Guardian Angel

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In a world where your soulmate becomes your guardian angel after dying, a small town consists of a large family. This is where Zoey lives.

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Chapter 1

I tossed my phone and bag on my bed, and watched as it bounced. Tonight's date was a fail. To be honest, I wasn't that sad. I mean, he was 19. What was I thinking, seeing if he'd date a 16 year old. It would be illegal anywho.

I took my black heels off and lay down on my bed, scrolling through my phone. My notifications all of a sudden went berserk. Some news report about a kid falling off the Golden Gate Bridge. Most sites say it was a suicide. I scrolled past it and went to text my mom.

Hey mom. Did ya see the news?

Yup. Why? Did u know him or something?

No. Just wondering.

I set my phone on the night stand by my bed. I turned to lay on my back and stared at the little moon stickers on my ceiling from when I was 10. I'm surprised they're still there, honestly.

•Hey.• A voice said.

I immediately jumped out of bed. "Wtf who's there??" I said shakily.

•Calm down it's only me.• They said again. It was a man's voice. Not really developed though. Like someone maybe my age. A teenage boy. I started looking around my room for him, but I couldnt see.

•By the window...• He said.

I looked to my window, the one with a ripped curtain from my cat, Beverly. I saw a ghostly figure sitting there, staring. It looked almost unreal. His expression was grim. He looked sad, but relieved at the same time. As if he did something that benefited him, but hurt other people. I would know. I've done it before.

"Um...Who are you?" I asked calmly.

•Your guardian angel. I'm Matthias. How are you?• He said, smiling a little.

I didnt know what to expect. Who was he? How'd he get here? Why is he talking to me?

•You've never been told the story, have you?• He questioned, tilting his head a little. His sharp eyebrows curved a little, and his lips opened up the smallest bit.

"No. Is this the old guardian soulmate angel thing that the 4k kids get told each year? The myths, like Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny? That kinda thing?" I asked nervously, flashing a smile a few times.

•Sort of. When your soulmate dies, he/she/they/xe/ze becomes your guardian angel. How did you not know this? I was taught this in, like 2nd grade. Damn, I thought this would be so much easier.• He muttered the last part to himself.

"Well, my parents dont believe in that stuff. Also, I like a guy who considers non binary, gender fluid, or those who use neopronouns."

(N/A) if u dont support BLM or LGBTQIA+ rights, get the hell off my page ion want ur nonsense)

He nodded. •I sorta get it. But why aren't you scared? Of me I mean, I'd think this stuff would be scary to someone who's alive•

I blushed. No one really knew my secret. But this guy is dead, so it wouldnt hurt to tell him. "I actually witnessed a few people die, I dont scare easily."

•Oh...Uh, okay. Do you have any questions?• he asked. Hes kinda cute...If I'm being honest. He has soft skin, and he lowkey reminds me of a baby.

"Yeah, uh, how did u die?• I asked.

•I killed myself. Suicide. I hated my family, everything about living, and my boyfriend dumped me. Oh! Another fact about me, thank you very much for asking, I'm pansexual! Ta-Da!• He exclaimed, spreading his arms open and smiling.

I laughed. This guy has a great sense of humor. He managed to make a joke out of something that started with suicide. "Did you want to talk about it? I've been through a lot, and my foster mom isnt home. She'll be gone until Saturday next week. I've got plenty of time on my hands. If you dont kind, of course." I said.

•Well...I mean. If you're fine with it. I just wanna let you know that I mention some things that could potentially need a trigger warning. Look away folks. Things will get nasty.• He looked me dead in the eye, with a serious look on his face.

I covered my mouth and started laughing uncontrollably, and he laughed with me. I just couldnt keep it in. He stopped after a while and said, •Nah, I'm just playing. My life wasn't THAT bad, but I had a few major problems that triggered it.•

"Alright then. Take it away, Matthias." I said, giggling.


How'd u guys like it? I dont really know where to start, and I need to make sure you guys understand that this IS my original work, I didnt steal this idea from anyone, and if someone has already done this story, tell me in the comments so I can talk with them and I'll put the correct credits.

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