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Made maid

You are walking down the quite streets of the small town that might one day because your new home .or will it ? ...Corey? Said Jane yes Jane said Corey your family seems really nice to me ! Said Jane .Corey chuckles .yeah nice and unbearable that’s what they are said Corey..Hmmm .said Jane .mom, dad ,michel - all of them like you said corey .do they ? Said Jane .yeah especially Michael.but although mom likes you and she respects your personality, she believes you’re a bad influence on me , said corey ..Oh ! I guess that’s because you break rules when we are together?said Jane .that what it is said corey .Corey lifts his head in despair.I mean how can a family be so loving and supportive and so cold and discouraging at the same time ? Sometime I feel like I’m not part of them .like I’m an alien in my own home !.he give you an apologetic smile .sorry if that’s a bit over dramatic said corey ..No not at all said Jane .Jane put her hand on his shoulder as you seek his gaze . Look I know what it’s like to be disappointed in somebody you love .they aren’t perfect and they may not understand you well but they are still your family and they love you .isn’t that what matters most said Jane Corey looks at you with wonder and admiration .it is .although it’s quite hard to comprehend nit right now .thank you for being there for me thought all the drama .I really needed your encouragement said Corey’re always welcome and Also ,you have no idea what drama is ! Said Jane .really ? I think that’s pretty good news for me then ! Said Corey ..haha ! Said Jane .hey Jane ! Since we are into breaking rules tonight .how about we explore one of the most romantic places in town ? Said Corey this town does have a flavor of romance after all interesting! romantic is just what I need right now said Jane .I thought you’d say so ! Said Corey .a few minutes later you arrive at the park lit with beautiful lights come it’s open so late ? Said Jane ..because as I said this is the most romantic place in town said corey .Corey puts his arm around you and looks into your eyes ..a place where only true feeling dwell. Said corey . True feeling did you say ? Does that mean I could ask you anything and you’ll have to give me only true answers ? Said Jane .he seems surprised Nat first but then he breaks out in laughter.where ..good where did you get that from Jane . I didn’t mind playing with you thought you can ask me anything said corey .. don’t worry ,my questions are going to be romantic.. Hmm .tell me about your first love ! Oh okay .what do you want to know ?said corey ...everything said Jane .she had red hair .that was back in school by the way she was an A student. Her parents didn’t like me for some reason .so I had to see her secretly in their backyard. Lots of fences for me to climb you know ! Said Corey aha ! Seems like you’ve always been a rule breaker!said Jane’re darn right there Jane ! Said corey okay next round and the final one ! Maybe .said Jane ..Go ahead ! Said corey ..not sure if your are ready for this one .said Jane .you don’t scare me lady .said Corey .what are your feeling for me ?said Jane ..he takes a moment to reflect on Jane question.then he lifts his gaze and looks at you ..your playful smile .vanishes and you stare at him waiting for his answer.. do you know if there is a feeling that makes you better version of yourself ?makes you capable of overcoming any obstacle in your life capable of anything really?a feeling that warms your heart and draws you to the person that induced this feeling in you no matter where they are ? This is exactly what I feel for you .said corey smiling corey takes you in his arms and starts kissing your lips .your eyes in trusting surrender.he give you a deep kiss that you enjoy.then he looks into your eyes and smiles.looks like someone was not quite ready to hear that answer to her question. Said Corey ah your right corey it’s okay Jane you be fine! Said Corey are you mocking me now ? Said Jane a bit said corey who cares it’s been such a great evening said Jane .. a perfect one .said corey .Corey walks you home where he kisses you and you part. The next day you’re working in the living room when you hear your phone ring .I wonder who that could be ?and I’m so bored I might even check it out ! Said Jane. You unlock your phone and see a message from .Rebecca? She is coming to town to visit me ! And she want to meet me tonight at her Hotel .such a pleasant surprise ! I’m gonna be so happy to see Rebecca. Right .I still have some time before I meet Rebecca.I have to finish work early said Jane .half an hour later you hear the door bell ring .hope this is not going to take a lot of my precious time! Jane open the front door and see Sash hey there said sash oh hi Sasha ! Please come inside said Jane .sorry if I’m being a bit too spontaneous..but I was passing yiur home and I had such strong urge to pop in and ask if you wanna go for a drink and maybe leave work earlier said Sasha .actually .why not introduce my best friend from here to my best friend from LA?so be it you just on time Sasha ! My best friend from LA has come to see me and I want to introduce you to Rebecca.said Jane .oh wow ! How cool is that now an early leave from work sound even more logical! Said Sasha .yeah ! We’re gonna meet her at the hotel .where she’s staying said Jane .ahem said Jana .Kate ? