a really long story.”

“And it’s none of your business,” Colton added. I made a mental note to ask one of them why they hate each other so much. “And I’m bringing her to the clinic, if you’ll excuse us,” Colton already started walking and I looked at Ace.

“I’m okay, Ace,” I told him. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

He let it go and gave me a nod which I returned. He stared at us until he was out of my sight. We arrived at the clinic and the nurse asked us what happened. Colton told her the real story as he placed me gently on the bed.

I asked Colton to leave because I didn’t want to see his face and he pretty much insisted because he told me he’s going to do something important. Guess he’s going to have sex in the janitor’s closet with someone. I couldn’t care less about it though. But I felt guilty about something. I never even thanked him for saving me. Well, I’ll just tell him that later. Right now, I’ll just watch my knee being bandaged up.

[Colton’s POV]

Stupid teacher. What could have happened to Avery if I didn’t go to the rest room? Don’t get me wrong, but I am so not in love with that girl. I just wanted to be the one who takes away her virginity, that’s why I helped her.

But maybe there’s more than that.

Oh shut up, why am I even talking to myself? I’m Colton Philips for Heavens’ sake. I never think or get troubled by thoughts.

I immediately went to the Principal’s office and reported Mr. Harvard, the Principal knows that I’m a sex addict but I’m a student and this is what this school is for, for sex addicts. But other than that, Mr. Harvard is a teacher so he can’t do that.

The Principal said that he’ll fire him today and there will be no problem. I couldn’t care less about the teacher. I just want to take my prize ‘fresh’ once I win the bet.

I already gathered my friends around to tell them to not think about harassing Avery. I’m king of the school here, they need to follow me whether they like or not.

Crap, I need to go to the janitor’s closet. Its break time already and Joanna wants to have sex with me. Well, I better give her the best time of her life.

[Avery’s POV]

I walked slowly to my room after the nurse bandaged and straightened my knee. It still hurts so I need to walk slowly. Once I reached my room, I reached my pocket for my cellphone and dialed my mom’s number. She answered, thank you very much, “Hello, mom?”

“What is it?” she asked, clearly annoyed.

“I want you to drop me out of this school,”

“No,” she answered like it meant nothing.

“This school is for se—“ she didn’t even let me finish my sentence.

“I said no!” she yelled then hung up after saying, “Don’t ever call me again!” Great, I’m stuck in this stupid school until I graduate. Why did I even have a mother like her? I wish Dad was here. He’ll know what to do about my mother.

I walked slowly to the cafeteria because as far as I know, it’s still lunch time. I found Emma with the rest of the guys and saw that she left a seat for me. I went over to the table and they immediately noticed my knee. I told them the whole story, starting from the point about Mr. Harvard and they all felt pitiful for me.

I told them about the bet and I made them promise to keep it a secret and not tell anyone else, but Leon, one of the twins, offered something unbelievable. “If you want to, I can be your boyfriend to make Colton back off,”

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