Memories Under the Moonlight

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When Sunny wakes up alone in the back alley with no memory she takes help from the kindness of strangers. Struggling to recall her previous life she finds love in The Alpha, Logan Cretch. Protecting his new mate is of top priority while Alpha Jameson is on the hunt for the last witness to his terrible doings. Slowly her past comes back to her and its a ticking clock to find out who is guilty of these terrible crimes.

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Chapter one

The rain was pouring and it stung my skin. My clothing stuck to me like I was covered in glue, freezing glue. I had managed to find my way out of the maze of the back alley behind a strip of businesses. I never thought I’d end up here. Dumped in a heap on the ground outside. My body was beaten and my clothes were torn. Dirty. That’s how I felt. I wasn’t sure where I was or how I ended up here.

When I made it to the sidewalk I could feel the exhaustion set in. Like I hadn’t slept enough in the last week and it was catching up to me. But I couldn’t remember the last week. The street was busy with hustle and bustle. People under umbrellas, walking briskly to get out of the bad weather, while I just stood and enjoyed the feeling, any feeling. Even if it was freezing, stinging rain.

“Oh my God, Ethan!” A couple dressed in elegant attire saw me. I tried to push myself up and walk it off but my knee wasn’t having it. I hissed in pain as my butt hit the concrete.

“Miss, are you alright?” She crouched down in front of me and my hands shook as I shooed her away. I couldn’t remember anything before waking up. In the alley between two buildings, as it were.

“You look hurt, want me to phone the police?” My hair on my arms stood. I felt very reluctant about it. No.

“No, don’t. Please. I’m fine really.” My wolf paced inside me, begging me to trust these people and let them help us.

“At least let us patch you up. Ice that knee?” The girl was sweet. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. Her dress was floor length and a dark blue that contrasted her pale skin. It nearly hid her baby bump from sight. Her mate was tall and average built, but his aura suggested he was of high ranking. His dirty blonde hair and stubbled chin give him an older brother look.

“O-okay.” My voice barely a whisper as they both took an arm to help me stand. I hobbled on one leg trying not to put any pressure on the other. It wasn’t really working. We were making a lot of effort with no progress. Without asking, the man, Ethan I think she had called him earlier, lifted me up and my arms wrapped around his neck.

“Sorry Grace, she’s struggling. I can’t stand to see her hurt like this.” She simply gave a smile to her mate, admiring his need to help me.

“We’re staying in this hotel across the street. We can get you an adjoining room so you can rest up and call someone.” I stayed silent, I didn’t want to inform them I didn’t remember anything. I feared they’d panic and I’d be in the same position they found me in. Whatever that was.

The room was large and trimmed in gold, contrasted with the emerald green walls. This was like a five-star hotel. Who were these people?

“We are so rude, I’m sorry. I’m Grace and this is Ethan, he’s Beta for the Thorns pack.” I hissed as she laid the ice pack on my knee that I had propped up on the pillow. The couch was seated in the middle of the living area facing the balcony window, with a great view of the city.

“Well, do you have someone we can call? Your mate? Parents?” I closed my eyes, here’s where I have to confess.

“I um. Well. You are very kind for helping me but I don’t remember anything before I woke up outside on the street. You guys are the only people I can remember.” Grace sat back, a little shocked. Ethan stiffened. He didn’t like the idea of a strange wolf, even if female, in his room with his mate who was pregnant.

“I’ll go talk to Alpha Logan and see what we can do then. I don’t want to just leave you here.” I nodded and shifted on the couch trying to find a comfortable spot.

“Oh honey, I’ll go with you. You know how Logan can be.” The Beta nodded and handed me the tv remote. I took it but I didn’t start a movie. I just wracked my brain, trying to pull any information I could to tell these people who I was, where I belonged.

As I muddled over what this new Alpha would say, I tried to think of how I'd explain my circumstances. I had nothing.

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