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop of anything but I just wanna say that If you want to leave earlier to meet your friend it’s okay I can cover you .said Kate oh wow actually,I’d love you to help me ! Said Jane .Whoa are you sure we can trust her honey ?said Sasha....of course ,you can ! I was the one who offered help and I always keep my word said Kate .. it’s okay ,Sasha ! Said Jane .. well if you say so said Sasha you need help with my alibi Kate ? Said Jane .nah I’m quite good at making things up as you know said Kate ..great !that means we can go ! Thanks you so much Kate ! I really appreciate it said Jane worries that’s nothing compared to what you did for me that other night .said Kate ...Rebecca meets you by the entrance to the hotel ,where she staying .Jane ! Rebecca!.. Rebecca this is Sasha the best person in town ! Said Jane .. aww ! You’re so sweet!said Sasha.. nice to meet you Sasha ! Said Rebecca...Sasha this is Rebecca my friend from la said Jane ..hi Rebecca.I’ve heard quite a lot about you! Said Sasha..Rebecca gives you and Sasha a cheeky smile . Only that good things .I hope said Rebecca.. sure although I wouldn’t mind the bad thing either.said Sasha..haha ! Said go to Rebecca room to have a drink’s been a while seen I last stayed in a hotel. This room looks quite nice ! Said Jane .surprised nice for our s***hole I’d say ! Said Sasha..Sasha !said Jane ...what ? Oh pardon me ! That’s the champagne talking ! Said Sasha... haha I like her said Rebecca.. yeah Sasha great ! Said Jane .I bet you girls have lots of cool stories from school ! Said Sasha..yes we do ! Said. Rebecca...there I have one ! Once Jane had an argument with the smart boy in school .and she won ! And then she beat him at the physics competition! Said Rebecca ...oh no a double failure for the poor guy ! Sasha never knew you were a nerdy one Jane said Sasha ..I was I might still be ,cause I like studying and I like competition said Jane .you always did now it’s my turn to ask questions! So tell me Jane are you into anyone here ?said Rebecca ..I do actually.said Jane ..I knew that Whoo!.. shh Rebecca you don’t need to shout said Jane sorry I’m too excited okay tell me what he like said Rebecca ..okay he is veery handsome and intelligent.said Jane .I like intelligent.said Rebecca .I know right , said Sasha..he has a very good taste and a very delicate soul. Said Jane .Aww! Sound like a dream said bet dream is his middle name said Sasha..true enough! Said Jane ..I hope Mr .x won’t mind us having some fun tonight!said Rebecca.sure what’s on your mind said Jane.a girls night out ? Said Rebecca..sound great ..oh sweetie.I’ve nearly forgotten .I brought you a present from home !said Rebecca ..Rebecca opens the door of Closet and get out a new and pretty dress..Rebecca it’s absolutely gorgeous said Jane. Do you wanna wear it tonight said look stunning said Rebecca .. fits you really well! Said Sasha.. I’m loving it thanks you Rebecca your the Best ! Said Jane .no you are ! Do you wish to change your hairstyle said Rebecca my hairs fine said Jane where are we going ? Said Rebecca I know a cool place just by the hotel said Sasha ..I feel like it should be a special place for a special night ! Said me it is special enough said Sasha.. a bikers bar? What were you thinking said Jana .oh come on you’re gonna love it A- and remember, Rebecca wanted a special place ! Sasha..this place is no ordinary bar that’s for sure let’s go in ! Said Rebecca.that’s not bad actually! Said Jane .I like the music said Rebecca .see ? I knew you were gonna love it said Sasha..the bar isn’t crowded there’s just you and a group of bikers hanging out by the bar counter are we getting drinks said Rebecca.I wanna try their signature cocktails said Sasha..let’s do that ! Unicorn tears .please!said Jane..what is it made of said Rebecca say it contains liquid tears of a unicorn and glitter .said Jane ..magical! Hope you enjoy it ! Said too! Said wait for Rebecca and Sasha to get their drink before you take a sip of your is it said Rebecca strong said Jane strong said Sasha....very ! Bikers strong.said Jane ...haha! Good one! Mine is strong too said Rebecca .alright ,who’s feeling adventurous? Said Sasha. Me ! Totally me ! Said Rebecca...what about you Jane.said Sasha.I’m here to have fun ! Said that’s my Jane speaking.said Rebecca..alright let’s hit the dance floor! Said Jane ..a few minutes later you are rocking the improvised dance floor ...enjoying both the music and the attention you are getting from the bar regulars .Rebecca and Sasha join you splashing their drinks all around the place ... you go girl said of the bikers approaches you when you take a little break from dancing.hey my friend and I think you girls have some nice moves don’t we babe? Said Tom ..the guy that he’s just called gabe raises his pint in your direction.Darn right tom.said gabe ..I thought! We could keep you company .what do you think .said Tom ..uhm .I don’t said Jane .Tom grabs. You by your hand and pulls you towards him .so what’s your name .? Said Tom ..Tom smells of beer and sweat . You have a feeling he’s not much into talking ,so you quickly pull alway from him, oh come on ! I feel you three need some company .why not join me and my friends at the table ? Said Tom . Noway we’re going with them said Sasha.I know look we’re having a friends reunion party here ,we really don’t want company said Jane ..Tom throws his head back and laughs. .did you hear that Gabe? Said Tom ..yeah that’s what’s girls always tell me Tom? ..that’s cause they’re playing hard to get Gabe ? Said. Tom ..really ? Didn’t know about that Tom! Said Gabe .. this might take a while said Jane ..come on girls ,this is an opportunity you don’t wanna miss! Said Tom .Jane ,Corey ? Kevin? Said Jane ..finally .we found you said Kevin ..and these are your new friends.said corey .they don’t look particularly friendly to me said Kevin. And who the hell are you two said Tom ..they are with us it’s okay said Jane .why do I not like them ,then said Gabe ..cause they seem like ,mean mothwrf**ckers. Gabe said Tom . Enough talking let the ladies go ..said Kevin .so we can talk man to man. Said Corey .. you look. At Tom ,he seems to enjoy the moment,a broad smile on he’s face ..what’s a creep said Jane..them you look at. Corey and Kevin .it looks like they are very determined to continue what they’ve started.. Oh no ,this isn’t gonna end well! Said Jane

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